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Flamma flame chilwagon

  • Flamma - Qntal
    "Tempus est iocundum, o virgines! Modo congaudete, vos iuvenes! Flos est puellarum, quam diligo, Et rosa rosarum, qua caleo. Tua me confortat promissio, Tua me deportat negatio. O, totus floreo! O, totus"
    "Nie jestem raperem Tylko trenerem Wchodzę jak couch Carter To ja cie wybrałem Nie tamci, bo oni dali ci szansę Weź kur* zdejmij tę maskę Ulica czuje pogardę Jesteś tam przez kwarantannę I flexujesz się"
  • Flame - Sam Phillips
    "Flame why do I come so close to you Vain telling me what I shouldn't do I saw you smoldering before I let him burn me to the floor - Flame Flame why do you paralyze my soul Pain if I hold you or let go There's"
  • Flame - Sebadoh
    "I don't want to be the one to ride flame I don't know her name And I don't want to go where the seekers all go I dont want to know And you can feel anything you wanna feel And you can feel anything you"
  • Flame - Neil Diamond
    "They call her Flame For obvious reasons And I'll admit that's its frightnin' Whenever her lightening flashes Only ashes remain Don't get to close My friends all warned me And maybe I should of learned By"
  • Flame - Dolly Parton
    "I find myself remembering things I thought I'd forgot I thought I'd gotten over you but I can see I've not And seeing you has made me realize how wrong I've been And the torch I've carried for so long"
  • Flame - Porter Wagoner
    "I find myself remembering things I thought I'd forgot I thought I'd gotten over you but I can see I've not And seeing you has made me realize how wrong I've been And the torch I've carried for so long"
  • Flame - Bell X1
    "When your hand brushed against mine I thought I'd collapse I'm no rolling stone I gather too much moss Maybe it's 'cos I'm getting A little bit older But oh how your neck Flows to your shoulder"
  • Flame - Anita Lipnicka & John Porter
    "On the 7th day the magic gets a curse On the 8th day whos going to give in first On the 9th day bags are being packed On the 10th day no ones coming back Some relationships just fall sick Being Master,"
  • Flame - Hide
    "Dear my sun. Should I know how low & low? Dear my moon. Should I know how low & low? Dear my stars. Hoshi no nageki kikeba Like a wind. Honno chiisana koto darou Kanashimi ha ude hirogete Kimi no kata"
  • Flame - Tinashe
    "Cold in the night When I hold you close Searching your eyes But you’re gone like a ghost And I said: “Baby, you can put it on me Coz I know I don’t make it easy” My body hurts with every heart beat Just"
  • Flame - Patti LaBelle
    "Find me, you can always find me, Lovin' you so kindly, your life is like candlelight, And darlin' no one told us, No one every told us, What this love could hold for us, Maybe we were meant to find it,"
  • Flame! - Heatmiser
    "i always find out too late i always find out too late you wouldn't believe what i'm on in all this time i found nothing to live without it for chorus: help me only help me only help me get on my feet i"
  • Flame - Pete Townshend
    "'''ANNOUNCER ON RADIO:''' ''Number one this week, Roz Nathan with "Flame".'' '''RUTH:''' ''There you go, Rastus. It's Rosalind on the radio. I can't wait to see Ray's face.'' '''RASTUS:''' ''Yeah, well"
  • Flame - Alphaville
    "(Lyrics: Gold / Music: Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) I've been searching for so long Now I'm chasing the shadows away I've been trying, yes I tried to find my way No more crying in the make or break decade There"
  • Flame - Buck-Tick
    "ano hikoi o shita wasure kaketa hana ga saku aro hikoi o shitta honou mitaina ano hikoi o shitta mune no botan hazushite wa anata no yokogao nusumi miteita zuttoitene watashi no naka ima wa waratte kono"
  • Flame - Cheap Trick
    "Well the streets are all crowded Lots of people around And there's music playing But I can't hear a sound Just the sound of the rain Falling silently down Livin' ain't been livin' Since you put down Yeah,"
  • Flame - Crustation
    "Bruised she feels Insecure and jilted Like a thief he tried to steel her soul Slyer than his easy smile He tried to use her for a while Underneath she's empty as a whole Oh flame's still burning She's"
  • Flame - Paulina Szymańska
    "I’m in the club So everyone look at me I hate to wait But I wait if you come to me Strait to the fee I’ve be A little check please Champagne Blinks in your eye You can’t stand it! Listen to the bit It’s"
  • Little Flame - Relish
    "Through the darken streets all alone in a room, Shines a little flame, Music man with your tunes and your love, Bless us as you play. Little flame, letting your light shine through, Little flame, showing"

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