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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around

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Freddie Mercury Foolin Around
  • Harry Styles Medicine
    "help me take my medicine take my medicine treat you like a pill give me the adrenaline the adrenaline think I’m gonna sick with you can i take my medicine take my medicine rest it on your fingertips up"
  • Foster The People Sit Next to Me
    "and it’s over, it’s over I;m circling these vultures got me praying that it’s longer feeling something rotten last time I saw you said: What’s up? And pushed right through then I tried to catch you bur"
  • Sabrina Boys (Summertime Love)
    "Boys, boys, boys Boys, boys, boys Boys, boys, boys Boys, boys, boys Sunshine's down so come to town Set your body free Hold me tight - love me tonight Tell me you believe Everybody summertime love You'll"
  • Echosmith Over My Head
    "these always static on TV in this hotel room reminds me od all the things you think I don’t understand it seems like you and me we keep losing connections whenever you talk to me t doesn’t make any sense don’t"
  • Halsey Alone (ft. Big Sean, Stefflon Don)
    "said he tried phone me but I never have time he sais that I never listen but I don’t even try I got a new place in Cali but I;m gone every night so I fit it with strangers so they keep on the lights she"
  • Selena Techno Cumbia (English Version)
    "If y'all come to dance... Well let's go enjoy ourselves If y'all come to sleep, get out of here! This is the rhythm of my cumbia Which is going to move you The techno-cumbia which I bring to you Will"
  • Charlie Puth Up all night
    "Tekst piosenki: Well, I get the thrill run down my spine When I see you hitting me up Feelin' so electrified With the heat of a million suns You know just one touch can keep me high And I think I'll never"
  • Migos Walk It Talk It (ft. Drake)
    "Walk it like I talk it walk it like I talk it /4x Walk it like I talk it walk it like I talk it /4x take my shoes and walk a mile something that you can’t do big talks of the town big boy game moves I"
  • Taylor Swift We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    "I remember when we broke up the first time Saying this is it, I've had enough, 'cause like We haven't seen each other in a month When you, said you, needed space, what? Then you come around again and say Baby,"
  • Craig Mack Flava In Ya Ear
    ""Yo Mack, I don't even UNDERSTAND how they didn't understand you in that Mary joint!" "Yeah, I know, man." "Kick that ol' robotic, futuristic, George Jetson, CRAZY JOINT!!" Uniblab, robotic"

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