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Five little fish in the sea

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Five little fish in the sea

  • Five little men in a flying saucer - Tweenies
    "Five little men in a flying saucer, Flew round the world one day, They looked left and right, But they didn't like the sight, So, one man flew away Four little men in a flying saucer, Flew round the world"
  • Fish In The Sea - Bonepony
    "Song for y'all out there fishin' There's so many fish in the sea I just throw 'em back There's so many fish in the sea Try to find a keeper Fishermen listen to me They're all so beautiful There's so"
  • Five Little Birds - Holly Palmer
    ""...to the west side they still believe in things"* I reached between my legs And found a silver screw I held it up and straight out to you I wish that you would take it My house got split in half"
  • Help I'm a fish (I'm a little yellow fish) - Little Trees
    "(Chorus) I'm a little yellow fish in the deep blue sea, will somebody help me? I'm a little yellow fish in the deep blue sea, will somebody save me? Do you wanna know how living is beneath the waves? Do"
  • Fish - Mr. Scruff
    "Once again I shall go and get the fishmonger to prepare the fish. I expect you'd like to know about frogmen? Yeah! They live on fish and catch them by diving onto them from a great height. Gliding down"
  • Fish - An Pierl
    "Fish in the sea, swims backwards to me He knows all about my desires. Sea turns to grout, some clouds cried too loud. I'm tangled in coralloid wires Maybe I'm drowning, pretend I don't notice I just can't"
  • Five - Daily Planet
    "By Seth Davis When I get to heaven I want to be a 5 year old forever A little closer to the ground Look at all the change I found in the grocery store I jumped off the couch today, I swear I was not"
  • Black Sea, Black Fish - Trance To The Sun
    "Cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud nine Can be cool only since it's in the shadow of cloud ten It's a gathering to which she wasn't invited though she's chosen all the guests Dividing lines"
  • Too Many Fish In The Sea - The Marvelettes
    "(Listen here, girls Take this advice, and remember always in life: Into each heart some tears must fall Though you love and lose, you must stand tall 'Cause we all got to cry sometimes I said, sigh sometimes Pull"
  • Poor Little Fish - The Jayhawks
    "Chorus: Poor little fish, swimming in the water Hide behind the coattails of your father I've been alone so long I thought I'd never last Stuck up on a shelf like an old dusty hat, yeah But then"
  • Five megamix - Five
    "Five bad boys with the power to rock you Blowin' your mind So ya gotta get into Five what you waitin' four If you wanna three two one Let's do it With the power to rock you Everybody get up singing 1,"
  • Albert Fish Was Worse Than Any Fish In The Sea - Macabre
    "(Albert Fish) Fish seemed like a nice old man and people believed his lies, But Albert was a child eating shark in disguise. Albert was worse than any fish in the sea. He killed and ate young children"
  • Fish In The Jailhouse - Tom Waits
    "Peoria Johnson told Dudlow Joe I can break out of any old jail you know The bars are iron, the walls are stone All I need me is an old fishbone They're serving fish in the jailhouse tonight Oh boy They're"
  • Fish Paste - Die Antwoord
    "Uh This one's dedicated to all the haters out there Jealous of us because, we're better than you Yo-Landi Vi$$er, bring the spice Jou ma se poes in 'n fish paste jar (De-de D D ja-ja ja-ja J!) Jou ma"
  • Five Little Fingers - Bill Anderson
    "(Bill Anderson) I came home last night to a dark and lonely cottage I took the wreath off the door and somehow I stumbled inside I just can't I just can't I said live without her Give me one reason to"
  • Five little snowmen - Tweenies
    "Snowmen, snowmen We're five little snowmen covered in snow Five little snowmen standing in a line One, two, three, four, five So fine Melt in the sunshine with a sigh We'll see you next year bye, bye Snowmen,"
  • Five little firemen - Tweenies
    "Five little firemen sitting in a row One, two, three, four, five they go Hop on the engine with a shout Quicker than a wink The fire's out Four little firemen sitting in a row One, two, three, four, shh"
  • Five little soldiers - Tweenies
    "Five little soldiers standing in a row They all bow down to her Majesty so They look to the left They look to the right One marches off Until she?s out of sight. Bye! Oh yes. Very smart Four little soldiers"
  • Fish & bird - Tom Waits
    "Hey bought a round for the sailorAnd they heard his taleOf a world that was so far awayAnd a song that we'd never heardA song of a little birdThat fell in love with a whaleHe said, 'You cannot live in"
  • The Five Megamix - Five
    "Five bad boys with the power to rock you Blowing your mind so you gotta get into Five - What you waiting Four if you wanna Three - three Two - two One - let's do it! Everybody get up singing 1, 2, 3,"

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