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  • Barry Manilow Freddie Said
    "Freddie's got the dirt on Everybody on the street Don't know how he does it But it isn't too discreet Everybody says It always winds up being true He's got somethin' on everyone Maybe even you! Freddie"
  • Freddie Foxxx Freddie Foxxx is Here
    "Music is deep, get you drunk like a six-pack The man on the mic hittin hard like a full back Freddie is back and the Foxxx is in motion Rhymes are smooth like I greased em with lotion The Terrorist cuts"
  • Freddie Bruno Freddie B-R-U-Know
    "Light my pen with the brain cell marvelous Lethal rap sheet killin off empty martyrs Slaughters of the philistine cancel you You mumble under breath talk about advancing who? Yo you way behind and betta"
  • Jefferson Starship Fast Buck Freddie
    "He said hold a dollar bill up to the mirror And I'll show you something funny It's only a fast buck, but It's so hard to make that kind of money. Now it's hard to get serious when the joker Is laughing"
  • Hanni El Khatib Satin Black (ft. Freddie Gibbs)
    "Welcome to the terror dome, California love in '95 stuck in de desert, number 11 Got a million ways to get my cedar on And when I'm locked up in three hots and they cop my spots, then they love the song Hunned"
  • Emery Listening To Freddie Mercury (Acoustic/Live)
    "Every once in a while I think Im lying Take it to the bank; I believe every word I say Then again this is when you start your prying But theres a thought it could be true But this just isnt how I imagined"
  • Clear Light The Ballad Of Freddie And Larry
  • Adelleda Freddie D Totally Fucked Up '99
    "Let ‘em hear you in the back. The muffled whispers from the back of the hall resonate right through the crowd. The wall of sound takes aim and quickly shoots it down. Right to the floor stuck under boot"
  • Freddie Foxxx The Master
    "I'm in the midst of the mike and I'mma get live and crazy cause I ain't met rapper that's yet to phase me beats are played like a horse in the third then the voice of the rapper freddie foxxx is heard (I"
  • Freddie Mercury Mr. Bad Guy
    "(Freddie Mercury) Let's go chasing rainbows in the sky It's my invitation Let's all take a trip on my ecstasy I'm Mr bad guy, yes I'm everybody's Mr bad guy Can't you see I'm Mr Mercury Oh, spread your"
  • Freddie Foxxx Busted
    "(Anywhere in the galaxy...) [ VERSE 1 ] Now it's time to throw down, I come in a rage To be Freddie Foxxx and raise the stage I feel hype, Kut Terrorist, hit me Cause I get the Mac, strap both nines with"
  • Freddie Foxxx R.N.S.
    ""It's time for this real nigga shit.." "Bumpy Knucks.." "Ha, hah-hah" "Niggaz can't see I.." "Fr-Fre-Fre, Freddie Foxxx with the twin millis" -> O.C. "Ha, hah-hah" "Bu-Bu, Buh-Bu, Bu, Bumpy Knucks.." "Niggas"
  • Freddie Foxxx I'm Ready
    "(You) (you) (you) (you rappers can't be like Fred) (You) (you) (you) (you rappers can't be like Fred (You) (you) (you) (you rappers can't be like Fred A-) (a-) (a-) (a-) (a-) (a-) (and you hate it) ["
  • Freddie Foxxx R.N.S. (Real Nigga Shit)
    ""It's time for this real nigga shit.." "Bumpy Knucks.." "Ha, hah-hah" "Niggaz can't see I.." "Fr-Fre-Fre, Freddie Foxxx with the twin millis" -> O.C. "Ha, hah-hah" "Bu-Bu, Buh-Bu, Bu, Bumpy Knucks.." "Niggas"
  • Freddie Foxxx Inside Your Head
    "Vengeance is mine against mine enemy And I will rise against thee with the force of a thousand men And in your fall, I will remind you of an industry designed to see me fail There will be no shelter against"
  • Freddie Foxxx Part Of My Life
    "Intro: samples --Freddie Foxxx-- --Let me tell you-- --Who's the real divine?-- --You like that-- --Freddie Foxxx-- --Let me tell you-- I be all in you like you disrespected space in my lyric zone I'm"
  • Freddie Mercury Foolin' Around
    "(Freddie Mercury) You're so beautiful, you just lay it on me Foxy lady you really are the greatest show in town You want to play, you wanna eat your cake and have it your way You've got it easy and you"
  • Freddie Mercury Let's Turn It On
    "(Freddie Mercury) 1-2-3-4 Let's turn it on and get everybody thinking - thinking thinking thinking Let's turn it on everybody song and dancing - dancing dancing dancing Let's turn it on all the people"
  • Freddie Mercury Living On My Own
    "(Freddie Mercury) Sometimes I feel I'm gonna break down and cry (so lonely) Nowhere to go, nothing to do with my time I get lonely, so lonely, living on my own Sometimes I feel I'm always walking too"
  • Freddie Mercury Love Kills
    "(Giorgio Moroder and Freddie Mercury) Love don't give no compensation, love don't pay no bills Love don't give no indication, love just won't stand still Love kills, drills you through your heart Love"

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