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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around

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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around

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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around
  • Bad Things Caught Inside
    "reach inside your mind cause we don’t ask for much dream it’s beautiful sleep and we don’t ask for much at all its heavy on my heart when you gonna start it’s another world caught in between all the lies you"
  • Jeff Buckley So Real
    "Love, let me sleep tonight on you couch And remember the smell of the fabric Of your simple city dress Oh... that was so real We walked around til the moon got full like a plate The wind blew an"
  • Monika Urlik Momentum
    "I am on the right track I am never looking back nothing can slow me down I gonna break new ground somewhere I have never been something I have never seen I’m running from the noise don’t wanna lose"
  • Felix Jaehn Cool (ft. Marc E. Bassy, Gucci Mane)
    "I see you treat me differently cause you don’t need therapy on a Friday night And you said you’d be there for me I can’t believe I should have known you wouldn’t at the time no no promise me you’ll never"
  • Within Silence You & I
    "I had time for tears that changed nothing I had time to make my dreams come true Now I stand in line By faith I’ve seen our God He made me strong to face the enemy I’ve looked into your eyes Seen your"
  • Royal Hunt A Million Ways to Die
    "I feel a hot wind blowing across my battered face and leaving with a deadly grace I see the bridges burning behind me, and ahead the dark horizon´s turning red Step aside and look around, hasty slide"
  • Sia, David Guetta & Afrojack Helium
    "I’m trying but I keep falling down I cry out but nothing comes now I’m giving my all and I know peace will come I never wanted to need someone Yes, I wanted to play tough But I could do all just on my"
  • Bazzi Mine
    "now I just had a lil’ bit too much of Honnessy just gotta tell you how I feel you so fucking precious when you smile hit for the back and drive you wild girl, I lose myself up in those eyes I just had"
  • BØRNS, Lana Del Rey God Save Our Young Blood
    "damn, look at the sunrise glowing finish line made it in record time hay baby, we made it my heads faded headlights dilated spinning spinning and I can’t sit still spinning spinning and I can’t sit"
  • Clödie GO! (Eurovision 2018 Poland)
    "into the fire you watched me burn living in shadows I had so much to learn taking my chances I place my bets no overthinking no time to have regrets go for the gold and don’t look back oh, I’ve been"
  • Iggy Azalea Savior (feat. Quavo)
    "been around the world ad I, I, I I can’t find my baby things getting crazy losing my patience Who you keep me waiting Going through the phases Got me walking out the house all done up Just in case I see"
  • Bag Raiders Shooting Stars
    "It's late and I'm awake Staring at the wall Open up my window My head floats out the door No one else around The shimmer takes my eye I lift my head I'm blinded by the sky Feel my weight in front Following"
  • Lykke Li Time In A Bottle
    "If I could save time in a bottle The first thing that I'd like to do Is to save every day till eternity passes away Just to spend them with you If I could make days last forever If words could make wishes"
  • Dua Lipa Stay
    "All along it was a fever A cold sweat, hot-headed believer I threw my hands in the air, said show me something He said, "If you dare come a little closer" Round and around and around and around we go Oh"
  • CHVRCHES Get Out
    "talked ourselves to death never saying what i wanted saying what I needed I pushed you to the edge never knowing what I wanted knowing what I needed you to say reflections you used to see never look"
  • Fifth Harmony Squeeze
    "End of the night, looking at me, what do you see? Wish I could read your mind Dimming the light, here in the dark, going by feel Only the moon to guide When we're alone, I get so close Give me your"
  • Fifth Harmony Stay
    "Normani: All along it was a fever A cold sweat hot-headed believer I threw my hands in the air, said, "Show me something," He said, "If you dare come a little closer." All: Round and around and around"
  • Fifth Harmony Scared Of Happy
    "It's been a while since I was lost for words Need I wasn't static and stutters I never knew a love that doesn't hurt Feeling the heat and the burn Just give me one good reason Drop everything and leave"
  • Fifth Harmony Messy
    "I'll tell you straight how I feel with no filter No touchin' up what you see, there's no filter I can be cruel sometimes, outta my mind Insecure and out the door Am who I am, you won't have to wonder I"
  • Fifth Harmony Thinkin 'Bout You
    "Camila: A tornado flew around my room before you came Excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn't rain In Southern California, much like Arizona My eyes don't shed tears, but, boy, they bawl Ally: When"

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