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Fragma - Toca's Miracle

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Fragma - Toca's Miracle

  • Toca's Miracle (2008) - Fragma
    "if your gonna save the day and your hearing what i say i feel your touch , your kiss is not enough and if you believe in me dont think my loves for free i wont take nothing less than a deeper love (chorus) let"
  • Tocas miracle - Fragma
    "If you're gonna save the day, and you're hearin what I say I feel ur touch, ur kiss it's not enough and if u believe in me Don't think my loves not for real I won't take nothin less then a deeper love"
  • Toca's Intro - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Baby Touch, Bonz Malone) Warnin, the surgeon general of Brooklyn, New York Has determined that the sounds you're about to hear Can be devastating to your ear I pledge allegiance and have to"
  • I Need A Miracle - Fragma
    "Hey, hey Miracle, miracle If you're gonna save the day And you're hearin what I say I feel your touch, your kiss Is not enough And if you believe in me, Don't think my love's for free I won't take nothin"
  • Miracle - Kimbra
    "I'm rising up Sometimes I want to get away, ach, ach And from the moment I met you I'm ready to fade I'm ready for a brighter day Like a castaway, sometimes I feel so separated, ach, ach But I can never"
  • Miracle - Vertical Horizon
    "Its taken much too long to get it right Would it be so wrong to maybe find someone A miracle And all you really need is everything you could never be And so you'd give it all for a miracle Chorus: Is"
  • Miracle - Tori Amos
    "Okay what if I could hold on but then would nightmares turn back into dreams once again would Lady Luck say this game has no end but Dawn does not rise to Darkness Hold on Break your fall I cry Miracle"
  • Miracle - Cheap Trick
    "Here comes the miracle The one we've been waiting for Here comes the miracle It's time to open up the door Oh, the miracle My heart is beating fast I can't seem to it slow down It's too late to turn back But"
  • Miracle - Hurts
    "Talk to me girl, tell me your lies Let your secrets have no ties Cause the light will never shine on this heart of mine And all the love we sacrificed Look at all of the damage you have done in time You"
  • Miracle - Electrosy
    "I need a miracle to fall in love I need a miracle Well there she goes The whole world knows I want her But I know I need her cause she's a miracle Take a million girls and line them up against"
  • Miracle - Rick Astley
    "Many Roads I've TravelledAnd Faces I've SeenEach Tells A StoryOf What Might Have BeenA Missed Golden MomentBut Life Still RemainsA Search For The InnocenceSomehow We Lost On The WayAnd We All Need A Miracle,"
  • Miracle - KAT-TUN
    "Tabi kasanaru guzen Tada yomigaeru sunzen Hohoemu kimi wo Tsukamu Takanaru biito ni Afure dete yuku noizu Yuuhi ga Ochiru mae ni Sagashiteta tenshi Ima wa koko ni Yume demo itami demo Kure! Come into my"
  • Miracle - Afterlife
    "Feat. Neve Take this moment, make it still Stay forever, by my side Make a promise, to your soul Leave me never, that I know It can be But I know, it can be Lost our way, you and me I'm still in love with"
    "ask me no questions I will tell you no lies careful what you wish for we’re looking for angels in the darkest of skies saying that we wanted more I feel like I’m falling but I’m trying to fly where does"
  • Miracle - A1
    "Chorus Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na All we need is a miracle baby Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na All we need is a miracle Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na All we need is a miracle baby Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na All"
  • Miracle - The Moody Blues
    "I closed the door and I walked away From the life I knew On a night in June I took a chance and I lost control Trying to find out why On a night in July Why this hesitation? I can feel that the night"
  • Miracle - The Corrs
    "You let an open window Breathe over your bed A whisper in the moonlight The miracle of life Synchronized emotion No battle left to fight Harmony in motion The miracle of life And oh precious and lonely"
  • Miracle - Magic Affair
    "My soul is flowing into my body And I feel the kindness of love I can feel the clouds around me Precious colours impress my soul Light is all around me A sense called peace It fills me with satisfaction"
  • Miracle - Joey Daniels
    "So many lonely nights I spent dreaming of someone To come and save me, save me From my safe little world That I gotta leave behind So I can feel again, breathe again And I saw your face And my whole"
  • Miracle - Joseph Arthur
    "I I get by Without a miracle You You get by Without a miracle So we should compromise And we should stop telling lies You You get by Without a miracle I I get by Without a miracle So we"

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