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Freedom time lauryn hill

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Freedom time lauryn hill

  • The miseducation of lauryn hill - Lauryn Hill
    "My world it moves so fast todayThe past it seems so far awayAnd I squeeze it so tight, I can't breatheAnd every time I try to beWhat someone has thought of meSo caught up, I wasn't able to achieveBut deep"
  • Freedom time - Lauryn Hill
    "Everybody knows that they're guilty, everybody knows that they've lied/Everybody knows that they're guilty, yes resting on their conscience, eating their insides. It's freedom, said it's freedom time now,"
  • Nobody (feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill) - Nas
    "One city, one country, one state Some place to be nobody Some place to be Some place you wouldn’t know problems If chappelle moved to Ghana To find his peace then i am rollin’ Whentre teh serwice always"
  • Freedom - Dc Cooper
    "Travelled from the home so far A man said he would take them For a price of everything he has Promise of some hope and dreams beyond your faith not saying Never saying that your life will be at stake (Freedom)"
  • Save The Day (with Ms. Lauryn Hill) - Mariah Carey
    "We’re all in this together You’re my only hope And it’s too divided Too deep to understand But if we don’t do it Tell em, who will? Oh always say these words that don’t mean too much I Wonder where is"
  • Bakery Hill - The Go Set
    "Every building has a floor, every nation has a past Each person has a journey, each direction has a path Every people has a champion, a patriot, a fight So we raise a glass for the liberties that we enjoy"
  • Freedom time - Lloyd Banks
    "Everybody knows that they're guiltyEverybody knows that they've liedEverybody knows that they're guiltyResting on their conscience eating their insideIt's freedom, said it's freedom time nowIt's freedom,"
  • Freedom Time - Lady Pank
    "Kończy się noc, a na głowie tyle spraw Rzucasz je w kąt, wszystkie mogą sobie poleżeć Wrzucasz trzeci bieg; przestrzeń zapiera dech Liczy się czas; żadna miłość nie może czekać Patrz! Życie jak sen, tak"
  • Freedom - B.B. King
    "Don't understand How I could be so blind Something is changing And I don't know why Heaven knows how much I sacrifice (I hear you, I hear you) Now nothing in this world Will ever change her mind Freedom,"
  • Freedom - Pete Murray
    "Freedom, comes my way some times But I have got no place to go Freedom, has it's own silence But I can hear no more I've got no time For lies that bring me down And I must be wise Before I vote you there Freedom"
  • Freedom - Toasters
    "Give me freedom, give me liberty Don't want policeman with a stick in his hand Standing over me Freedom, fraternity I don't pick my friends by the color of their skin Or the language they speak Give"
  • Freedom - BB King
    "Don't understandHow i could be so blindSomething is changingAnd i don't know whyHeaven knows how much i sacrifice(i hear you, i hear you)Now nothing in this worldWill ever change her mindFreedom, what"
  • Freedom - Paris
    "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom This is how we ride and roll - soldier fo life fo' sho Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom This is how we ride and roll - soldier fo life fo' sho (2x) (Paris) We come"
  • Freedom - Joi
    "Turn me loose set me free, from the chains that bind me let me run to my own direction let me go set me free from all this prropaganda and lies that your peope try to teach me I know why you would"
  • Freedom - Colin James
    "Night, is the time for the hunger Through these rooms, you and I, we wander Too much, too long, holding back the tears I wait, do hard labour and I count the years (heah)Soon the angels will unlock the"
  • Freedom - Fleetwood Mac
    "Dim and wavering On a wind-blown night Whose honour, whose anger Cold and quivering As was the wind-blown night Into which she'd fallen, fallen Freedom, well it's a thing that is fleeting Freedom is standing"
  • Freedom - Robert Miles
    "All my life I have searched for clues This is what they taught me Every mystery I pursued Was a secret I already knew Deep down you know - in your soul Love is in control Oh - if you could find the"
  • Freedom - Krokus
    "Zips up her warm leather jacket Sits on the back of his bike And with the sun rising from behind The road of freedom they ride High on love and adventure Another weekend escape To touch the wind and make"
  • Freedom - Jericho Jones
    "Watchin' the time walkin' passin' by me Nothing to hide but my empty life Help me somewhere, don't wave upon the crowd Really don't mind, I need too bit high. Help me somewhere, don't really care Take"
  • Freedom - Sadus
    "So you think That we're all crazy Can't you see That I'm already there What you need Can't do without it Can't you see That I don't even care I'm on the edge Pound it out Twice as loud I crave the sound"

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