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Frida Hyvonen

  • Frida Of Blood & Gold - All About Eve
    "Slowmotion driving through the fall I feel the steel as you recall It's like your house It's built to never be sold It's like your clothes Made of blood and gold Rise up black angel to the sky And bleed"
  • Paloma negra - Frida OST - Chavela Vargas
    "Ya me canso de llorar y no amanece Ya no s si maldecirte o por ti rezar Tengo miedo de buscarte y de encontrarte Donde me aseguran mis amigos que te vas Hay momentos en que quisiera mejor rajarme Y arrancarme"
  • Frida Of Blood And Gold - All About Eve
    "All About Eve Miscellaneous Frida Of Blood And Gold Slowmotion driving through the fall I feel the steel as you recall It's like your house It's built to never be sold It's like your clothes Made of blood"
  • Frida of blood and gold - IGI
    "Slowmotion Driving Through the FallI Feel the Steel As You RecallIt's Like Your HouseIt's Built to Never Be SoldIt's Like Your ClothesMade of Blood and GoldRise Up Black Angel to the SkyAnd Bleed Your"
  • Chemistry Tonight - Frida
    "No rain but I felt the thunder You came and my ship went under With a white light shattering the night As you smiled like you do I could take evasive action But I need the satisfaction And I know, oh I"
  • Come To Me (I Am Woman) - Frida
    "Come to me I am woman I can ease all the pain Baby, take my love I am woman Let me show you the way I can do it naturally Com'on baby take my hand Everybody needs a friend to understand Nothing could be"
  • Hon Fick Som Hon Ville - Frida
    "Den 3:e november! S brjade brevet som jag fann i frrgr Ska det vxa, som jag anat Till en vlbekant mardrm En frtvivlan omsluter mig Fr hon fick som hon ville... Oktober s pltslig och kylig D frosten just"
  • I Know There's Something Going On - Frida
    "I can see that it won't be long You grow cold when you keep holding on You know you've changed And your words they lie That's something you can't deny I call, you're not at home You're home, but you're"
  • I See Red - Frida
    "1. Back in my schooldays acting the fool days One and one and one makes three. And a man said: "Kid, come and cut yourself a piece of the big time." Armour clad horses riding Trojan horses Never made sense"
  • Kvinnor Som Springer - Frida
    "Kvinnor som springer mot vinden med vargarna Kvinnor som hungrar efter fria liv Hondjur med inre vision och med stark passion Kom nya tid Kvinnor som springer i linje med lejonen Kvinnor som sker i sin"
  • Lska Mig Alltid - Frida
    "I hear the lines on the telegraph Buzz in my head I have to shut them out My ears to the ground But I try to stand up And straighten out Forget my doubt 'Cos I couldn't bear to lose you You're the only"
  • One Little Lie - Frida
    "(K.Jarvis/G.Fletcher/J.Bird) You give me love You give me love You give me love You give me love You give me In the morning see you shine Feel your body moving mine The twilight slowly turning I watch"
  • Shine - Frida
    "(Anders Glenmark) Situationen r alldeles klar Vskan str packad fr En tre, fyra dar Lite lugn, lite ro Det kan vi behva nu Och sedan fr vi se M det bsta ske Solen gr ner -- Jag vet Snart gr den ner --"
  • Sista Valsen Med Dig - Frida
    "(B. Andersson, B. Ulvus) We take so much for granted, he and I We share a life in one dimension Our problems always seem to cloud the sky But we don't pay them much attention And with every day We drift"
  • Slowly - Frida
    "(Anders Glenmark) Jag kan va ditt sovrum Ge dig vila nda fram till gryningen Vaken nr du drmmer Om din kvinna Hon som var ditt liv Din lskade och bsta vn Jag kan vara lvan Se mig svva ver sommarngarna Men"
  • Sovrum - Frida
    "If you ever had the time You would try to make it fine If your promises were real Then maybe love is what I'd feel But you seem to be so sad Like a fairytale gone bad And I don't know what to say But I"
  • Strangers - Frida
    "Is she somewhere in the city? Is she somewhere in this town? What's her name? What does she look like? Is she fun to be around? Does she make you feel like I did? Oh, so long ago CHORUS: I wanna hear it"
  • The Face - Frida
    "1. Every little thing's been said about it. How does it apply to you? Maybe I could learn to live without it. Where do you find, one of a kind, Playing for time THE WAY YOU DO? 2. Every"
  • The Way You Do - Frida
    "Lilacs blossom just as sweet Now my heart is shattered If I bowled it down the street Who's to say it mattered? If there's one that rode away What would I be missing? Lips that taste of tears, they say Are"
  • Threnody - Frida
    "The moon retreats behind a silver cloud As darkness throws its cloak towards the earth And mystery replaces what we thought we knew To turn the stone to turn the stone. The one dimension only shows one"

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