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Frank Turner - Recovery

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Frank Turner - Recovery

  • Recovery - Frank Turner
    "Blacking in and out in a strange flat in east London. Somebody I dont really know just gave me something to help set me down and stop me always thinking about you. And you know your life is heading in"
  • Recovery - James Arthur
    "I don't wanna play this game no more I don't wanna play it I don't wanna stay round here no more I don't wanna stay here Like rain on a Monday morning Like pain that just keeps on going on Look at all"
  • Recovery - Kosheen
    "1. If it feels it's starting again Over heavy and you want to be thin If you think its over, begin Recovery Even when you wanna get high Misdirected and you wanna fly Take the splinters out of your eyes Recovery chorus: When"
  • Recovery - LP
    "my room is dark, the blinds are shut light and everything is still too much outside irt may be oer, but not tonight imay be older but I still cry I can’t stop sleeping in your cloths you can’t stop calling"
  • Recovery - New Buffalo
    "Recovery Time for beer Checkered cheer Now you're here I can see so clearly No more question marks Sympathy cards It's in the stars Troubled times are clearing Now it's recovery Looks like"
  • Recovery - Olivia Newton-John
    "(John Farrar/Tom Snow) I live on an island far away All by myself, there's no one else Nobody calls, but that's okay Don't need their help, I'm by myself Nobody here to make a career Of hurting me, deserting"
  • Recovery - Justin Bieber
    "First I’ll acknowledge All trust has been broken A successful recovery I pray for us at night Grants me with a second chance Never thought I’d see your face again Learning life through trial and error Just"
  • Recovery - Olivia Newton John
    "I live on an island far away, all by myself, there's no one elseNobody calls, but that's okay, don't need their help, I'm by myselfNobody here to make a career of hurting me, deserting meYour crazy life"
  • Recovery - Funeral For A Friend
    "Scared to open up these eyes See just what's inside This tree is dead and cold This house is not a home Help me now I'm dying here all alone This is not a new game So don't think that you know Casually"
  • Recovery - Runrig
    "Watching the morning come in on the land See the moon roll over Skeabost See the young men late in the glen All with camans in hand. Sea winds out on the wild Sea waves crash onto Uig See the black homes"
  • Recovery - Still Remains
    "When I wake up, I want to see you I need to hear you I want to live your life In my day, I fail to see I fail to seek the one that gives life I've looked away from your grace You've been waiting at the"
  • Frank - The W's
    "Frank was a contractor Who got up every morning Skinn'n cats and fix'n cars His day was far from boring Souped up Ford, V-8 289 Runnin down those punks Was always on his mind Frank was a contractor Is"
  • Frank - Litfiba
    "Io sono Frank e vivo per il Funk Je suis Frank io sono figlio del Punk E quando notte ..... favole di citt Anche se sono stanco per tutti qui c' Frank Porto con me la voglia di domani Insieme a te ti"
  • Frank - Silke Bischoff
    "Another night in the kitchen with Frank And the sound of his broken guitar We are drunken like wild horses I love you curt, i fall asleep Wanna die - Watch me bleeding Wanna die - Watch me bleeding Another"
  • Frank - Kent
    "Han fngade sparken med huvudet Hade tnkt alla tankar nd Han stod inte upp nr han fick den Fr full fr att ens kunna g Lngsamt glmmer man bort allt Ocks pojkar i manchestertyg Men jag minns vr skrikiga stolar"
  • Frank - Blood Or Whiskey
    "You said you found intensity so sublime And that he seemed so different from all the rest But then he went and said you were out of line Because you wore a t-shirt without a vest And now he calls your"
  • Frank - Rheostatics
    "Dave Bidini Why'd you have to do it? Mother said we can't have this. Why don't you just kiss? Oh oh oh. She scraped the plate clean with her knife and said, "You won't be eating this." Oh oh oh. Paper"
  • Frank - T.Love
    "Coraz mniej jasnego światła Coraz więcej zła Wasze ogłupiałe żądze Wojny i pieniądze Coraz mniej czystego nieba Coraz więcej brudu Zabrudzimy oceany i zostaną plamy Coraz mniej dobrych matek Coraz"
  • Turner Overdrive - Bachman
    "Bachman Miscellaneous Turner Overdrive Bachman-Turner Overdrive---You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet I met a devil woman, she took my heart away She said I had it comin' to me, but I wanted it that way I think"
  • Ike Turner - Dre Dog
    "(Juss woke up, head hurt...) (Coughing) Sorry Ike, I was only tryin to help you You? Tryin to help Ike? (Mack 10) Snatchin the bitches in the headlock It's that nigga the M-A-C-1-0 and Dre Dog straight"

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