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Follow your fire

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Follow your fire

  • Follow Your Fire - Kodaline
    "I remember you and me back when we were 17 drinking kissing in the street we couldn’t get enough i see you laying there with me like me missing puzzle piece dreaming of what we could be I couldn’t make"
  • Follow - Gutter Demons
    "Well you got nothing to keep me cold in the middle of the night nothing in your mind to scare me blind. Nothing hiding in the deep forest your madness is getting closer to my lowest interests. All the"
  • Follow The Fire - Jack Bruce
    "There is a love so unexpected Defying time and its sad declines Working in circles so interconnected Some days it's dark, sometimes it shines There is a sound, welcome as summer Laughing at fate and its"
  • Follow Your Dream - Sheryn Regis
    "people laugh us there stare at you and say she's got no where to go but if they only know you're thinkin when did i go wrong how should i move on inspite of what i see they're losing faith in me you"
  • Follow the sign - Iron Fire
    "Just like the road that leads to nowhereRiding the time like there is no tomorrowObey the voice that speaks from the insideThrough the darkness and into the lightFrom the shadows and the undergroundFrom"
  • follow you - Robert M
    "I will follow you follow you I will follow you follow you I will follow you follow you I will follow you follow you in the .. fallen through your hands you know the everything be aright when .. your"
  • Follow me - Muse
    "When darkness falls and surrounds you When you fall down When you're scared and you're lost Be brave, I'm coming to hold you, now When all the strength has gone And you feel wrong Like your life has"
  • Follow instructions - M.O.P.
    "{*Premier* "Look nigga, you know the name.."} {"Where we from nigga? 718"} {"Brooklyn!" - "M plus O plus P!"} C'mon c'mon, c-c-c'mon! {"M plus O plus P!"} Check it out now All games aside, all lames"
  • Follow Me - K-OS
    "Positivity, that's my man And to the one Godzillah, understands The deep, Cole got the beat And to the one that fit, is for the street And contents of the Pressure Knows the deal, and to the girl, Victory You"
  • Follow Me - Amanda Lear
    "Never know how much I love you never know how much I care When you put your arms around me I get a fever that's so hard to bear. You give me fever when you kiss me fever when you hold me tight. Fever in"
  • Follow T - T-Bone
    "You can catch me in the big body S-Class wit chrome spinners Pulling up to the club wit a brim, ice and the chinchilla Stacking that skrilla in a legal way Rock stadiums from Nicaragua down to San Tropez,"
  • Fire - X-Clan
    "Cave men! Cave women! And the... Troglodytes! Ah, yeah! Ah, come on, come on, come on! To the East, my brother, to the East! Uh, to the East, my brother, to the East! Come on! "
  • Follow - Dj Ross
    "No desolation no hesitation I feel security You're my philosophy you are my rising star I want the way you are I fell in love the first time I saw you Now I believe that dreams can really come true I think"
  • Follow - Alex Lloyd
    "Careful steps we take Don't want this bridge to break again In this winter's cold Embrace the love we used to know Wherever you get, wherever you go I'll follow you With every new breath and every new"
  • Follow - Planetshakers
    "Where can I hide Where Your love cannot reach me Where can I go Where Your arms, they're not here for me Where can I run to Where I cannot feel Your love Cause Jesus Your love rescued me So I'll"
  • Follow - Mushroomhead
    "Chorus:Follow, follow, follow, follow your heartThere must be something to rely onFollow your own wayFollow, follow, follow, follow your heartThere must be someone to depend onFollow your own wayWe were"
  • Follow - Delirious
    "I've found love, as deep as the oceanAnd your eyes, they hit me like a trainAnd your words serenade me like the sweetest of songsHere I find peace again, againI will follow, I will followI will follow,"
  • Follow - Android Lust
    "Follow You lead I follow Shadow I am your shadow I do as you do I walk as you walk Stray not lest i be lost Follow -From the booklet- follow you lead I follow shadow I am your shadow I do as you do walk"
  • Follow - Youth Alive WA
    "You've got me singing Gonna give You all my praise And all will know that You gave Your life for me You got me shouting For all the world to hear That You're the One And I'll live for You my King Follow"
  • Follow - Incubus
    "Look at you With all your shiny Toys for boys It's all unnerving Bold and new But dark and spotty The toys enjoy The undeserving Don't ask Don't tell Follow Don't ask Don't tell Yeah Fight the world Then"

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