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From another to another

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From another to another

  • Another - Mandalay
    "If truth could speak I need another I swear it's due I need another When I Get scared When I recover I'm sure that there Can be another And your life is chained Close to another Her shell is deep In laid"
  • Another - Lil' Kim
    "She was askin bout ya whereabouts Here's the digits, i know you can wear that out Tear that out the frame, ya game so tight You'll be all fuckin night Chorus two: lil kim What do ya do when your man"
  • Another - The Notorious B.I.G.
    "(Big) Yeah... fuck you (Kim) Fuck you too! (Big) Fuck you bitch (Kim) Fuck you motherfucker (Big) You ain't shit anyway, fuck you (Kim) You ain't shit, you fat motherfucker (Big) Yeah, whatever whatever (Kim)"
  • Another - Lil Kim
    "Biggie] Yeah... fuck you Fuck you too! Fuck you bitch Fuck you motherfucker You ain't shit anyway, fuck you You ain't shit, you fat motherfucker Yeah, whatever whatever Whatevah You wasn't"
  • Another - Ian Thomas
    "Keeping just me away from where you've been hidingI was up all last night stoking the fireHolding a light to the window to see youSee you come through the dark and open my doorYou were supposed to meet"
  • Another - Notorious B.I.G.
    "yeah, fuck you fuck you fuck you bitch fuck you muthafucka you ain't shit anyway you ain't shit you fat muthafukka whatever, whatever, you wasn't sayin that when you was suckin my dick you"
  • From One Island to Another - Chris Whitley
    "From one island to another Winds shifting, currents cover The navigations, these separations Rowing home alone A beach, a blazing fire Lighthouse eyes, nighttime desire She walks alone, skips a stone "
  • From One Heart To Another - Roxette
    "Echoes of loneliness, traces from love affairs, will never disappear, always come thru. I thought I'd never know the time to see you go, two people turned into one, thinking as one. A hint in the"
  • From One Jesus To Another - The Mission
    "From one Jesus to another napalm can be a treat Religion is only cold comfort 'cos Judas Iscariot was a cheat Bullet holes in my mirror and a minefield across my floor I don't want to be a soldier, don't"
  • Another - Ataxia
    "Nervous with good reason from... no no no no no no no no not not not not no nah no no no no no no no no no no no not much not what watch Nervous with good reason what Nervous with no good reason Nervous"
  • Another - Damhnait Doyle
    "For a moment i believe, once you came you'll never leave, now like that is not enought for me. You go the trackmarks of the trade, every promise that you made, swear that it would be the last for me. Does"
  • Another - Do As Infinity
    "==Romanized Japanese== Kuroi kemuri haku kodou to Bon'Yari kieteku hikari Tsutaekirenai omoi de Iki mo dekinai Sameta me de surechigatteku Hito no mure nani nozonde Doko ni mukatte iku no ka Oitsumeru"
  • Another Time, Another Place - Engelbert Humperdinck
  • Another Day / Another War - Blessed By A Broken Heart
    "Again I try to reach a mile on broken legs How many times, must you watch me as I fall I guess until I can't get up on my own anymore Another day Another war Another battle I've been let down I've been"
  • Another Day, Another Vendetta - Hatebreed
    "The question they keep asking me. How can one so young be so bitter and angry Well the answer is plain to see Just look around at this world that we're living in. It's die or let die Take or be taken from And"
  • Another World, Another Day - Soul Asylum
    "Folks tell jokes in clouds of smoke Making sure life won't decay Fancy flags fly in your face Fall polluting in my space Pounds of sounds from shotgun rounds Music of the hit parade No your fathers,"
  • Another Time, Another Space - Ayreon
    "HIPPIE: Was this a dream I just had? I have my doubts I can't make out the truth From the lies here inside What kind of trip have I been on? Where did I go? I'd like to know just why Did it feel"
  • Another Day, Another Town - Jim Croce
    "My dusty feet have kicked the stones Between a thousand railroad ties From Boston down to New Orleans I left the girls a-cryin' But I've still got some ramblin' in me Got some miles left on my shoes And"
  • Another Place, Another Time - Gyllene Tider
    "Time time... Time So close that i can touch you, give me time so near that i can breathe you, give me time i don't know why i feel like surrender Chains The feeling of the feelings still remains You're"
  • Another Time, Another Place - Bryan Ferry
    "(Ferry) I knew there'd be times like this When I'd sit at home and reminisce Oh how one's memory slips... So I close my book And sighing, take a second look Sure enough - I'm quite alone Still, there"

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