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Florida kilos Lena dey rey

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Florida kilos Lena dey rey

  • Des kilos - Manau
    "Ok, stop, arrtes tout, c'est parti, faut que j't'explique Arrive la Tribu, arrive toute la clique Encore un nouveau son les mecs, ne restez pas statiques Tu reconnais la voix qu'on a pose sur La Panique"
  • 300 Kilos - Orishas
    "Con lo que tengo me sobra pa cantar hay una lata y un palo un tambor pa' improvisar hoy con mi mamita no voy ni a trabajar solo pido hierba buena pa' ponerme a cocinar que bueno Una rumba suena de tarde"
  • Florida - Vic Chesnutt
    "Florida, Florida, the redneck rivieraFlorida, Florida, there's no more pathetic place in Americayes a man must make unpopular decisions, surely from time to timeand a man can only stand what a man can"
  • Florida - Grandaddy
    "Good afternoon from the bar in the mall They sent me home from work today But nobody told me where else to go My boss was alright at first But then he said that I fall behind I like doing things my own"
  • Lena - 2 Belgen
    "Recall the day, remember the place Betraying a girl is easy or so I thought Untamed you keep me hanging on Bewitched the love I feel for Lena Girl since you whispered your name It just keeps hanging"
  • Florida - Modest Mouse
    "Although we often wondered There was no thing of wonder The shit that flew from our minds Grass stains and fresh fruit Remind our shoes of horse glue On this ridiculous climb With great tunnel vision We"
  • Florida - Blue Rodeo
    "And I remember Florida The land of endless malls Images of Elvis flicks Convertibles and blondes And I remember crying As you walked away along the shore The last words I heard you say were what a bore And"
  • Florida - Starfucker
    "i never thought i was the only one i never had a setting in the sun a dancing baby was a sleeping gun you had a hand and it was holding us all i wanted was you i never thought i was a special case ???"
  • Florida - Nemesis 66
    "If you were to say to me, "He left you, Your life's through..." Still I can't find your words, I'm sorry, it's time to be free I'm always right behind you Someone to fall back onto Without the words,"I"
  • Florida - Patty Griffin
    "A couple of young girls wentSailing down A1AInto the arms of FloridaSailing down a highwaySinging their heads offProtected by the holy ghostsFlying in the oceanDriving with their eyes closeThe night wants"
  • Lena - Magnus Uggla
    "Jag mtte dej p ett place i stan, vi satt och snacka hela kvllen, du var det finaste jag mtt, men du har nog glmt den kvllen. Lena fr jag nnsin se dig mer igen? Lena fr jag nnsin se dig mer igen? Jag var"
  • Lena - Orange Blue
    "I switch off that light to make room for another truth gotta get to the bottom of my grief encased by memories and charged by history tryin' to release this gift of love than everytime I lift my"
  • Lena - Fool's Garden
    "(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) I just don't know the reason don't know the reason why You tell me you are weary There are clouds in your sky Put your hands on my temples Can't you see it in my eyes Raise your"
  • Lena - Adam & Eve
    "Er: Frauen sind bunte Falter voller Verlangen und schon im Bltenalter soll man sie fangen. Sie: Mnner sind so wie Pferde man kann sie kaufen sie sind auf der Erde zum ackern und saufen. Er: Lena du"
  • Lena - Acda En De Munnik
    "'t Is half elf, 's ochtends hier En Amsterdam droogt op Om straks weer in de regen te verdrinken 't was rustig in de zaak Ik dacht, ik bel je op Maar ik voel de moed nu in mijn schoenen zinken Sorry van"
  • Lena - PUR
    "Wie nur konntest du das tun Hast du nichts dabei gefhlt Was nahm dir all die Skrupel, all die Scham Du hast gewissenlos gehorcht Mord befohlen, ausgefhrt Das Gas war leise, nur die Schreie laut Die Bilder"
  • Lena - BAP
    "Es ktt vr, dat ich mein, dat jet klirrt, e Jerusch, nit ens laut manchmol klirrt es vertraut selden su, dat mer't direk durchschaut Mer weed wach, rief die Aure un sieht en'nem Bild zweschen Breughel un"
  • El Rey De La Naturaleza - Ramon Ayala
    "alla por la madrugada le suena el cuajo a una legua parece ser pancho villa montado en sus siete leguas es el viejo don antonio alado de su teniente pero tuerto y algo chueco que se paso de valiente el"
  • Dey Know - Shawty Lo
    "Chorus: L O L O Dey Know Dey Know (Repeat 4 times) Verse 1: Shawty Lo I got flavor Cuz you know the kid got paper Like 40 don't sava BANKHEAD been pullin capas The way you drop woulda thought I had a taser Call"
  • There Dey Go - Unlv
    "Master P)-talking Uh huh, little somethin somethin for my tru niggas in New Orleans, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Richmond California, Detroit Michigan, Oakland, Frisco, Virginia, Arkansas, Fresno, Kansas, Tennessee,"

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