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From zero to hero

  • From Zero To Hero - Arno
    "You make me scream You make me sweat You make me wish, we never met I agree, I confess It's all about sex Look at me, out of control My skin looks yellow My love like mellow I see another face in the window Another"
  • From Zero to Hero - Sarah Connor
    "Baby, now I'm gonna get my message to you And I hope that you believe in it, too It maybe take some time But all that's in your mind You can make it come true And it's crazy That the people wait for someone"
  • Hero Zero - Zilch
    "My Hero, Zero You're such a funny little Hero But until you came along, we counted on our fingers and toes! Now you're here to stay, but nobody really knows How wonderful you are, Why, you could never"
  • Hero To Zero - Savoy Brown
    "Simmonds/Raymond-Chrysalis Music Ltd. I went from Hero To Zero And I'm still sinking down Money in the bank Would lift me straight off the ground Oh, high down to low ain't much fun When your time"
  • Zero to hero - Slipknot
    "Bless My SoulHerc Was On A RollPerson Of The Week In Ev'ry Greek Opinion PollWhat A ProHerc Could Stop A ShowPoint Him At A MonsterAnd You're Talkin' S.r.o.He Was A No OneA Zero, ZeroNow He's A HonchoHe's"
  • Zero - Chris Brown
    "I thought we were great You took your love back and ran this off track I count all the days, 'Til you would come back, how stupid was that? Now you're missing what we used to have Guess the vodka brought"
  • Zero - Lamb
    "There's no one here today 'Cause someone took the light away There's nothing in my heart Don't think I could even start to explain I can't stand the pain of losing something so much a part of me Though"
  • Up From Zero - Tankard
    "Every day I'm a slave to the grind Think I'm loosing my mind 9 to 5 ain't mu kind of routine Ain't nobody's machine Boss says: think of the future But what about today? 'Cos if I die tomorrow There ain't"
  • Up from zero - Tank
    "Every day I'm a slave to the grind Think I'm loosing my mind 9 to 5 ain't mu kind of routine Ain't nobody's machine Boss says: think of the future But what about today? 'Cos if I die tomorrow There ain't"
  • Zero Zero Ufo - Nina Hagen
    "A UFO in Malibu Where it came from, I don't know I just woke up and there it was, Paralyzing Mrs. Hagen-dazs I saw it with my own two eyes, Hey I'm not telling you any lies Pink, blue, purple and yellow Goodness"
  • Zero - Dr. Sin
    "Keep your faith in the hero Take a look in the mirror Some things are gonna bring you down You're no saint, you're no sinner Always being a believer That's the only way he knows to survive And he sees"
  • Zero - Varsity Fanclub
    "With one Peace stone You ain't going nowhere as long as he is the driver You can ride with him, but it will never be the same, same, same One look at him tells me you want to be taken higher See the problem"
  • Zero - Rubber Puppy
    "You know you can never kill him, He's been around for way too long, He's thinking 'bout taking you up on You're offer to beat him down but, I don't suggest you try. He's got no name but they call him"
  • 8 Below Zero - Zero
    "(after a first verse, not on the album) Fifth and MacDougal, crossing the street, Last rose of summer I happen(ed) to meet She greeted my face with the back of her hand. I checked it for blood, made no"
  • Zero - Imagine Dragons
    "I find it hard to say the things I want to say the most Find a little bit of steady as I get close Find a balance in the middle of the chaos Send me low, send me high, send me never demigod I REMEMBER"
  • Zero - Saints of Eden
    "Light pools swirl, disputing. Have they come to take me, something isn't right. Omitting a glow with lines so bright, the shape of stone that's been cast into the sea. Fight fear, mysterious, so devious,"
  • Zero - zero - J Church
    "I have an opinion on all of your decisions, I am going to state them on my internet relations, I'm gonna have a protest, Keeping things in focus, I'm gonna have a protest, No-one's gonna notice When you"
  • Level Zero - Lootpack
    "(Wild Child) '98 keep it real son cuz I guess I feel someday that Wild to the Child will rock at will son Keep them speakers boomin', body movin', Wild Child has proven Causin' mad paranoia like them kids"
  • Zero - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "first you think it doesn't matter so many doors are open now you're scattering like light and mistery is equal to anything the future might hold this is how it begins, then a brigde to another place in"
  • Sixty To Zero - Neil Young
    "All the champs and the heroes They got a price to pay They go from sixty to zero In the split of a hair They see the face in the window They feel a shadow out there They've got the places they can go They've"

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