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Four Season

  • Four Season In One Day - Crowded House
    "Four seasons in one day Lying in the depths of your imagination Worlds above and worlds below The sun shines on the black clouds Hanging over the domain Even when you're feeling warm The temperature could"
  • Dank Season - Rappin' 4-Tay
    "(feat. Seff the Gaffla) It's the dank season for nineteen ninety four Seff the Gaffla and Rappin' 4, yo Everybody's smokin' chronic fuck the reason It must be pleasin' man it's dank season For 1994,"
  • Duck Season - Wu-Tang Clan
    "Scrape y'all motherfuckers This is my word, when you see us When you see us flashing and shining And building and adding on Y'all niggaz just watch it, hear me Only ones that who we got respect for Is"
  • The Burning Season - Primordial
    "Bring the women and children before me Let us make rivers of their blood Bleed for me...I wish it so and streams shall meet such rivers and seaward they shall flow See the shoreline scattered with"
  • The Four Seasons - Sesame Street
    "Grover: "Yoo-hoo! It is I, your little stage manager! Tell me when to drop the snow!" Prairie: "Get back, Grover! Everyone can see you!" Grover: (aside) "Sorry." Prairie, in singsong voice: "Oh, welcome."
  • Season - Guttermouth
    "this is the season and i'll tell you something i gots a hard on and it aint for nothing this is the season to commit punk rock treason that bullshit detector works better than it ever did before (chorus) its"
  • Season - The Academy Is
    "Wake up, think fast, three weeks have passed, we are changing No sleep, no gas, no excuses will pass these lips 'Cause we're shapin' up to be all you wish you could have been To write the hits and to turn"
  • Season - The Academy Is...
    "Wake up, think fast, three weeks have passed, we are changing No sleep, no gas, no excuses will pass these lips 'Cause we're shapin' up to be all you wish you could have been To write the hits and to turn"
  • Season Of Da Siccness - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "Hit the dank and took my glock off lock, and off To the 21st blocc, I'm rollin in a drop top Three for zero that black criminal mac mac nigga That pap! pap! me hittin a couple of rounds And while I test"
  • Season - Ash
    "Late september you walked into my life I remember the autumn, I remember that night That smile on your face, the pale pale moon All those good times still left to come Awoke by a phone call one cold"
  • Season - Arashi
    "Fumidasu yume no oto mo bokura wa kanjiteiru Hoho naderu kaze ni hikari mitsuketa you na ki ga shite Saita na mo nai hana wo kimi ni todoke yo Kieru koto nai omoi to Tooku hanare banare de mo kokoro hitotsu"
  • Four - Moe.
    "Did you see it? It was so easy Did you see it? It was so easy It's been so long that it's all been forgotten It's been so long that I would not know Would'ja b'lieve it? It was so easy Would'ja b'lieve"
  • Four - Lit
    "She wakes up lonely She wakes up lonely She hangs a picture by the phone She hangs a picture by the phone Yeah, she doesn't think we're gonna make it But when I'm home we're sleeping naked And we pretend"
  • Four - Hope Of The States
    "I've had enough Of loyalty oaths And religious revivals The gambler's debts Security checks And the fight for survival I'm getting out of this town It's making me nervous If this is the world where do"
  • Mating Season - Butterfingers
    "getting jaded Butterfingers day by day diggin' deep, deep shores Mating Season of reality up in lyrics the clouds hiding from the sun there goes the free lyrics king wouldn't want to be one when everything"
  • Killing Season - Testament
    "Asking for salvation at the stations of the cross, eternal is my pledge if eternal is thy loss Back in the days of yore my country summoned me, enlisted willingly in defense of liberty Eroding all alone"
  • Lovin' Season - Dottie West
    "LOVIN' SEASON WITH DON GIBSON (Gene Thomas) I've been a feelin' kinda funny oh and everyday is sunny All the bees are makin' honey oh the lovin' season is on Got all the ambition got"
  • Blue Season - Nick Drake
    "Snow in springtime, storm in the sea Mist at my window, no leaf on my tree Showers in the garden with no flowers to touch When will you bring us your sunshine and such. Season tell me true What's been"
  • That Season - Asia
    "Asia Archiva 2 That Season I told her, i'd hold her All through that first cold winter Defend her, protect her From our darkest demons Then spring came, our world changed We found a different corner Still"
  • Mad Season - matchbox twenty
    "I feel stupid, but I know it won't last for long. And I've been guessing and I could have been guessing wrong. You don't know me now, I kinda thought that you should some how. Does that whole mad season"

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