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Franz If i was sorry

  • Sorry - Zion I
    "Sometimes it's hard to say I'm sorry yo yo, eh, my raps written in a whirlwind, so if my tail spin just point at me and ill begin where the twirl ends its difficult to open up, wounds that never shut and"
  • Sorry - Natalie Cole
    "We used to be so very happy and we used to have so much fun And we used to spend our time together, we were as close as anyone I used to feel your every feeling, I was a part of your every dream I'm"
  • Sorry - Nat King Cole
    "We used to be very happy We used to have so much fun We used to spend Our time together We were as close as anyone. I used to feel your every feeling I was a part of your every dream Im not saying that"
  • Sorry - Nick Black
    "Sorry if I hurt you with anything I said Sorry when you needed me I chose myself instead I was wrong... Did you stay too long? Sorry I didn't listen to every word you ever said Sorry that I spent so much"
  • Sorry - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) Whispering, you know I saw you were whispering Listening, you didn't think I was listening I got the right things all wrong again, once again I hurt you, never feeling Answer me, you know"
  • Sorry - Aiza Seguerra
    "How thoughtless I had sometimes been I hurt you so badly But now I feel the pain I talked to you as if I knew just everything Maybe I didn't lose But I know I didn't win How careless I had sometimes"
  • Sorry?! - Suicidal Tendencies
    "Seems like such a long time ago, but I don't know if I'm ever gonna let her go. I remember the first time that I met her, I knew she was the one. There couldn't be anybody better. Well, I was lost when"
  • Sorry - Glenn Lewis
    "Look at what mess i made If i paid attention, maybe then you might have stayed Deserted you, in the middle of the night one to many times and askin why(askin why) Where did all the promises go Of love"
  • Sorry - Krosfyah
    "(Yeah man)I'm sorry (yeah right player)Im sorry (now you're sorry) I wanna tell you a true true story when my baby went away and left me sittin in the chair al alone couldnt believe my babe is really"
  • Sorry - Protocol
    "I'm not perfect, I'm not a saint Done some things I wish that I could erase I'm doing my best but still make mistakes If I've hurt you then I'm sorry, its my disgrace I know you cant hear me now No"
  • Sorry - Soldiers Of Jah Army
    "Baby I'm sorry For whatever it was I always did; The way it went down and it always is; The way that I am makes it all my fault? You know if I could change who I am right now I wouldn't do it no, no... And"
  • Sorry - From Zero
    "Now I guess those things I said to you the other day were pretty nasty Cuz you ain't laughin' And I'm sleepin' on the couch again And all this arguing was back and forth And I wish you could just see things"
  • Sorry - Daniel Bedingfield
    "You're my best friend No you're not You're my sister, stay in your place I can't pretend that you're not Threatening to me,l need my space I'm not lying, I value survival Over you I'm on my own No I'm"
  • Sorry - Queensberry
    "I can't help but wonder how I would be feeling if I wasn't here right now I finally decided I don't need another reason For leaving you I laid your clothes out on the bed Don't wanna see you here"
  • Sorry - Craig David
    "For all the years that I've known you baby I can't figure out the reason why lately you've been acting so cold (didn't you say) if there's a problem we should work it out so why you giving me the cold"
  • Sorry I Was Late - Dorling
    "No-one told me this was the deal I didn't think that anybody cared Nobody said that if I wasn't here your heart would break But you can't make me guilty No matter how you try I've felt guilty too many"
  • Sorry I Was Late - Bonfire Pickets
    "No-one told me this was the deal I didn't think that anybody cared Nobody said that if I wasn't here your heart would break But you can't make me guilty No matter how you try I've felt guilty too many"
  • Der Guate, Alte Franz - Georg Kreisler
    "Wein, Weib und Gesang Das hab'n schon viele Leut besungen Und es hat bestimmt auch vielen gfalln Aber einer Menschentugend Ist noch nicht das Lied erklungen Und das ist die wichtigste von alln! Drum ergreife"
  • Sorry-Monsta Boy - Sorry About Dresden
  • Franz Beckenbauer - Bownik
    "gdy chwytam za stery stylu mi brak nim zaczne od zera poczuje zal coś we krwi to steryd błękitny smak dech z piersi wypiera stoję tam gdzie zawsze chciałem pragnę wędrować ale ale brak mi sił zobacz boją"

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