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Freaky Friday

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Freaky Friday

  • Freaky Friday - Aqua
    "howdy people? Here's a little story 'bout an oooole friend of mine and to all you great folks out there, this is hardcore 10-4.... Freaky Friday, things ain't going my way everything is gone, my life"
  • Freaky Friday (feat. Chris Brown) - Lil Dicky
    "I woke up Chris Brown body my god I’m the man I’m so flu and I can dance there’s tattoos on my neck I just FeceeTimed Kanye I told him I’m his biggest fan got all these hoes in my DM holy shit I got a"
  • Ultimate (Freaky Friday Movie Version) - Lindsay Lohan
    "You're the kind of friend Who always bends when I'm broken, Like remember when... You took my heart and put it back together again. I've been wasting time with clueless guys but now it's over. Let me"
  • Friday - US5
    "Yeah, let's do thisWhat you gonna do on a Friday nightFriday night, Friday nightWhat you gonna do on a Friday nightAaaaaaah, let's goFirst class, no trashYou're the kind of girl that I gotta haveGot a"
  • Baby One More Time-Freaky Friday - Bowling For Soup
    "Oh baby baby How was I supposed to know That something wasn't right here oh baby baby I shouldn't have let you go And now you're out of sight, yeah Show me how you want it to be Tell me baby cause I"
  • Take Me Away (Ost. Freaky Friday) - Christina Vidal
    "Yeah.. Yeah.. Get up, Get out Move on, move on. There's no doubt I'm all wrong. You're right It's all the same with you I'm too thin, too fat You ask why, So why, so why, so why, so why? On and on and"
  • Freaky Friday - What I Like About You! - Lillix
    "hey! uh uh huh! hey! uh uh huh! hey! uh uh huh! what i like about you . . . you hold me tight, tell me i'm the only one, wanna come over tonight? yeah! keep on whispering in my ear, tell me all the"
  • Freaky - Jesse McCartney
    "Madd Scientist Now don't you even act like you don't wanna get up You better get out on the dance floor, show me what you got 'Cause I don't even want too much, just for y'all to understand A party ain't"
  • Freaky - Koda Kumi
    "itsumo doori asa me ga samete taiyou wo miagetai to naita kore kara wasurerarenai tabi no yukue wa dou ni demo kaete yuku kara wakatte iru no yo dakedo nukedasenai * Get freaky tsume wo tate mogaiteru Get"
  • Freaky - Zididada
    "Release date: 1. November 1999 Album: Welcome to Zididada you tell me that you want me to be your man but I am twotimer baby forget about the things you do for me cause I am a twotimer baby. You"
  • Freaky - Young Rome
    "(feat. Guerilla Black) (1st Verse) Girl drop Get low like ya just heard the groove pop P pop, butterfly, booty bounce, peculator, pony ride, old school flip, do the mash potatoes I don't care just look"
  • Freaky - Sichelle
    "Du vet jeg ser deg Jeg vet du flger med S ikke stopp med det Jeg snur meg rundt Det kjennes ikke n Jeg kommer ikke til g (Kan jeg si det hyt?) Om du skal ta meg med til et annet sted (Du tar tak i meg) Kun"
  • Freaky - Juelz Santana
    "(Dipset B*tch) (Fella! Santana Aye!!) Rock the boat dont sink the ship. Do you like to get freaky freaky? Do you to get kinky kinky? (Yea, I like to get freaky, freaky) (Yea, I like to get kinky, kinky) Do"
  • Freaky - First Love
    "First Love's gonna hit ya Right in your face Right in your face One, two, three, kickin' Girl be my love Let me discover Your nasty limit and nothing can stop us now The way you move it Is the way I like"
  • Freaky - Miley Cyrus
    "In your bed or in your car On the Earth or up in the stars I wanna be where you are Even if that means going too far At your place or up in space You can, you can meet me out, As long as I see your face I"
  • Freaky - Magic
    "Magic (Ms. Peaches) talking: You big fine ass motherfucker I need to know one thing is you freaky? (oh come on now) huh? I said is you freaky? ( boy you better stop playing with me) you hear what the"
  • Friday - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Monday morning comes too early Work my back to the bone All day monday I keep thinking, "Weekend's coming, gonna go home" Tuesday I hate, oh Tuesday, ain't no girls on the streets Tuesday"
  • Friday - Sabrina Carpenter
    "(Yeah, Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ark) Oo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah, yeah, yeah 7am, waking up in the morning Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs Gotta have"
  • Friday - Rebecca Black
    "(Yeah, Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ark) Oo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah-ah-ah Yeah, yeah, yeah 7am, waking up in the morning Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs Gotta have"
  • Friday - Bedingfield Daniel
    "Bedingfield Daniel Gotta Get Thru This Friday I live in an Ice house a I never do dance salsa I'm living in Jamaca I live in an Ice Breaker I'm living in Africa I never do Know where a Where I'm living"

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