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Free animal foregin

  • Animal - Jebediah
    "Make the most of opportunity, nothings free, nothings free And don't believe everything that you see It may not be quite what you believed Oh I know everything that I do tonight Means nothing if I don't"
  • Animal - Funeral Dress
    "Safety pins through my nose Smelly combats around my toes A leather jacket and a filthy shirt A blasting fart, a greasy blur I piss on you just for fun I eat the shit from everyone I'm a radioactive"
  • Animal - Miike Snow
    "There was a time when my world was filled with darkness, darkness, darkness And I stopped dreaming now I'm supposed to fill it up with something, something , something In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody"
  • Animal - Front 242
    "It's always the same I'm the only one who's always left to blame Take what you can take Hurt is your only idea of a game To break away I don't have that within me And I'm not your prey So I bite the hand"
  • Animal - W.A.S.P.
    "I got pictures of naked ladies Lying on their beds I whiff that smell and sweet convulsion Starts a-Swelling inside my head I'm making artificial lovers for free I start to howl I'm in heat I moan"
  • Animal Instinct - U.D.O.
    "Animal Instinct I don't wanna be another retro-man I don't wanna be no part of your plans I don't wanna be no diamond king I just wanna pull the detonation pin I won't give up a life of sin You'll never"
  • Animal instinct - U.D.O.
    "I don't wanna be another retro-man I don't wanna be no part of your plans I don't wanna be no diamond king I just wanna pull the detonation pin I won't give up a life of sin You'll never tame the beast"
  • Animal Farm - The Kinks
    "This world is big and wild and half insane Take me where real animals are playing Just a dirty old shack Where the hound dogs bark That we called our home I want to be back there Among the cats and"
  • Undercover Animal - Steeler
    "Hey! Another night, the lights go down Call of the wild to me Let them hear the howling sound Lose control, be free Hell's breakin' loose beneath my feet Trembles through the ground I stalk my prey in"
  • Animal Instinct - Commodores
    "On my back you're on my track I can feel you creeping up on me. Such a hungry love on the hunt Stalking through the night we're running wild. In your eyes I'm the prize in the lion's den I can't get"
  • Animal Machine - Breakbeat Era
    "Down and round is on my mind Sleep forever I got time Feel my feelings on her wear You look nervous I don't care All you got I rich inside Free to do what's in my mind Stlye to suit you make it clear 4am"
  • Diamond Animal - Najwa Nimri
    "Want to be, want to be Want to be your siamese Holing you through the forest The torch will enlighten the way You're still the king History of deer Rebel and darkened When he was five Had eaten pure"
  • Animal Attraction - Electric Six
    "Here she comes Foot loose and uh fancy free You know she got to be She got to be the one for me She got to be She got to be the one for me You know I go to the ends of the Earth for her You know I'd take"
  • Animal Instinct - Rage
    "In the depths of our mind There hides a lust that's really dangerous and blind Waiting for the outburst, for an instigation, I bet You won't be ashamed To kill if you're not blamed It won't need much"
  • Wild Animal - Running Wild
    "You say I'm boisterous and evil There's a demon in my eyes You say I'm praying to the dark prince The Lord of the Flies Try hard to defame me, cos your power doesn't work on me Your self-created blindness"
  • Animal Mentality - Fitzgerald Patrik
    "----------------------- It's only being given time to think that creates boredom I could be better off some other way Don't give the opportunity to think to me, it's not worthwhile Just take that opportunity"
  • Animal House - Angie Martinez
  • Animal Heart - Nina Persson
    "last time I quit smoking there was a flash of light then came a voice on my radio sent me into the night last time I was broken you know it hit me face down on the floor of the discotheque I saw the poetry it"
  • Animal Farm - Hazel O'Connor
    "{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor} The cock it crowed "It's morning" the donkey said "Ee-aw" The pigs they grunted expectantly for the farmer to open the door The chickens started clucking, they could not"
  • Animal Song - Savage Garden
    "When superstars and cannonballs are runnin through your head And television freaks are everywhere liiike youuuu Subway sandwithches makes me nervous, people pushing me too far I've got to so lick my hand"

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