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Florence The Machine - Cosmic Love

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Florence The Machine - Cosmic Love

  • Cosmic Love - Florence & The Machine
    "A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes I screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it's left me blind The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out You left me in the dark No"
  • Florence Quits - Various
    "[ Not actually on the CD but included in the songbook . . . Subsequent to the events you have just witnessed, similar events in cities across America, events which bore a striking resemblance to the ones"
  • Cosmic - Kylie Minogue
    "I wanted to write a song called cosmic I wanted to get a view of the Earth I wanted to be your lonesome cowboy I wanted to love you till it hurt I wanted the right to misbehave To satiate my crave I"
  • Florence - Post Break Tragedy
    "Lets paint these walls with kerosene we'll soak them through just like all of our dreams they're so empty, can you believe we believed them Even for one second So lets run and watch this house burn This"
  • Floods Of Florence - Phil Ochs
    "Picasso leans out of the window, looks out on the ghetto Changing the shapes he sees. His old friend El Greco, soon is expected, Now just an echo of Spanish seas. And outside, the people stare; Wondering"
  • The Floods Of Florence - Phil Ochs
    "G Picasso leans out of the window, looks out on the ghetto Am Changing the shapes he sees. D His old friend El Greco, soon is expected, G Now just an echo of Spanish"
  • Constellation (ft. Florence Welch) - Jack U (Diplo & Skrillex)
    "Diplo i Skrillex, połaczyli czyli Jack Ü połączyli siły z Florence Welch liderką grupy Florence and the Machine i nagrali piosenkę o tytule "Constellation". Króciutkie fragmenty utworu artyści zaprezentowali"
  • Sweet Nothing (ft. Florence Welch) - Calvin Harris
    "you took my heart and you had it in your mouth and, with the word all my love came rushing out and, every whisper, it’s the worst, empty though by a single word there is a hollow in me so i put my faith"
  • Cosmic Blues - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi/Takanami) Translators: Andrei Cunha kino terebi wo mitetara dai-suki na manga no shujinko ga pistol de utarete shimatta shoo be doo shoo be doo da yutsu na cosmic blues shoo be doo shoo"
  • Cosmic lover - Pierre
    "I close my eyes, but I can seeThe love Im feelin, keeps holdin meRight in your arms I wanna beJust you and me for eternetyThe way you touch me, you really blow my mindThe way you hold me, it makes me feel"
  • Cosmic Girl - Modern Talking
    "The heart of the ocean told me, you're the only one You're like a rose in the snow, and you need the sun And my heart is crying, when your love is dieing What have I got to do And I'm tossing and turning,"
  • Cosmic Country - Vanna Bonta
    "1. Life's been going on like this for eons and a yarn. Fields look simple, corn is stored in a barn but in every little molecule of every single crop is a power coming straight from an awesome, cosmic"
  • Cosmic Romance - Spiritual Beggars
    "Power up the electric lady lick her spasmic skin stick one finger into her mouth wet her up for a carnival Let luna set fire to our souls Red wine won't escape our tongues kiss scars of yesterday goodbye"
  • Cosmic journey - Solange Knowles
    "Won't you move closer than closeCan bring you to meJust given me the only warmth to feelCan we lay in this space until forever?Till the moments around us all are stillAnd tell me where do we go?On this"
  • Cosmic Jazz - Wishbone Ash
    "I know your name, you told me, It's a cloak and dagger tune. Make love to you every full moon, baby, When the day is through. Use your magic carefully, The danger creeps up slow. Intuition can serve you"
  • Cosmic Retribution - Arch Enemy
    "Behold the apocalypse The end is closing in Did you ever really doubt That we would pay for our sins... The heavens will burn No one can save us now Everything we once loved Shall perish in flames... Armageddon"
  • Cosmic Drama - Voivod
    "Lost in a shadow The planet rolls like a ball Darkness will follow And soon the whole thing will fall Coz now I'm able To see the little light Coz now I'm able To know what's in the sky Ground is shaking And"
  • Machine - NoMeansNo
    "I don't like to see you cry You're alone and i know why I can free your life from sin Open up and let me in Let me, let me, let me, come in Machine, i'm a good machine Machine, i'm a good"
  • Machine - Youngstown
    "I'm not a machine... (echos) Verse 1: Tell me can I live my life Doing what I feel is right I don't need you to hold my hand The last time I checked I was a grown man I got my own opinion and I know"
  • Love Machine - The Time
    "Love machine. Yeah. Hey yeah! (chorus) I've got the toys to turn your body out. I got the noise to make you scream and shout. The love machine take your body higher. Cuz if it don't, then I know you're"

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