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Frida Chemistry Tonight

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Frida Chemistry Tonight

  • Chemistry Tonight - Frida
    "No rain but I felt the thunder You came and my ship went under With a white light shattering the night As you smiled like you do I could take evasive action But I need the satisfaction And I know, oh I"
  • Chemistry Tonight - Anni Frid Lyngstad
    "Anni Frid Lyngstad Miscellaneous Chemistry Tonight No rain but I felt the thunder You came and my ship went under With a white light shattering the night As you smiled like you do I could take evasive"
  • Chemistry - Alcazar
    "Hey you standing in the corner looking like a loner don't you want to be mine Hey you dancing like a zombie Feel the rythm like me Don't you want to be mine You know it's Saturday tonight I got the"
  • Chemistry - One Night Only
    "Maybe It's the chemistry, The sparks that fly from you to me I touch your skin, I feel alive Been searching for you every night. Where am I supposed to go? I'm hoping that you won't say no We've got all"
  • Chemistry - Pages
    "No more hesitation, finally face to face, can you see me? This is a creation nothing can replace, if we want it When we reach for love together, we will feel the magic A chain reaction of passion, in our"
  • Frida - Energylandia Zimowe Przeboje
    "1. Dawno temu w Smoczym Grodzie tak zaczyna się ta stara baśń Smoki żyły tu jak co dzień tak Chciały zamek wybudować ale nie wiedziały jak Pomóc mogła tylko sowa ta Taka sowa fioletowa Taka fioletowa"
  • Perfect Chemistry - Brooke Allison
    "I know that you know That you know, that I know That you're for me You're for me You know, that I know That I know, that you know It's Chemistry, chemistry Hey boy It's Friday Party time and I'm glad to"
  • Violet Chemistry - Miley Cyrus
    "When the floor is wet And the lights come on, but you don't wanna leave And your phone is lost But the car's outside, waitin' out on the street Tonight, we'll just be wrong, ain't done this in so long We"
  • Rest My Chemistry - Interpol
    "I haven't slept for two days I've bathed in nothing but sweat And I've made hallways Scenes for things to regret My friends, they come And the lines, they go by Tonight I'm gonna rest my chemistry Tonight"
  • Chemistry - Zeebee
    "Dangerous Are some feelings dangerous And revealing To share a passion Might be healing And if I try to realise What this might be What if might be true Am I supposed to change the world If there ain't"
  • Chemistry - Scarlet
    "You know your hair's not right and your eyes are far too near your nose You laugh at your own jokes and all your friends say that you're gross You know that you're not my kind Well, that I'd had in mind But"
  • Chemistry - Semisonic
    "I remember when I found out about chemistry It was a long, long way from here I was old enough to want it but younger than I wanted to be Suddenly my mission was clear So for awhile I conducted experiments And"
  • Chemistry - Kyle Riabko
    "You're my woman And I'm your man There ain't nothing left to understand You dial my number But you don't know why Love is playing with your virgin mind Welcome to our chemistry baby Finally you can feel"
  • Chemistry - Teddy Geiger
    "Is this where it ends Why couldn't I give in 'Til I find you back with me Beneath our walls is chemistry And if it weren't for yesterday Would you still believe in me I'm begging for your reasoning Did"
  • Chemistry - Velvet
    "Na nanana na nanana (2x) It's the perfect nightTo go out and do it rightOne look into your eyesSets the emotionDon't need psychologyWith this biologyofficialty is ever flowingAll I really wanna do is loveGet"
  • Chemistry - Rush
    "Signal transmitted Message received Reaction making impact Invisibly Elemental telepathy Exchange of energy Reaction making contact Mysteriously Eye to I Reaction burning hotter Two to one Reflection"
  • Chemistry - DJ Encore
    "feat. Engelina It's all about chemistry Nobodys ever got What you get from me There isnt a thing I'm not Ready to be You bring out the best in me Nobody's ever got What you get from me Let the music be"
  • Chemistry - Samantha Jade
  • Chemistry - Susperia
    "Life as it is, is not enough There is much to be done And behold, twist of fate Increasing hate Hey mother chemistry What have you got for me I need a shot, a kick, a dirty flick I'm on fire True desire I"
  • Chemistry - Bayside
    "This must be the place. I can tell by your glare. I wouldn't touch you on a dare. Seven months to June and even then, so what? My mouth is open, my book is shut. My air guitar is out of tune. My stupid"

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