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Flashback belmondo

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Flashback belmondo

    "robię sobie cashback znowu mam flashback strzelam w was jak Mauser Green trouser – nieźle! idę z big size’m , nieżły bajzel Sennheiser, idę na (?) wciskam wihajster kush- master, szus klajster palę jak"
  • Flashback - KaeN
    "Znowu się budzę Palę ścieżkę .. Do śniadania Mów mi Gessler To smakołyków tester Te specyfiki we mnie Ta gęsia skóra mówi mi Że to pora na FLASHBACK!"
  • Flashback - Ministry
    "I'm gonna kill him I'm gonna break his face I'm gonna crack his skull I'm gonna kick it all in I'm gonna break his legs off I'm gonna rip his head off And then shit down his neck And then I'll laugh like"
  • Flashback - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
    "saiboumaku ni kurumatte sanpungan de yonjuu-bai kubonda KAGI ana de karamatte tokihanatsu shunkan boku o sasu saishuuteki ni kudakechitte sannenmae sou genkai nanda kusatta TOGENUKI de nukitotte tokihanatsu"
  • Flashback - Tomahawk
    "Flashback The dolls, the hide and seek We dreamed of better things In the tall weeds I rolled with you Flashback Silhouette of the memory You're eyes are getting heavy And when I speak You sleep on cue 3,"
  • Flashback - Kelly Rowland
    "I thought i was okay realizing i made a mistake i've been doing some thinking ever since i saw you today maybe i said some things that i didnt mean trying to chang your ways but my days aint the same maybe"
  • Flashback - Arena Tina
    "Arena Tina In Deep Flashback Today I'm in the middle Of getting by I had a premonition Let me tell you why I still think about you baby More than a memory A flame that will not die Let me tell ya' You"
  • Flashback - Afrob
    "Yeah, hr ma' mach ma'n Beat rein Was geht ab, Petone? 80s Flashback, yeah Weit', die ganzen Weiber als ich noch jung war standen alle auf A-Ha und so...die wollen aber Take On Me und so, ich sag dann"
  • Flashback - Tina Arena
    "Today I'm in the middle Of getting by I had a premonition Let me tell you why I still think about you baby More than a memory A flame that will not die Let me tell ya' You wanna know it Yeah I'm havin'"
  • Flashback - All Saints
    "[1st verse:] I know myself and the shit that I do It seems my mouth keeps on bothering you I'll make my excuses, I'll apologise Everybody changes when the music's right Turn up the beats and join me"
  • Flashback - Morris Albert
    "The sight of you walking cross the crowded floor I started trembling inside of me I almost turned and ran for the door All at once, you were holding out your hand' (You said) is it true! Is it really"
  • Flashback - Darin
    "I was walking past this woman Just the other day From her neck I felt the very same aroma She was dipped in that cologne That you used to spray I just frozed and realized That you are gone now Can't believe That"
  • Flashback - Dover
    "FLASHBACK Time will prove I am not like you ten big bags of pain that's all I got from you I never pay my rent that's what I learned to do tv is not working today call me when it gets blue Love aches! I"
  • Flashback - Cher
    "I wake up in a cold sweat To a clock that says it's only 3 a.m. Thinking that I felt you When I really only dreamed of you again And I'm clinging to your pillow Like a drowning man would hold on As I feel"
  • Flashback - Tha Alkaholiks
    "(feat. The Baby Bubbas) The Baby Bubbas in the house We came here to party, so get up everybody Well my name is J-Ro I came to rock the world And my name is Lil Tone I got all the girls In the place"
  • Flashback - Danity Kane
    "Yeah this is dedicated to you Crossing paths, I saw the past Realized how good it was The smell of yours And feel of your touch Memory had me gone But you're with her not with me now and I want everything"
  • Flashback - Arashi
    "Natsu no yuugure wo mitsumeteru Namanurui kaze no naka hitoriDoko ka de hashaideiru koe ga Kikoete itaKimi to ita nagai tsukihi wa Dokomademo owaru koto wa nakuEgao no mukou Aruite yukeru Ki ga shita no"
  • Flashback - Sonic Syndicate
    "Sands of time stream through my fingers Chasing lost days of a dead dream And I don't care if we lose it all tonight Cause I'm not sure anymore if it ever happened It feels so unreal (Chorus) Don't close"
  • Flashback - Andres Cano
    "I fought myself as i walked away stopping myself from looking back then i realized my dream have just died I yelled and i cried finding myself with none to blame and trying to hide this terrible pain Now"
  • Flashback - Arsonists
    "Rock Steady was a B-boy crew, but to me it's all about hip hop, So, rock steady is a hip hop crew now. Its about all four elements, And we represent those lovely, sratch pickers, arsonists, All the b-boys"

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