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Flying on my own

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Flying on my own

  • Flying On My Own - Celine Dion
    "There’s something shifting in the air If I’m not mistaken The dust is clearing everywhere Memories awaken My feet on the runway It’s a beautiful day I look to the sky now I’m finding my way I’m flying on"
  • Flying - Nice Little Penguin
    "Here I am, I'm on my own For the first time, really on my own So will I make it, will it work all right Can I make it through the night And I go... OOoooohh..... OOoooohh..... OOoooohh..... I am flying In"
  • Flying - Neulander
    "She was a lonely girl, doesn't have a lot of something to remind you. Lives in a lonely world, she's always been there riding right behind you. She travelled around the world, going about it all the"
  • On My Own - To Each His Own
    "No penned up frustrations about you or anyone else. Found out all the things I needed to do, I can do myself. Through one simple thought, I've found true freedom. Wash away those negative thoughts, cause"
  • Fish - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Raekwon, Cappadonna) (, You know they're killers themselves,People die for them. You know, guys that I fooled with were killers themselves These are the men who lead the crime families of America."
  • Flying - Azn Dreamers
    "Everyday I used to feel the pain And everyday I used to wait in vain, again and again And everyday I used to long for tomorrow, Till your love took away my sorrow I used to wish upon a star Just to find"
  • Flying - Godiego
    "Flying on my cloud to freedom Flying till I've left the world behind The world is getting smaller down below I like the view the further up I go, Up on my cloud (*) Takin' it easy I'm only out for a little"
  • Flying - Michael Nesmith
    "Silks and Satins and velvet soft evenings and penthouse nights Way down below me the maze of the city streets shine. I hear the soul and the heart of the city. It pounds. While I fly up here; I'm two thousand"
  • Flying - Jack Bruce
    "There's a sky somewhere far away Where the fallen angels play I can feel their music round me Sounds like they're free You can see them burning out in the night Turning shadows into light There are times"
  • Flying - Stan Rogers
    "It was just like strapping 'em on and starting again, Coaching these kids to the top, and calling them men. I was a third round pick in the NHL And that's three years of living in hell, And going up flying,"
  • Flying - Living Colour
    "I jumped out the window to get to the parking lot I'm writing this little song on my way down Never in my life have I felt a heat so hot I had to get out Such a lovely day to go flying The sky's so clear,"
  • Flying - Romeo
    "Every day I used to feel the painAnd every day I used to wait in vain, again and againAnd every day I used to long for tomorrow'Till your love took away my sorrowI used to wish upon a starJust to find"
  • Flying - UFO
    "Have you ever had the time to see, me and you could change to be Take a dream away with you live it now and you will see Found myself on an open road to show the way Upped and started walking on to a"
  • Flying - Blue Rodeo
    "I'm not saying I'm angry now I'm just wondering why you changed your mind happens all the time How does it feel to have a winning hand from a first-rate failure to the leader in the chosen land people"
  • On Your Own - The Corrs
    "Oh, oh, goodnight hush now baby, go to sleep I've read your bedtime story, kissed your cheek And just like Humpty Dumpty, yeah, the damage is deep I've taken a tumble but now I roll to my feet Oh, baby"
  • My Own Way - Duran Duran
    "I saw you at the airace yesterday April showers get out of my way Fear of flying no not me I'm never bothered what you say someone's kid just lives for today It ain't your problem anyway Cause I've got"
  • On My Own - Broken Iris
    "A new taste shall commence when you transpose Intending to... begin Giving In To those who've passed before and died...upholding Faith For more Inside they tore Just keep my mind burning strong"
  • On My Own - Julia Pietrucha
    "Don’t look at me Like you know how I am Just because I'm blond and thin it's easy to tease You can try to brake me down Now, I f you please But ain’t now body to take away my peace Because I got it on"
  • On My Own - Chrisette Michele
    "Never came across anything you couldn't handle No matter the problem you were always there My superhero Tho I love for it all Im a women Im a grown-up And that means You gotta let me fall and learn to"
  • On My Own - Michael McDonald
    "(Burt Bacharach & C B Sayer) So many times Said it was forever Said our love would always be true Something in my heart always knew I'd be lying here beside you On my own On my own On my own So many"

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