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Free! Rage On

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Free! Rage On

  • Rage Hard - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    "Rage! Rage! Rage! Rage! Rage Hard! Laugh like the head of Apollo Young and strong on the wings of tomorrow Rise up in millions get off your knees Dispelling the demons In the valley of danger We all"
  • Road Rage - Area 7
    "I've got the power of 100 horses... I'd really be much better on top of one. Sitting here surrounded by traffic. Locked in a stationary sardine tin! I'm in a rage with everything on the road, cars & pedestrians"
  • Rage - Heart
    "Hands on the wheel, grid lock and steel Dogs are barkin out in the street It's a neighborhood war better lock that door flesh and blood and cold concrete Baby can't make it Baby can't make it Standing"
  • Free - Faith Hill
    "i had it tough when i was just a little kid it didn't matter what i thought it didn't matter what i did i felt the doubt for what i lacked right from the start it did a number on my head but it could"
  • Free - Manafest
    "Free to live free to love, free to get up Free to get out and get up and move on, Im Free to live free to love free to get up Free to get out and get up and move on From all the pain, all the times, I"
  • Free - Kane
    "Here's the palm of my hand for a life to see Here's the thunder of rage just a part of me Here's the beat of my heart Here's my reason for asking Sometimes when the sky falls down on me When the lighting"
  • Rage - Savatage
    "I've been pushed out, but I'm back up on my feet, I've been turned down by every girl I meet I've done my sentence, I'm the one going insane Learn to live my life ________ I know, child, how to play the"
  • Rage - Blues Traveler
    "When the fire In your belly ain't been shrinking And there's nothing Laying around that you could be drinking Take no mind As that stranger tries to pass you Is he blind? Or couldn't he clearly see the"
  • Rage - Agnostic Front
    "Look at me, look at you, nothing to say Everything I'm own, you've taken away All I ever wanted was to get by Now you wanna know the reason why Don't believe in fate, I believe in bad luck All the stories"
  • Rage - Erasure
    "(feat. Lene Lovich) Lets face the music - I think that its time. Whats the use, when the future looks so unkind. Life and death - the choice we make. Revolution - the line in my mind takes. Win or lose,"
  • Rage - John Kay
    "Words and music by John Kay, Rocket Ritchotte and Michael Wilk Runnin' wild, trouble round the corner The story of your life You got your bruises livin' in the battle zone And now you're flyin' blind Searching"
  • Rage - Julia Volkova
    "I feel it in my bones You've never see me lose Losing my control like this before I've taken all I can You never understand I won't let you steal my life anymore I'm taking it back It's about time Sooner"
  • Rage - Blue Rodeo
    "Now that were wasted Talking disconnected I see that wildness in your eyes Proud and hollow Like theres no tomorrow You know you scare me sometimes Is it fear or courage That makes a man Live so close"
  • Rage - Hocico
    "He's lived in the land of lieshe's lived in the land of the hipocresyraging soul, with his faith injurednow his impatient and rabidwaiting to give the evil a formlet his fury penetrateswhile you?re feeling"
  • Rage On - Hard Rain
    "The game is up, you've had your fun You've made a fool of everyone You don't see no retribution And believe you can always run for cover Tell me the truth, do you really give a damn, baby? I see thunder"
  • Forces Of Rage - Iron Savior
    "Under the ice we hide from your stare buried in grief and despair We're the derbies, the scattered remains, leaves in the storm who is lashing the world Destiny calls, extinction of man will it all happen"
  • Rage of creation - Rob Rock
    "The war machine is on the loose Mile after mile we tread for you We cross the land and sea and we journey through the night We're never turning back; we'll never give up the fight Living on the edge of"
  • Prostitute Raga - Salty Onion
    "I saw you on the street lookin' at me. I now what you want, but this body ain't free. I caught you taking a peek at my ass. You can play with it all you want, if you can shell out the cash. I know what"
  • Free Me - Free
    "Morning comes And the evening follows Life without you Knows no tomorrow You leave me weary And you leave me tired But you fill my soul With strange desire But I love you babe Yes I love all of you Ah!"
  • Raga - Bogmen
    "See the rain dancing on the snow It writes the names of all the people going to their graves Walking one by one into the sun, into the sun Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah..... Traffic jam in the middle of"

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