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Freestyle Its Automatic

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Freestyle Its Automatic

  • Freestyle - Bow Wow ft. Murda Mook
    "yall aint flames to me yall aint the same as me yall little deals like not even a chain to me yall little whips like not even a train to me but yall claim to be pocket change to me i cock and i aim and"
  • Freestyle - Vanilla Ice
    "Freestylin on the mic get in the go Freestylin on the mic so let if flow Freestylin on the mic get in the go The first on the microphone?.psycho Take a rappers hot like dice, like hot nights in Vegas Got"
  • Automatic - A blue Ocean Dream
    "Its automatic when you breathe Its automatic when you feel Its automatic when you move Its automatic when you do You cross the street between the cars To your scheduled lunch, at the restaurant You"
  • Automatic - Jennifer Rush
    "Was looking for somebody to move me I saw your face You're all that I've been dreaming of Electric eyes drove me insane Now nothing but your love can move me Takes me where I need to go So far the timing"
  • Automatic - The Pointer Sisters
    "(Mark Goldenberg/Brock Walsh) Look what you're doing to me I'm utterly at your whim All of my defenses down Your camera looks through me With its X-ray vision And all systems run aground All I can manage"
  • Automatic - Weezer
    "How am I going to deliver you a mountain size of love? How'd the oceans connected by a straw get something through? I might need some time to remember Need some time to remember Hey yeah, its automatic"
  • Automatic - Hikaru Utada
    "Nanakaime no BERU de Juwaki wo totta kimi Namae wo iwanakutemo Koe de sugu wakatte kureru Kuchibiru kara shizen to Kobore ochiru MERODII Demo kotoba wo ushinatta shunkan ga Ichiban shiawase Iya na koto"
  • Automatic - Pointer Sisters
    "Look what you're doing to me I'm utterly at your whim All of my defenses down Your camera looks through me With its X-ray vision And all systems run aground All I can manage to push from my lips Is a stream"
  • Automatic - Gabe Lopez
    "Just one of our songs comes on, And youre here in my mind, Just passing your picture and you come back, When I close my eyes, I can be fine somewhere else as I drive, Then I pass where we first"
  • Automatic - Dead Disco
    "Hes got problem with your lies You got me lying for you Youve got problems, no discuss You got me crying for you You tell me You cant see But i just can see the getting throught Your want me Chorus And"
  • Automatic - E-40
    "(Kokane & E-40) Automatic, Systematic Do what you do playa Just keep that money on ya mi-i-ind, (on ya mind) In the traffic, Baller status, (baller status) Do what you do playa, (what you do) Just keep"
  • Automatic/Translated - Utada
    "you picked up the phone on seventh ringing soon you realize its me by my voice i dont have to say a word the melody is falling so naturally but the moment i lost my words, you set my soul at ease Just"
  • Automatic Artillery - Mandator
    "Fire through the landscape No muscle power anymore Automatic weapons They took over control They enter our countries In this everlasting war Survival's for the fittest And the weak will fall It takes us"
  • Semi-Automatic - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "Night falls, with gravity The earth turns, from sanity Taking my only friend I know He leaves a lot, his name is Hope I'm never what I like I'm double-sided And I just can't hide I kinda like it When"
  • It's Automatic - Freestyle
    "Chorus: It's automatic It's automatic It's automatic It's automatic Girl I can see right through your false defenses You act as if you can ignore the sound My force detectors tell me your pretending All"
  • Freestyle Freestyle - Redman
    "Redman in the house you don't stop Gilla house in the house you don't stop Def squad in the house you don't stop Wu Tang in the house you don't stop Hip hop in the house you don't stop Yeah, yeah, yeah Freestyle"
  • Freestyle - P.O.D.
    "Kids coming up from the alleys not like the valleys Southtown San Diego rats out here in Cali So Cal with the crew to show' em how You like me now, with the sound straight underground Putt'n it down, lift"
  • Freestyle - Ludacris
    "I live a life filled with chicken and malt liquor, And women that are real life scratch-and-sniff stickers. I shoot videos and get mobs slobbed in trailers, I hit stage and break a leg like Lawrence Taylor."
  • Freestyle - Kano
    "(feat. Layza) (Intro)(Layza) One step two step killing sum breh (breh), Im known to kill mans then move somewhere, man looks at me and hes in for a scare (scare), Bust out the chorus and pass me"
  • Freestyle - Cassidy
    "Yeah, this Swizz Beats We need yall to vote. Vote or die, man {Cassidy} Yall already know what it is lets get em. Tha block pop so tha strip full rocks-got a fist full bull pop shit that hot shit I got"

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