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  • Pallbearer Foreigner
    "All along the dark and forbidden way I can I can feel their eyes and see their arcane thrones So between my steps I rest to gather up my strength I must keep pushing onward Under swirling moons and galaxies In"
  • Foreigner As Long As I Live
    "I see you in my dreams You feel so close to me There's nowhere in this world that I would rather be forever in this moment forever in this dream 'cause baby every hour away from you is only waste of time I"
  • Nik & Jay Ocean of you
    "I am creative, word is spawned. Word to Sean Carter. Word to Kelly. Word to Cobain. Word to Sofie. I can always try harder. It's on. I am a father, Yes, I am a father. I am a foreigner. I am a warrior. Will"
  • Ed Sheeran Grade 8
    "My mind is a warrior, My heart is a foreigner, My eyes are the colour of red like the sunset, Never keep it bottled up, Left to the hands of the foreigner, Be a true heart not a follower, We're not"
  • Beatnuts, The Supa Supreme
    "Beatnuts, The Stone Crazy Supa Supreme Intro: Meanwhile in the control room at the back of the theater... These brats swam, i knew they would Your plan is working master. Of course! (knocking) who is"
  • Cat Stevens Foreigner Suite (Excerpt)
    "There are no words, I can use Because the meaning still leaves for you to choose And I couldn't stand to let them be abused, by you Dreams I had just last night Made me scared, white with fright But I'm"
  • Alcatrazz Breaking The Heart Of The City
    "Alcatrazz Disturbing The Peace Breaking The Heart Of The City In the London rain the sun called "go west", The American loves the way you speak English And they watched you growing as their son for so"
  • Charlatans Uk Page One
    "Charlatans Uk Between 10th & 11th Page One Physically i resemble a vulture - Too close to meaning When the world is telling me - Don't go And i can't even sell myself. The moods of a foreigner And the"
  • Theatres des Vampires The Undertaker And The Crow
    "A noise in the silent cemetery... a shovel, bones, smell of death, rotten bodies... Strange sounds from the ancient unholy church, rites of black magic... The lady in black reads the red book of Macabria,"
  • NWA Compton's N the House
    "Ah yeah, right about now Compton's in de mothafuckin' house NWA's in full effect Hey yo yella boy, kick me that funky-ass beat Yeah, who's in de mothafuckin' house? Compton's in the mothafuckin' house! Yeah,"
  • Shakira Dia de enero (English)
    "I knew you in day of January, With the moon in my nose And as I saw that eras sincere In your eyes I lost myself That clumsy distraction and that sweet sensation And now that we walked by the world"
  • Roger Waters Home
    "Jim: Oh, God! Californian Weirdo: Sole has no eyes. Could be Jerusalem, or it could be Cairo Could be Berlin, or it could be Prague Could be Moscow, could be New York Could be Llanelli, and it could be"
  • Grace Jones Cry Now Laugh Later
    "Cry now, Laugh later. It's time now to return the favor, Cry now, laugh laugh later. I dont know why I'm laughing, I'm still wet from the rain, I dont know why I'm laughing, I'm still spotted from the"
  • Ghostface Killah Black Jesus
    "I don't wanna here nuttin' Word Up, got to pay Yeah, Its like that right Blow his Back out, make his shoes work Aye Yo, this shit be off the knock it rock whatever cock block it Cat get blown, who own"
  • Cam'ron D Rugs
    "This song is about young children who live in single family homes and their mother or father chooses their boyfriend or girlfriend over you. Remember parents, kids don't ask to be born. So I'm tell this story"
  • Foreigner Woman Oh Woman
    "Search through the years And you wipe away the tears To find a woman, not a girl Just that feeling, like the beginning of the world Beginning of the world And your love flows down like a river 'Til it"
  • Mia Fire, Fire
    "Growin up, Brewin Up Guerilla gettin trained up Look out look out From over the Rooftop Growin up, Brewin Up Guerilla gettin trained up Look out Look out From over the rooftop Competition coming up now Load"
  • M.I.A. Fire, Fire
    "Growin up, Brewin Up Guerilla gettin trained up Look out look out From over the Rooftop Growin up, Brewin Up Guerilla gettin trained up Look out Look out From over the rooftop Competition coming up now Load"
  • M.M.O. Stop playing games feat. Ice Grilz
    "Hey grandma, yea, how you feelin'? Yeah, everything's okay, and yourself? Oh, grandma, I was just callin' to ask you If you had a Hooptie that I can borrow, yeah a Hooptie Yeah, my cars in the shop"
  • Tank Always them
    "The hate in your eyes As one more victim dies The ghetto in flames Another day of shame Will you kill them all 'cos they're not like you? Whether someone's skin is black Or he calls himself a jew It he"

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