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Fort the

  • Fort - Alpha
    "Here's only so much more The day is full To reach Understanding And all at once I knew I fan the truth over to you Excused Your flame Sold us I look away (?) There's only so much more There's only so"
  • Fort Minor - Fort Minor
    "Celph: These hungry rappers battle for a buck and some changeThere really be kids starving give a fuck if it changeShok rap Not that You get signed you might blow upRealisa "Party In Iraq" You might blow"
  • Fort worth - Eddy
    "You say your bags are packed You won't be coming back You'll hit I-35 and be in cowtown by tonight In Austin, here with me Ain't where you want to be But somewhere down the line, will the price be way"
  • Fort Europa - Looptroop
    "Once apon a time not long agoWhen people were still living in the northern zoneThey could, still breath and everybody wasn't deadSomebody recorded a songAnd this is what it said:After the first and the"
  • Holdin' Fort - Naughty By Nature
    "Oh, oh hell yeah (Alright we don't want any problems here. Y'all just break it up) Five-0 (Just, just) Say what? (go on home) (We don't wanna take anybody in. We don't wanna give any citations I ain't"
  • Fort Hood - Mike Doughty
    "I'd rather watch movie stars get fat I'd rather hang up the flag and be done with it I'd rather keep the fire and the frenzy out of my mind I'd rather take sides in an argument I'd rather crank up the"
  • Does fort worth - George Strait
    "Cold fort worth beer just aint no good for jealousIve tried it night after nightYoure in someone elses arms in dallasDoes fort worth ever cross your mindDarlin while youre busy burnin bridgesBurn one for"
  • Fort Worth Blues - Guy Clark
    "Fort Worth neon shinin' bright Pretty lights red and blue They shut down all the honky tonks tonight Say a prayer or two, if they only knew You used to say the highway was your home But we both know"
  • Hold Down The Fort - Mobb Deep
    "Yeah, we gotta hold down the fort We gotta hold down the block We gotta hold down the fort We gotta hold down the fort, check it Nineteen-ninety-motherfuckin-three right? What's YOUR new year's resolution"
  • Back to the fort - Carola
    "Civilians are all dead nowMy armyjacket got rippedThe striker in a bed now beneath the men lie deadThey tried to all forget itBut I never think I willI get up feeling downWished I had turned aroundAnd"
  • 10 Believe Me - Fort Minor & Bobo-Styles Of Beyond - Fort Minor
    "(chorus) I guess That this is where we've come to If you don't want to Then you don't have to believe me But I won't be there when you go down Just so you know now You're on your own now believe me I"
  • Fort - Faun
    "Es hat der Sturm geheult die Nacht, da meine Mutter mich zur Welt gebracht. Es hat gepfiffen, gejauchzet der Wind: "Mir gehrt das Kind". Die heimatlose Strae sprach: "Ich bin die Wiege drauf er lag. Und"
  • Fort Knox, King Solomon - Bob Mould
    "There's a place in the mountains that we could go We could stock up with diamonds and bars of gold If we wanted a fortune, that's where we'd go And if you wanted to go there, well, let me know And inside"
  • Visitation At Fort Horn - Bruce Springsteen
    "Behind the walls where heat lightning falls On five starred gnat-faced princess The buffalo man shoots at the tin cats Turns and shouts "children, blow your bridges" On death row halls where"
  • Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce - Elvis Presley
    "Girls on the beaches commit a sin They don't show yards and yards of skin Preceding message to you has been Through the courtesy of the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce Maybe your yen is for tennis"
  • Fort Worth I Love You - Murphey Michael Martin
    "I broke jail in Oconee, Georgia, changed my name to Jimmy Bill I was wanted for some time that I had killed Oh, I shot down Martha Hawkins and I robbed her of her pride I chose Forth Worth as a place to"
  • Is Fort Worth Worth It - Terri Clark
    "(Tom Shapiro/Chris Waters) You say your bags are packed You won't be coming back You'll hit I-35 and be in cowtown by tonight In Austin, here with me Ain't where you want to be But somewhere down the line,"
  • Ballad Of The Fort Hood Three - Pete Seeger
    "Come all you brave Americans and listen unto me, If you can spare five minutes in this 20th century, I'll sing to you a story true as you will plainly see It's about three U.S. soldiers they call the "Fort"
  • Dallas Days And Fort Worth Nights - Chris LeDoux
    "Under the skies of old Big D he works a nine-to-five Bending steel and driving nails by phone in a suit and tie He fights traffic in his Mercedes to put on his cowboy boots Then he climbs on board his"
  • Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind - George Strait
    "Cold Fort Worth beer just ain't no good for jealous. I try it night after night. You're in someone else's arms in Dallas. Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind? Darlin' while you're busy burning bridges, Burn"

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