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Frequencerz - We Won't Sleep

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Frequencerz - We Won't Sleep

    "We like to party Sleep around with secrets Grab somebody But don’t go tell your mama ‘cause she won’t sleep she won’t sleep she won’t sleep she won’t sleep Sleep around with secrets Grab somebody But don’t"
  • Sleep - Conjure One
    "I know it's late; I shouldn't call at this hour. But it's my fate; I need lips to devour. My nervous system is shot all right; I won't sleep unless you... Sleep, with me, tonight... Deep, with me, tonight... I"
  • We Sleep Forever - Aiden
    "She walks the line into her deathbed rings I say she's all alone Begging for forgiveness I won't teach her to lie or make a plan That clairvoyant stare and grin God won't forgive me for this I know and"
  • We Won't Stop - Silkk The Shocker
    "(feat. C-Murder, Master P) (Master P) Can't stop til the tanks on the wall cause we made men and we goin ball til we fall we can't stop til our tank's on the wall cause we made men and we goin ball"
  • We All Sleep Alone - Cher
    "Somebody, somewhere turns off the lights Somebody all alone faces the night You've got to be strong When you're out on your own 'Cause sooner or later we all sleep alone Nobody, nowhere holds the key"
  • We all sleep alone - Bon Jovi
    "Somebody, somewhere turns out the lights Somebody all alone faces the night Youve got to be strong When you're out on your own Sooner or later We all sleep alone Nobody nowhere holds the key to your heart"
  • No Sleep - Jebediah
    "You got your very own Watergate There aint no easy way out And if you wanna be social oh yeah You better scream when you shout I'll take you out where you wanna go Yeah we can buy us some thrills It's"
  • No Sleep - Mya
    "(Man) Hello? (Mya) Hey w'sup baby? (Man) Nothin', chillin' (Mya) What you doin'? (Man) Just got out the shower (Mya) Oh, word? Well, I'm in town and I'm tryna see you tonight. (Man) Let's make it"
  • Sleep Tonight - Stars
    "We don't want to sleep tonight Still young like that I count the lines Beside your mouth that smiles now My arms reach up as you go down With buried heads we both forget All of the past and its regret Wind"
  • Sleep - Sandra
    "I know it's lateI shouldn't call at this hourbut it's my fateI need lips to devourmy nervous system is shot alrightI won't sleep unless yousleep with me tonightdeep with me tonightI know it's latewe've"
  • Sleep - Alex Lloyd
    "tonight the tv is my friend life's misdemeanours won't let the magic in some inspiration then it stops but when the rain it comes it never wants to stop sleep sleep it doesn't hurt to be here any more sleep"
  • Sleep - Taking Back Sunday
    "(Yeah) Well, we assure you the procedure is safe and routine Dramamine sends haunting dreams (Dramamine sends haunting dreams) With an incessant drip, signs pockets like a palsy 'cause you have to work"
  • Sleep - Marianne Faithfull
    "It is safe to sleep alone In a place no one knows And to seek life under stones In a place water flows. It is best to find in sleep The missing pieces that you lost Best that you refuse to weep Ash to"
  • Sleep - Texas
    "(feat. Paul Buchanan) Shar - I think that youre the one When everytime you call me lady I dont know what it is That makes me feel like this just lately yeah Bridge (both) Those heavenly calls You knew"
  • Sleep - Ari Herstand
    "Slipped out of bed Six in the morning I'm all out of dreams 4 hours ago I went to sleep feeling The morning will bring peace Here I melt another day Another way holding just warming your heart as you sleep Frost"
  • Sleep - Amanaska
    "A sign drawn in the sand And a touch of a stranger's hand I wonder what it means Time spinning round and round in this space Then it's gone without a trace I wonder where it goes Deep in the night when"
  • Sleep - Jawbreaker
    "It seems I spend my days now wrapped in veils of sleep. Caught in slumber's grasp, nowhere that I should be. I grew so goddamned tired of fighting against these chains. No signs of relief or payment for"
  • Sleep - Meduza
    "Our hearts were made as one Perpetual love, why did you have to die? I held you tight and said "loved one do not be afraid" Just close your eyes and dream Sleep forever in my arms Our love, it never"
  • Sleep - Meiko
    "When I woke up this morning you were so far away from me And I knew it was a warning of an empty space in between Feeling free when I'm with you But knowing I'm not far away from home Now what am I supposed"
  • Sleep - Poets Of The Fall
    "Hear your heartbeat Beat a frantic pace And it's not even seven AM You're feeling the rush Of anguish settling You cannot help showing them in. Hurry up then Or you'll fall behind and They will take"

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