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Foxes In Her Arms

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Foxes In Her Arms

  • In Her Arms - Foxes
    "I’ve been dreaming over, I’ve been dreaming over half the lies You’ve been looking at me, You’ve been looking at me eye to eye Take it easy, lift your feet up off the burning ground You exceeded, you"
  • Right Here (feat. Foxes) - Rudimental
    "In your mind then you realize you’re on your own I know the feelings inside you start to grow Please tell me that it’s alright, alright, alright I wanna know Please tell me that it’s alright, alright,"
  • Red Ribbon Foxes - A Fine Frenzy
    "Red Ribbon Foxes There's snow on your collar, boy There's snow on the bench There's snow on the sleeping grave And the crooked fence And if you've been crying With my hand on my chest I swear I'll never"
  • Portions For Foxes - Rilo Kiley
    "There's blood in my mouth Cause I've been biting my tongue all week I keep on talking trash But I never say anything And the talking leads to touching And the touching leads to sex And then there is no"
  • In Her Arms - Beseech
    "And so I close my eyes I wait for her Please help me die, please end my tears Standing by the sea, watching her ragering waves Beautyful as she no one could ever be Praying for the rain, to wash me down"
  • White Foxes - Susanne Sundfør
    "Poses, poses That's all you are to me Roses, roses That's all you're offering me And now I wish to God that The earth would turn cold And my heart would forget it's made of glass And all the pretty tulips"
  • Little Foxes - Barnabas
    "Barnabas Miscellaneous Little Foxes I can still hear momma say "Win or lose, its how you play" Aw mom, no harm in a little sin That's how its done today (Do it!) Every evening after school A couple joints,"
  • Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires - Cocteau Twins
    "I buckle and rosed As god and the rest(wrist) How mere riches be A war or we lose Close into symbols A fly drinks the ignitions(indications) They turn infant's breath my Milk and wrap to her baby In day And"
  • Heaven In Her Arms - Converge
    "Death was just a simple glance across a dim lit room And those eyes did it Those three words did it Those three words killed him And I surrender to it all Between you and me, I surrender to you Forgive"
  • Arms - Tunng
    "In your veins the bed slips away brick dissolve and the walls get thin In your arms I see trough my skin my organs float and the candles glow In your bones the sound of the rain soothes something my darkest"
  • Take Her In Your Arms - Andy M. Stewart
    "Have you seen him on the corner And his lip would reach the pavement. He's been hiding from his razor, Is he not an awful sight? In love he was the purist, How he's frightening our tourists. If he'd gone"
  • Clarity (feat. Foxes) - Zedd
    "Hot dive into frozen waves where the past comes back to life If I fear for the selfish pain, it was worth it every time Hold still right before we crash cause we both know how this ends A clock ticks 'till"
  • Right Here In My Arms - H.I.M.
    "She is smiling like heaven is down on earth Sun is shining so bright on her And all her wishes have finally come true And her heart is weeping. This happiness is killing her. It's true she's in love She'll"
  • Right Here In My Arms - HIM
    "She is smiling like heaven is down on earth Sun is shining so bright on her And all her wishes have finally come true And her heart is weeping. This happiness is killing her. She'll be right here in"
  • Not Here In My Arms - Lisa Brokop
    "She left you alone then i came along you said you were over her for good looks like you were wrong "cause you still call her name Sometimes in the night you may have a broken heart But you don't have"
  • Right here in my arms - Dope Stars Inc.
    "She's smiling like heaven is down on earthSun is shining so bright it hurtsAll her wishes have finally com trueHer heart is weeping. Happiness is killing her.She'll be right here in my armsSo in LoveShe'll"
  • Here In Your Arms - Hellogoodbye
    "I like where we are, When we drive, in your car I like where we are.... Here Cause our lips, can touch And our cheeks, can brush Our lips can touch here Well you are the one the one that lies close to"
  • Here In Your Arms - Hello Goodbye
  • Put Your Arms Around Her - Norma Jean
    "Put your arms around her that's where your love is Don't let my broken heart stand in the way Put your arms around her that's where your heart is Maybe I can get over you someday I've tried so hard to"
  • Maps In Her Wrists And Arms - And Also The Trees
    "In the tent of powder and lace Vultures pick at a carcass that feeds by hand Longing to decay Waits to hear the sound Of their wings slowly heave as they fly away Some will stay for days There's maps in"

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