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Fools Garden High time

  • Blue Fools - Matthew Sweet
    "I met her down by the water She took me into her full like a mother I sent her some flowers for the weekend And she sent me away on a mission I went into another land Starin' into one another's *green"
  • Desperate Fools - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen) I've been up too high I've been down too low I've been searchin' for somethin' With nowhere to go Thought I'd make it alone But I'm so far from home In a town full of desperate fools Oh,"
  • Fools - Van Halen
    "Hah, yeah Oh-uh-oh Ha Ha-oh, ah-ah-ah Try one together, one time a sec Ha-oh, ah-uh-oh Oooh! Yeah! Well, I ain't about to go to school Ooo, an' I'm sick an' tired of Golden Rules, ah! Oh! They say"
  • Fools - Depeche Mode
    "Don't know the reason why I Think I've been here before This place seems so familiar But then I can't be sure Here comes that time again when You'll walk right out the door Don't tell me secrets anymore And"
  • Fools - The Dodos
    "Our fathers have been entangled in things He's been squandering, he's been squandering And we don't do a thing, 'cause we're busy and think We're just wandering, we're just a-wandering like fools His"
  • Fools - Alphaville
    "(Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) We waste our time with big illusions Talking to the walls But Jericho will never fall We sold our trumpets long ago Exchanging all the best we had Into atomic masterplans We read"
  • Stone Garden - Psycho Realm
    "This jam right here is dedicated To all you motherf**ker that ain't right here You're supposed to be right here with me, motherf**ker You know what I'm saying ? You know what the f**k I'm saying I'll"
  • GARDEN - Dir En Grey
    "GARDEN GARDEN GARDEN GARDEN GARDEN GARDEN ==Romanized Japanese== aishi hajimeta ano hi kara boku wa kawari hajimeta anata dake wo mitsumeraretara ii to anata wa itsumo ano niwa de"
  • Garden - Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
    "Behind shadows, behind fingers I'm hiding my true passion To be, to be alone In my garden, in its corners I'm looking for the path of my thoughts in the dark Open the gate, it's the rigth time Let the"
  • Garden - Halsey
    "Ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah He said, "Darling, who you praying to? Was anybody answering you? Because I've done my part for twelve years now And I can't seem to get through" He"
  • Garden - Flow
    "Sora wo koete yukou yo kitto mitsukeru yo bokura no rakuen wo A Mou dou demo ii tte nagedashi takunaru youna koto no renzoku de Sono tabi nukedasu kagi mitsukete wa mata susumuze ore-tachi Mado kara tobikondeku"
  • Game For Fools - Jamie Lidell
    "the first moment you hesitate better ask yourself why don't you wait until it's too late until something inside has died when you're paralyzed no direction at all found yourself way up high now there's"
  • Ship Of Fools - Alphaville
    "Did you know when the journey started That wed ever reach that point Many years we sailed together Now its time to say goodbye You dont know what Ive been going through Havent heard that much from"
  • Fools Like You - Blue Rodeo
    "So good at doing What you don't do Just trying to protect yourself And other fools like you So well practised In your deceit Behind the high walls of stupidity Your endless conceit Behind the locked door The"
  • Circle Of Fools - Epidemic
    "Reject the internal, a blind eye turned, truth denied. Unwanted within them inflicted outwards in lies. Aversion, denial, oppression, blame sinks to you. The scapegoat is chosen and hunted among delusions"
  • Garden Of Gray - Nevermore
    "When the moon is high across the garden That's when I'll come to you When the nightshade blooms in your eyes Let my sin pour in you When the forest sings like an angel's choir I'm coming nearer I want"
  • Garden Of Eden - Heather Small
    "Performed by Heather Small Written by Heather Small and Peter Vettese Produced by Peter Vettese Published by BMG Music / EMI Music Publishing Engineered and Mixed by Mark Evans Keyboards and Programming"
  • The Scarlet Garden - My Dying Bride
    "I know no shame The empire of my desire Gathers you into my fire I hope you fall. Hope you call, My filthy name. It makes you crawl On you knees, with all your pleas. Lay down there, look up at me. Are"
  • High Time - Tong Vfang Xien Qi
    "Get ur groovin' on I'm alright I'm alright I'm OK High time Get ur groovin' on I'm alright I'm alright I'm OK 1 chance genjou wa douda? 2 steps sugu ni ugokeruka 3 words kara hajimeyouze "Gimme ur love" shirubeki"
  • High Time - Tvxq
    "Get ur groovin' on I'm alright I'm alright I'm OK High time Get ur groovin' on I'm alright I'm alright I'm OK 1 chance genjou wa douda? 2 steps sugu ni ugokeruka 3 words kara hajimeyouze "Gimme ur love" shirubeki"

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