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Fredy mercury how

  • Mercury - Dubstar
    "Do I fail you Do you scare yourself I know you're not a saint yet Neither am I I guess that time put out the flame Now I don't ever know The meaning of my name How can it be over When it hadn't begun How"
  • Mercury - Kirsty Hawkshaw
    "Do I fail you Do you scare yourself I know you're not a saint yet Neither am I I guess that yime put out the flame Now I don't ever know The meaning of my name How can it be over When it hadn't begun How"
  • Mercury Shadow - Soilwork
    "Breakdown of a shadow unknown Tomorrow belongs to no one As I repent the things I've done There is a freeway heading for sorrow Breakdown cause you've had enough You've never felt so strong Steal away,"
  • Mercury Rising - From Autumn To Ashes
    "Every breath that I exhale is a sigh - every breath that I exhale is a sigh of exhaustion. How sad - this is what your life has been reduced to - a single room apartment containing no more than a mattress. The"
  • Closer To Mercury - Wheat
    "I would've walked behind I would've walked beside you I would've told you every lie I would've done that just for you Open your eyes sometime It's funny how I adore you Gonna get every line just fine I'll"
  • Hey Fred - Rehab
  • Cousin Fred - Kill Your Idols
    "Got my gun, Got my beer lets go out and kill some deer. Me, You and Cousin Fred One of us will come back dead give me a beer hurry up let's get in the pickup truck we ain't got no time to lose gimmie a"
  • Mercury - Shamen
    "Mercury ufo, the messenger, from the lord of zion Conveying grace to those below in jericho Mercury ufo, the messenger, from the lord of zion Transcending space to seminate the crystal Mercury ufo, the"
  • Mercury - Ocean Blue
    "Quietly, almost elusively Almost invisibly, I found that I for a moment Had slipped away. Ripped in two, then pasted back again, Then crumpled up inside, Then tossed aside you know that It feels so bad. oh"
  • Mercury - Bloc Party
    "My Mercury's in retrograde My Mercury's in retrograde Merc-Merc-Mercury's in retrograde My Mercury's in retrograde Mercury Mercu-Mercury's in Mercury Merc-Merc-Mercury's in Mercury Mercu-Mercury's"
  • Mercury - Gabe Lopez
    "Chorus: mercury, i believe your ocean is full of rippling, mercury, you don't see the waves are the same between you and me, the moon pulls the same way on our strings, believe my instinct to untie"
  • Mercury - Canaan
    "Drink this mercury from my open hands for I'm the breathing shadow that keeps us alive This grey sky turned to black so many times honey..... So stay with me tonight hold my hands tonight For I'm the"
  • Mercury - Voivod
    "reborn in need of energy reform to bring on anarchy can't you see tou must be return of the forgetten race tonight there is no time to waste you must be can't you see vital demon spirit of zoth toxic vapor leader"
  • Mercury - System Of A Down
    "Where were you on the dayWhen Mercury went into retrograde?Did someone mess up your credit?Did your recorders, computers, and machinesInteract on a different level than ever before,Where, as a result,"
  • Mercury - Counting Crows
    "she is trapped inside a month of grey and they take a little every day she is a victim of her own responses shackled to a heart that wants to settle and then runs away it's a sin to be fading endlessly yeah,"
  • Mercury - Silversun Pickups
    "Looking forward now Leaving you to fill it all in Reflecting in your pile Of damaged goods and blisterings It's my way It's my way Do I still enjoy To watch it all go haywire Promise to move"
  • Mercury - Ayria
    "The dull light lingers The candle flickers Beside you in the red The beat of nameless songs The pulsing flame goes on I try to hear But I am not there I saw you for the first time today With nothing left"
  • Mercury - Tower
    "Behind the eyes is a place no one will be able to touch Looking back into the gloom I see your body I'm loosing your heat... I'm loosing your heat... You can spill flowers on the sky with a magic"
  • Charlie And Fred - The Hollies
    "He rides on his horse and cart, Charlie does Working from six until nine Collecting old rags and used bicycles Old iron of description of any kind Here comes Charlie, Charlie the Ragman Throw out your"
  • Fred partington's daughter - Del Amitri
    "I was sittin' in this five star place going nowhere fast When she caught my attention through the bottom of my glass She was a waitress in the hotel above this smoky bar She got up at dawn for breakfast"

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