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Forgivness erlique lesias

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Forgivness erlique lesias
  • Underoath Some will seek forgivness, others escape
    "I heard a voice through the discordA deluge of passersbyI saw one gaze frozen in timeWatching me passing byI swear I'll know your face in the crowdAnd I'll hear your voice so loudWhen you're whisperingHey"
  • Kittie Never again
    "An act of desperationWhen will this ever end?My sorrow turns to hatred,I'll get my sweet revengeLies, deceptionI've never been so strongLies, deceptionYou've never been so wrongChorus:Never againWill I"
  • Death Threat Caught in a lie
    "I refuse to listen to anymore of your lies No longer to be trusted It's motherfuckers like you I despise One day the tables will be turned And all your bridges will be burned No one to turn to You can"
  • Miss Li Backstabber lady
    "I dont know why I treat you like I do when I love you more than life itself I must be another poor bastard with the disease called selfishness Im a backstabber lady but I dont know why I throw these"
  • System Of A Down Sad Statue
    "Conquest to the lover, And your love to the fire, Permanence unfolding in the absolute. Forgivness is The ultimate sacrifice. Eloquence belongs, To the conqueror. The pictures of time and space are rearranged, In"
  • Black Label Society Throwin' It All Away
    "You couldn't feel the sunlight apon your face your little word a little out of place you couldn't hear the ocean you couldn't hear the waves i know you want to come back i know you mean to stay all you"
  • Waterdeep Hunting The Tender Heart
    "He threw down his pride cause it didn't serve his ego They say he took the pain out of his chest cause he couldn't feel it anymore He was really lonely and he needed to be believed. He had no one"
  • Point Of Recognition The Admiration Of A Son
    "To watch you go, broke my heart, to watch you go broke my heart, as a father I couldn't be prouder of a son. You came to me and asked to leave my side. To leave meant everything to you, to leave meant"
  • Speak No Evil Resentment
    "no time for mourning no time for guilt these endless hours to nowhere no time for forgivness no time to care my eye's a cold and vacant stare my self resentment has made me cold no use in trying you'll"
  • Centinex Deconstruction Macabre
    "Terror arise from the vaults of hate and lies Up from the pitch black deep Awaken from an abyssmal sleep Under the blade of greed A collector of souls rise free Lurking around in misery Too late to beg"
  • Relient K Fallen Man
    "As you push it up through the soil, I will shake your filthy hand. You may be dead to me but that don't mean we can't be friends. Now it's time to get over this, Long as it's clear you understand, That"
  • Waterdeep Instead
    "The cosmic finger doesn't stir up rules just to ruin us But He also doesn't let us do just whatever we want. And the eyes of God can see the force that's doin' us. He's givin' out chances to escape"
  • Jake Owen The Bad In Me
    "You look like an angel with your head in the clouds you woke me up this morning with your fooling around, at a half past 3 awww, lately i dont get much sleep (thats all right) cause girl it feels so good"
  • Full Devil Jacket Screaming Jesus
    "Let me be your screaming Jesus Let me be your pain-filled Christ Let me break your mind in an instance Show you the stinging of life I saw the lie I bought you life You watch me die I thrust this"
  • Knowledge Cynic
    "Throw me back in tears that you have only shared I thought this was all your fault but we just stay here in despair Pledged, once more, forever, then you went and f*cked around I gave you everything I"
  • Collin Raye Somewhere In My Broken Heart
    "You made up your mind It was time It was over After we had come so far I think theres enough pieces of forgivness Somewhere in my broken heart I would not have chosen The road You have taken It has"
  • Tom Petty Down South
    "Headed back down south Gonna see my daddy's mistress Gonna buy back her forgivness Pay off every witness One more time down south Sell the family headstones Drag a bag of dry bones Make good on my back"
  • Kathy Mattea The end of the line
    "Love isn't easy Nobody said it would be We hurt each other without trying A little anger, a little pride and I think It isn't worth the tears we're crying But then I look at you and all that matters Is"
  • Ian Moore Caroline
    "And then the rains they came From thick and broken clouds And washed out all the names Of tired little towns Summer's gone away Just the California coast Hey, I don't mind I never saw around much anyway But"
  • Shai The Place Where You Belong
    "Dis Is The Place Where You Belong Right Here In My Arms Without You Something Is Wrong Misery Such A Fool To Let You Walk Away From Me,Now It Seems Its Just Nobody There For Me Girl I'm In Agony For"

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