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Fool me once Y'akoto

  • Fool Me Once - B.B. King
    "When I was a young man Just gotten out I didn't know What this world was all about I was lied to, I was cheated I played all kinds of fools It didn't take me long To learn the rules Fool me once, shame"
  • Fool me once - BB King
    "When i was a young manJust gotten outI didn't knowWhat this world was all aboutI was lied to, i was cheatedI played all kinds of foolsIt didn't take me longTo learn the rulesFool me once, shame on youFool"
  • Once A Fool - Destiny's Child
    "Chorus: I was once a fool too I know what he's putting you through So don't tell me what I should do I ain't gonna end up like you His love has got you blind Wake up and use your mind I'll let you do your"
  • Once Upon a Fool Ago - Adkins Trace
    "Adkins Trace Chrome Once Upon a Fool Ago It's the hour of ghosts I'm the soul surivior You keep pushing me To pull another all-nighter Watching on these walls Memory silhouettes All the tender times"
  • Once Upon A Fool Ago - Trace Adkins
    "It's the hour of ghosts I'm the soul surivior You keep pushing me To pull another all-nighter Watching on these walls Memory silhouettes All the tender times All the old regrets And I wish I could"
  • Once - Once
    "Part of me Has Died And won't return And part of me Wants to hide The part that's burned Once, once Knew how to talk to you Once, once But not anymore Hear the sirens call me home Hear the sirens call"
  • Fooled me once - Greg Brown
    "My Mama died when I was sixteenShe was shitfaced behind the wheelThey made me go to the graveyardI would not pray or kneelI don't pray to no god who takes your Mamaand leaves you in a house full of junkwith"
  • Once Again - Upa Dance
    "Cantano:Pedro e Lola Hey, tell me what is wrong Why you act a fool Spreading rumors Bout me when you know that ain't cool Why don't you step to me Instead of running round Spreading rumors Bout me like"
  • Stupid Fool - Cathy Dennis
    "All good things have come to end Plans and things you'd once defend Time has pushed that bridge too far Tenderness I have no more Now that I have nothing I realise that everything ends Now that I have"
  • Fool Killer - Burt Bacharach
    "Once there was a boy who left the bed he slept in And he ran away 'cause he felt life was cruel A killer of fools was walking close behind him The boy was afraid that he was a fool Oh the fool killer"
  • Willin' Fool - Blue Rodeo
    "Isn't it funny funny to think I once believed you I thought you were being straight but what a bad joke it's always the same with one hand you offer while the other slaps my face You You made a willin'"
  • Sentimental Fool - Roxy Music
    "(Ferry/Mackay) Surely you cannot be leading me on' Well if that's so, however can I love again' How could I believe again' How can I hold on' Sentimental fool Knowing that fate is cruel, You ought to"
  • More Fool You (More Fool Me) - Uriah Heep
    "I held the rope so tightly As she climbed down from her room We said we'd make our getaway Underneath the moon I always will remember the night that we left home And the words of warning ringing in my"
  • Once - Cursive
    "Once a liar, always a liar. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Once a day you'll remember her death. Once you'll love but you'll love once too many. Just this once. Just this once. I forget who you're"
  • Fool, Fool, Fool - Webb Pierce
    "(Fool fool fool) Fool fool fool you know that it's wrong but you keep hanging on the game Fool fool fool I know it won't be long till you find out she's gone And you're lonely again This time be smart"
  • Once - Glen Hansard feat. Marketa Irglova
    "Part of me has died And won't return And part of me wants to hide The part that's burned Once Once I knew how to talk to you Once Once But not anymore Hear the sirens Call me home, call me home Call me"
  • Once - Caleb Kane
    "You change in front of me Your eyes get darker every day It happens quietly Your focus slowly burns away And if you let me hear The things you seem to wanna say Though I am late I will wait to go Until"
  • Once - Van Halen
    "Once embraced, can't ever be let go Once revealed, can't ever be not shown Once believed, can't ever lose faith Once shared, can't ever be separate Once sown, once can't ever be not reaped Like the dawn"
  • Once - Blackfield
    "Want you to know That I could go anytime I want you to know Gave me her lips Gave me her perfect hips And I slow down I slow down in love Once I rise inside Once she would hold me She was my only Only"
  • Once - Harry Connick Jr.
    "Once Is all I'll need to show you Love making is an art But once-made love Won't be nearly enough Once I win your heart Once Upon a timeless romance Love often was denied But a thousand knights Couldn't"

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