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Frida To Turn The Stone

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Frida To Turn The Stone
  • Frida To Turn The Stone
    "(Anders Glenmark, Fred Johansson) Fyra trtta, tomma gon Ett laddat vardagsrum Tv tysta spnda munnar Infekterat Resignerat samtal vid tv stngda drrar Ingen av oss vet nog varfr Vi fryser ut varann Tv brustna"
  • Frida Lyngstad To turn the stone
    "The moon retreats behind a silver cloud as darkness throws its cloak towards the earth and mystery replaces what we thought we knew to turn the stone, to turn the stone The one dimension only shows one"
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees Turn To Stone
    "High above The sickle moon All senseless thought Slips and drowns A place, a time Gone out of mind Reaction swims The opal time Ferry me down -- leave well alone Ferry me down -- turn to stone Here within My"
  • Electric Light Orchestra Turn To Stone
    "The city streets are empty now THE LIGHTS DON'T SHINE NO MORE and so the songs are way down low TURNING TURNING TURNING A sound that flows into my mind THE ECHOES OF THE DAYLIGHT of everything that is"
  • J Church Turn to stone
    "The city streets are empty now, The lights don't shine no more, And so the songs are way down low, I'm turning, I'm turning, I'm turning, A sound that flows into my mind, The echoes of the daylight, Of"
  • Girls Aloud Turn To Stone
    "''(whispered)'' Don't turn away, Just keep me holding on. Don't turn away, Just don't leave me now. You're moving in circles, Looking for the love that I thought we made While I stand alone. You say you"
  • ELO Turn To Stone
    "The city streets are empty now (The lights don't shine no more) And so the songs are way down low Turning turning turning A sound that flows into my mind (The echos of the daylight) Of everything that"
  • Dio Turn To Stone
    "Welcome to sun down, welcome to the dark Could it be that evil has heroes Bring everybody down - Celebration Passing of the light Giving up your spirit to the night You'll turn to stone - Turn to stone Just"
  • Joe Walsh Turn To Stone
    "Turn to Stone Hey now the well run dry Pages of the book on fire Read the writing ...on the wall... Hoedown, say showdown Everywhere you look theyre fighting...Hear the call... And you know its getting"
  • Black Sabbath Turn To Stone
    "She came from the past She was never meant to last Her destiny was fatal From the start A messenger from hell She cast a deadly spell On all of those who dare To cross her heart Ain't no use in you trying"

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