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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around

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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around
  • Rasmussen Higher Ground
    "Ships in the making Bound for a distant shore World for the taking Men gone forever more Boarding and setting sail Yet victory won’t prevail Freeze the arrow in the air Make your mark and leave it hanging"
  • Make It Pop Summer
    "School's out, you know what I mean 104 days to do anything Canon balls into the pool All our friends are looking cool I've been countin' down the months, countin' down the days Countin' down the minutes,"
  • Julia Michaels Jump (ft. Trippie Redd)
    "stay right there, get away I need space I told yo u yesterday slow the pace down can we do that tomorrow cause now you’re moving in on my skin I move back with my lips it goes better against my better"
  • Natalia Oreiro United by love (Russia 2018)
    "find your way never lose your faith y levantate otra vez nunca dejes de creer in this world la illusion no va a caer love will always take the throne we are united by one love s chesta iu pod y edinym"
  • Mike Shinoda About You
    "this is the gather round it and wonder where I found it this is the wake up make your AGENT HAVE YOUR TOUR RE-ROUTED this is that drama comma pain and ain;t no way around it Cause somewhat still it’s"
  • Years & Years If You're Over Me
    "it’s like thunder lighting you hurt me without trying a tempest you was rising no I don’t like to be this way you’re Jekyll and Hyde are you real or are you lying so stop with your crying I can’t handle"
  • Shawn Mendes Where Were You In The Morning
    "You said ''I wanna get to know ya'' Why you gotta get my hopes up? You said that you were staying over But then I woke up to the cold air. How could you make me believe? That there was something in between"
  • Make It Pop Make You The One
    "Yeah Gimme that bass Uh I'm trying to find the solution He's confident with resolution Not driven by small confusion Just call it, just call it a brand new love Corki: We all have those human eyes I"
  • Arctic Monkeys Four Out Of Five
    "advertise in imaginative ways start your free trial today come on in, the water’s lovely look you could meet someone you like during the meteor strike it is that easy lunar surface on a Saturday night dressed"
  • JESS GLYNNE I’ll Be There
    "when all the tears are rolling down your face and it feels like your heart was the only one to break when you come back home and all the lights are out and you getting used to no one else being around I’ll"
  • SZA Garden (Say It Like Dat)
    "need you for the old me need you for my sanity need you to remind me where i came from can you remind me of my gravity? ground me when I’m tumbling, spiraling plummeting down t Earth you keep me down to"
  • Kate Ryan Je t'adore
    "uuuh yeahaha yeah the sum of all my fantasies that's everything you are to me you came around and make my senses fly shoot me up when you took me to the sky never thought that I could ever get this high refrain: je"

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