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  • Fossil Man - Bill Nye
    "Last night I dug myself a trilobite Now a rock, once alive But it came out all right 'Cause it's fossilzed Boy was such a long time And I know that fossils take a long, long, time To form before humans"
  • Part IV (The Index Fossil) - Bad Religion
    "We're widespread and well fed The earth's rotatin' fate is in our head, oh yeah We're dominant and prominent And our deity's omnipotent, oh yeah And immortality's in our mastermind And we destroy everything"
  • Small Bones Small Bodies - Future Of The Left
    "Small bones small bodies, sink into semantics The slightest excuse - the tiniest exo-skeleton She said, the fossil, it sets such a standard Forgetting the reason - small bones, bigger problems With this,"
  • Instant Gratification - Victims Family
    "Instant gratification, just add water. Instant gratification, bring it to boil. I want it now, all of it, every last single solitary bit. Instant gratification isn't quick enough. ---------------------------------------------------- mind"
  • Them bones - Alice In Chains
    "I believe them bones are me Some say we're born into the grave I feel so alone,gonna end up a Big ole pile of them bones Dust rise right on over my time Empty fossil of the new scene"
  • Modeling The Fossile Evidence (There's Glory In Subversion) - Creation Is Crucifixion
    "there's glory in subversion there's glory in destruction fossils are an invention to serve the technophile fossils are an invention to preserve the artificial lie humanity is being coded existence is uploaded"
  • Part Iv - Bad Religion
    "We're widespread and well fed, The earth's rotating fate is in our head, oh yeah. We're dominant and prominent, And our diety's omnipotent, oh yeah. and immortality's in our mastermind, and we destroy"
  • Supermodel - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "love child to genghis kahn and a beautiful busty amazon on the death star with her godfather darth vader and nine months later but that's impossible yeah she's super collosul she'll make a fascinating"
  • Dive - Steve Kilbey
    "High, after the summer Find all the wells are drunk dry Miles and miles of starburn Branded on the hide of the night Diviner Low, before the winter Loser, these vessels are full Drop between drop of"
  • Lend Your Lungs - Safety In Numbers
    "Send your dark salute. Lend your lung, hero. See I'm not the one to hear and sell. To take and sell. The only one around. The only one around. Brace yourself. ? ? ? Trace your time, fossil. Lend your lung,"
  • Them bones - Grave
    "I Believe Them Bones Are MeSome Say We're Born Into The GraveI Feel So AloneGonna End Up A Big Ole Pile A Them BonesDust Rise Right On Over My TimeEmpty Fossil Of The New SceneI Feel So AloneGonna End"
  • The Great Gates Of Kiev - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "Come forth, from love's spire Born in life's fire, Born in life's fire Come forth, from love's spire In the burning, all are yearning for life to be And in pain there will be gain New Life! Stirring"
  • Find The Arise - Obituary
    "Final Thoughts Sigh on to you just lost the blow Sigh on to you Sigh on to you My friend Fell thoughts of soul's descend Final Thoughts Sigh on to you My friend Might be is this the end The pain hurts"
  • Final thougths - Obituary
    "Sigh on to you just lost the blow Sigh on to you Sigh on to you My friend Fell thoughts of soul's descend Final Thoughts Sigh on to you My friend Might be is this the end The pain hurts the fear inside"
  • Long So Long - Squirtgun
    "I'm tired of waiting for your sunburn I want more coffee Read sonnets to Chris, an old, old woman on the sly Your fossil-fuled up with camel-lights and ginger snapping ponging dishes washing when you sign"
  • Dinosaurs - Eureka Birds
    "Back from fossil fuels they are So big destructive To me and you they are So big destructive These reptiles belong locked in a cage These cold-blooded minds Locked in a cage Why can't anybody see? Why"
  • Eternal Agony - Jungle Rot
    "Death, Farther the pain Pools of Gore, Lumps of Brain Bleeding - From the neck Blood - Hate and anger Say - Your last farewell Rip at your chest, Pull out your tongue Tear off your limbs, Rip a bloody"
  • Let It All Bleed Out - Rob Zombie
    "(One time I saw a Filipino Cab driver cut out a cancer with a rusty butter knife.) BLEED - BLEED - BLEED IT OUT - YEAH! A rat on the scraps, Jaws to the fossil, Turn into conventional man, yeah! (conventional"
  • Weed Of Wisdom - Dystopia
    "rape consume exhault abuse rob the earth of fossil fuels we kill ourselves with fossil fuels weve tried we failed we die with our hands tied cant you see we have no choice you lie about the true effects lies..."
  • Sky - Converge
    "The sky is falling around me. You choke in the saturated bliss. A sky so much bluer than mine. Strangulation of your warm soul. Your flesh weakens me, Joyless under the falling sky, Your sky seems"

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