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Forget me not andra

  • Forget Me Not - Bad English
    "You leave the light on at your door You cross your heart across the bedroom floor And through the window to your world You can feel me there and you know I'm waiting You taste the words of my forbidden"
  • Forget Me Not - Bonnie Pink
    "Listen to my plan to call him back 'cause I'm very bored Things seem so simple except love and what Heaven knows But I know the trick of finding him even in a beehive Hackneyed phrases can be used today as"
  • Forget Me Not - Celine Dion
    "Baby, baby, as I rock you gently Right here in my arms I promise to always be here for you Keep you safe and warm Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up cryin' when I think of how long It took"
  • Forget Me Not - Lucie Silvas
    "Forget me not, I ask of you Wherever your life takes you to And if we never meet again Think of me every now and then We had just one day to recall Now all I want is something more Than just a fading"
  • Forget Me Not - Subb
    "Forget me not Was written at the bottom of The suicide note that you left me You wrote that you Couldn't go on all alone In this nightmare you've been sinking Forever, was written down with your blood Tracing"
  • Forget - Nina Simone
    "Forget the love not chosen Forget the pain unspoken And please forget the dreams that were broken But remember me Forget this shade when night falls Forget the fear that droops? off And please forget"
  • FORGET - Marina And The Diamonds
    "Sometimes I think I’m not that strong But there’s a force that carries me on Sick of my small heart, made of steel Sick of the wounds that never heal Cause I have lived my life in debt I’ve spent my days"
  • Forget - Pushover
    "I see things eye for an eye and still forget you I can't think of the time when I thanked you For everything I have and I will get myself Foolish words that go hand in hand with no one else I see the difference"
  • Forget Me - Eyedea
    "(Eyedea) Would you believe there's only four more people in the world And when you're not looking they change masks Somewhere over the rainbow it's the same Instead of needle infested train tracks No matter"
  • Forget You Not - Little Mix
    "Hey baby, three months since I walked away I've been here lookin' for space Now I need you, babe, I need you, babe Oh baby, uh-huh, I'm a little hotter I know But it's no fun being hot on your own That's"
  • Forgive Not Forget - Laleh
    "Maybe see you later Maybe catch you then Now it's complicated again Psychalogical defense I hope my heart's resistant You critical desease If you pull my cover you will Be infecting me Forgive but"
  • I not forget - Andrzej Piaseczny (Piasek)
    "City, bus, summer rain, heavy sky, cold in bed Felt like lost my dream, it's not the best for me Knowin' you, knowin' me, Lord we've been all we need And the only fault comin' throught our door Was"
  • Butterfly (feat. Andra) - Fly Project
    "I'm, I'm gonna find you Hold on, hold on I need another reason To come back home I'm hiding when I cry Lonely butterfly Bye bye lullaby I'm crying, I'm dying Hiding when I cry Lonely butterfly Bye bye"
  • Forget To Forget - Billy Crawford
    "Oohhh.... I can't keep dreamin' With all the pain I'm feelin' All I know it that you're gone Why is it taking me so long ? How can I move on, without your love I'm long gone Turn back the hands of time Back"
  • Forget About Me - BELLAMY BROTHERS
    "Every time I look into your eyes I want to say that, I apologize I can't change, I thought you knew I'm not the one to stay with you You don't need a crazy love like mine That comes and goes from time"
  • Forget Me Nots - La Bouche
    "Don't forget me Remember me Chorus Sending you forget-me-nots To help me to remember Baby please forget-me-not I want you to remember Sending you forget-me-nots To help me to remember Baby please forget-me-not I"
  • Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen
    "sending you forget me nots to help me to remember baby please forget me not i want you to remember sending you forget me nots to help me to remember baby please forget me not i want you to remember those"
  • Don't forget me - MxPx
    "No I'm not mad about youJust a little sad without youI know it's mostly all my faultI drive myself insaneAnd there's no one else to blameAnd I know I hurt you time and time againAnd don't forget me when"
  • Don't forget me - Mark Lanegan
    "Cool water divine Now I'm thristy with nowhere to go And what else do we find But sorrow and misery untold I know you got somebody new Much better than me When that change starts to swing, keep in mind"
  • Forget About Me - Your Demise
    "I know you’re proud, cos I’m living my dream and I’ve got my fucking team. Best friends become good acquaintances and acquaintances don’t even speak my name, I don’t blame them, I’m a ghost, a ghost that"

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