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Friend's Anne marine

  • Marine - Diam's
    "Marine,Tu sais ce soir a va mal,J'ai trop de choses sur le coeurDonc il faudrait que l'on parle,Marine,Si je m'adresse toi ce soirC'est que t'y es pour quelque chose,T'as tout fait pour qu'a foire.Marine,Dans"
  • Marine - Vincent Delerm
    "Quand je connaissais Marine Poster adieu Philippine Elle mettait des collants verts Je la connais depuis peu Au niveau collant c'est mieux Disparition du poster Je ne peux pas Effacer Le garon juste"
  • Marine Layer - Elisa Peimer
    "It's blocking out the sun The cold wind off the sea And I'm gasping for air But you won't talk to me I'm struggling for words To shout above this din But the , the marine layer Is rolling in, rolling"
  • Marine Recruiter - Mr. T Experience
    "Sgt. Smiles, marine recruiter teach you to program computers teach you all the skills you need you can die with dignity I got a phone call from the sergeant yesterday he had a message from the good old"
  • Marine Boy - Haircut 100
    "What they want for their lives What they want for their lives I crossed the sea in something It's very light What they want for their lives Did you glide in with great stride? Taking strength from a smile Present"
  • La Marine - Georges Brassens
    "On les r'trouve en raccourci Dans nos p'tits amours d'un jour Toutes les joies, tous les soucis Des amours qui durent toujours C'est l l'sort de la marine Et de toutes nos p'tites chries On accoste. Vite"
  • Anne - Clinic
    "Anne has left you marks here, Anne has left you marks here Anee has left you marks of love and hope One is on the floor with laughter rolloing One is on the floor and one disclosed Never again would you"
  • Best Friend's Girl - New Cars
    "you're always dancing down the street with your suede blue eyes and every new boy that you meet he doesn't know the real surprise (here she comes again) when she's dancing 'neath the starry sky oo, she'll"
  • Anne - Wendy Fierce
    "Anne How could you take a dark December night And somehow find a light to cling to How could you still believe in dreams After all the pain you'd seen They couldn't kill the fire in you Anne Anne It's"
  • Best Friend's Man - Gemma Fox
    "Song Name-Best Friend's Man. Album-Messy He was my best friend's man, I don't know why but I slept with him. Now she's mad and I feel bad, It's over now, It didn't mean a thing Girlfriend I'm sorry. I"
  • My Friend's Girlfriend - Melody Fall
    "Cant wait tonight Biggest party I've been invited Call my Friends to get a Ride and soon we're there to race Girls in my eyes see her dancing by the pool Cant believe that she's so Cool I can't believe"
  • Anne - Nino Ferrer
    "Anne a la peau mauve et bleue ses yeux sont clairs et lumineux sauf certains moments quand ils sont amoureux et qu'ils deviennent profonds comme la mer aux Antilles avec de l'or et du vert et quelque"
  • Anne - John Frusciante
    "Anne you can't hide you know we'll find you It's a matter where pride flies out the window I never got the weight off the ground I just forgot what's up and what's down How many get the way I feel now There's"
  • Friend's of mine - Grave Digger
    "All the time friends of mine Compliment me All day long nothing's wrong Just to please me What the hell, let them say They adore me A two-faced lie can't be true It all bores me Friends of mine say I'm"
  • A Friend's Blues - Murs
    "Now when you're young, death can make you aware of your mortality At times we feel invincible, lose sight of reality Until it takes a loved one, residing in our circle It'll hurt you cause you miss 'em Once"
  • My Best Friend's Girl - The Cars
    "You're always dancing down the street With your suade blue eyes And every new boy that you meet Doesn't know the real suprise Here she comes again With her suade blue eyes (alt - when she's dancing 'neath"
  • My Best Friend's Baby - Nathalie Nordnes
    "Lock my in forever, darling Throw away the key Love has hit me with its arrows Going crazy as can be Lock up the door, don't let me out 'Cause what I feel I don't want you to find out I have fallen in"
  • My Best Friend's Wife - Alice Donut
    "Alice Donut Revenge Fantasies Of The Impotent My Best Friend's Wife The wife of my best friend Stares right through me into The tumor of my sick need The wife of my best friend Flinches at the wheel takes"
  • My Best Friend's Girl - Steps
    "Tonight she'll be waiting in the place if she can get aay from a secret rendvous (secret rendvous) we got to keep our heads down low theres places we can't go cos we both know the harm that it would do If"
  • Dog's A Best Friend's Dog - Tears For Fears
    "Shame Dog shame I know what's wrong Man's too old and wise Bring in the dog Turn on Down the mountain rescue Slip and slide when sunny Small cat better move along Or this bitch could do harm, baby Straight"

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