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Foo Fighters

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Foo Fighters

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Foo Fighters
  • Mia Foo Fighters
    "Mia Call and I'll answer at home in the lost and found You say that I'm much too proud Someone who's taking pleasure in breaking down Nevermind the mannequins, drunk in their hollow town, Drinking their"
  • Lupe Fiasco Fighters
    "(Matthew Santos) When the fighters are all around All the lovers are underground No one will save you anymore So what's happening, what you rapping about? It's a boy, is it cars? Is it girls? Is it money?"
  • Lupe Fiasco Feat. Matthew Santos Fighters
    "When the fighters are all around All the lovers are underground No one will save you anymore So what's happening, what you rapping about? It's a boy. Is it cars? Is it girls? Is it money? The world? Or"
  • Lil Chris Fighters
    "Well you better watch your back They're on you again And you can't get away Well they're out to knock me flat Let the battle Begin Move out of my way. Bridge Cos I, I can stand on my own now Chorus I"
  • Blaze Ya Dead Homie Foo-Dang
    "Foo D-D-D-Dang Better watch your step, on the streets we bang (On the streets we claim!) You need to be ashamed (Calling out your name!) You acting foo dang (You acting foo dang!) (Blaze) I fold open"
  • Kommil Foo Leve Kommil Foo
    "Alle monden roepen nu 'hoera' (hoera) alle handen klappen in elkaar iedereen lacht mee Armen zwaaien in de lucht instrumenten ingeplugd iedereen zingt mee (leve Kommil Foo) iedereen zingt mee (leve"
  • Regurgitator Kong Foo Sing
    "Happiness is a Kong Foo Sing With good fortune that it bring So quit your mopin', crack one open Smiles abound, the cookie has spoken Ah, the Kong Foo Sing Yeah, the Kong Foo Sing Ah, the Kong Foo Sing Yeah"
  • P.O.D. Freedom Fighters
    "Today I heard what them people say Dem want to live free greedily, with everyone to pay. You play under the sun while others fight and dies away but I say if you don't like it this way, then why stay?"
  • Rooney Freedom Fighters
    "We got a call today Janin said, Mr. James is up to no good Teddy suited up and Taylor got the car We were off to save the day from their game We are the... Freedom Fighters, give us a call Freedom Fighters,"
  • The Music Freedom Fighters
    "I don't know Why these people can't get it on And what you didn't know That its just people having fun, yeah I thought that there was something going wrong with me I thought that everyone in this life"
  • Promoe Freedom Fighters
    ""Freedom fighters in the streets rock, rock on/ fighting for freedom, writing for freedom/ Promoe: I'm here to give a voice to all the blurred faces/ the ones who vandalize and disturb neighbours/ The"
  • Looptroop Freedom fighters
    "Freedom fighters in the streets rock, rock on/fighting for freedom, writing for freedom/Promoe:Im here to give a voice to all the blurred faces/the ones who vandalize and disturb neighbours/The ones who"
  • Utopia Freedom Fighters
    "Tucked away in the darkest cupboard of your heart There's a feeling you can't let out In a way you are just a soldier of the mind You are marching, what are you marching about? On your mark, now get set Get"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Beautiful fighters
    "Otogibanashi wa otogibanashi de shikaNai n da tte koto niKizuita no wa itsu no koro datta kana???? ketsumatsu gaAru n da tte koto oZannen nagara daremo ga shitte ruShiroi uma ni notte nanka nai anata waListen"
  • Miyavi Freedom Fighters
    "Freedom freedom Fujiyuu no megami idaite Freedom freedom Shounen ha kaji wo tore Soshite totsugeki se yo (biru jyanaku) kono jidai he Freedom of speech? freedom of thought? Soko ni aru me no mae no jiyuu"
  • Machinae Supremacy Fighters From Ninne
    "Comin' at ya woo-style Never hiding our pride We are always holding our heads high Comin' at ya woo-style Getting high on genocide And we're always justified It won't take until tomorrow If we"
  • Foo Fighters Something From Nothing
    "(Foo Fighters w trailerze opowiadającym o nowym albumie zatytułowanym "Sonic Highways" zaprezentowali fragment nowej piosenki "Something From Nothing". Premiera wydawnictwa planowana jest na 17 października"
  • Foo Fighters The Sky Is A Neighborhood
    ""So keep it down The heart … Let’s … The sky is a neighborhood, Don't make a sound Light coming up the hill Don’t look down The sky is a neighborhood The sky is a neighborhood, don't make a sound" 15"
  • Foo Fighters Whippin' Picadilly
    "(this isn't a foo fighters song, it's by gomez) Once apon a time, Not too long ago, We took a day out in Manchester, We all fall down, There's not enough hours in our day. Played a bit of football, Fell"
  • Foo Fighters Normal
    "Foo Fighters: Normal The waves that silences break come again, one by one I lay awake and I count til I drown Turn up the room its getting too loud I know I dont have to say it Pick up and move and go"

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