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Frankie knuckles

  • Someday Well Be Together (Frankie Knuckles Remix) - Diana Ross
    "Someday we'll be together Say, say, say it again Someday we'll be together Oh, yeah, oh yeah You're far away From me my love And just as sure my, my baby As there are stars above I wanna say, I wanna"
  • Knuckles - The Hold Steady
    "I've been trying to get people to call me Freddy Knuckles. People keep calling me Right Said Fred. And it's hard to keep trying when half your friends are dying. And it's hard to hold it steady when half"
  • Knuckles - Unjust
    "Broken notions of friends and the way times used to be We wanted more, but then he's felt all before All the angers of life, the piss righteous of men The tables turned, and now we pace to watch you burn Wait"
  • Frankie - Connie Francis
    "Frankie, wherever you are I love you Though you've found a new love I still miss you so I just can't forget you But you'll never know Frankie, my darling I'll never let you see me cry Once I was your"
  • Frankie - Bambix
    "Frankie's never been to school but she's nobody's Fool She can outsmart you all Frankie just threw her husband out, 'Cos that's something she can do without Never took care of her kids Only after xxx and"
  • Frankie - Bruce Springsteen
    "Dark weekends in the sun out on Chelsea Road Descending the stairs, Frankie, my one Check your makeup in the mirror c'mon babe let's go We'll dance 'round this dirty town 'til the night is all done Let"
  • Bumpy Knuckles Baby - Bumpy Knuckles
    "Feel me, I bet you've never seen a nigga that get raw like me Gun in your face, put niggas on the floor like me Who go to war like me? Flip a whore like me? Put the squeeze on rap competitors like me Get"
  • White Knuckles - Marilyn Manson
    "Smack dab flat on my back Solid ground beginning to crack I pulled her down and down and down I lost my breath I thought I'd drown Fistfuls of you Fistfuls of you You pulled me through with white knuckles Fistfuls"
  • White Knuckles - Foetus
    "{J.G. Thirwell) I've gotten to the point where I believe everything I say I got a BIRTHMARK/DEATHMASK shaped like the USA SEE ME SQUIRM with the sins of a nation see me RUN ROUND IN CIRCLES of bitter frustration My"
  • White Knuckles - Five Finger Death Punch
    "Oh, f**k it all! Sick of being sick and tired, sick of understanding Tired of feeling sick to my stomach Demons inside command me They're saying crush it, break it, smash it F**kin' kill 'em all! Laugh"
  • White Knuckles - Elvis Costello
    "White knuckles came down to put the frighteners on I believe she's the one that he's got his heart set on It doesn't matter if your face doesn't fit There's no charge for changing it Oooh ooh What are"
  • Knuckles Up - Flatfoot 56
    "Sammy was a skin living in a danger zone people were fighting with him everyday his number one defense was throwing his knuckles up and showing the world the price they had to pay An eye for an eye,"
  • Brass Knuckles - Quarashi
    "I've got the gloves dropped swinging at you had the brass knuckles. The guy that stereotyped that was kinda like a fly. Then when you quit, you be talkin' shit with a speech impediment. You wanna sweat"
  • White Knuckles - Alter Bridge
    "Are you still lost tonight Living but dead inside This is a proclamation This is a call to rise Are you abused, alone? Walking with broken bones If you feel you've been forgotten Let this song guide you"
  • Rough Knuckles - Supergrass
    "(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) Lost sight Lookin' for a way out It's a good time, to get your head together Blood shot Don't wanna see you washed up, in a hotel I'll come up and check you out This is the"
  • Knuckles death - Sonic Adventure
    "*TECHNO* "ECHIDNA! DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "Get out of my Way, son!" "Dad, hold on, it's to late to escape!" "Get out of my Way, I said!" *ZIIIIIUUUMMMM* "Daaaaaad!" "This....is...for....all...the...Angels"
  • Fuck Frankie - Marilyn Manson
    "Abuser: Say fuck frankie Groupie: Fuck frankie Groupie: Fuck frankie Groupie: Fuck frankie Groupie: Fuck Groupie: Fuck Abuser: Frankie Groupie: Frankie Abuser: Say it Groupie: Fuck frankie Abuser: Say"
  • Frankie Teardrop - Suicide
    "Frankie teardrop Twenty year old Frankie He's married he's got a kid And he's working in a factory He's working from seven to five He's just trying to survive well lets hear it for Frankie Frankie Frankie Well"
  • Evil Frankie - McLusky
    "Evil frankie. Myself on a song with frankie frankie's always. Shes a she was animate she was never there I want to sing a song with frankie And I'm a sick I'm sick and I'm sick And I'm getting head"
  • Frankie Carroll - Thin Lizzy
    "Frankie Carroll He got drunk last night I tried my best to help him But he wound up in a fight And his missy got him She said "Frankie, it's alright" "Frankie won't do you wrong" Frankie Carroll He beat"

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