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  • Runaground - James
    "For every woman you will leave an open doorYou find yourself thinking why can't I have more? You say there's nothing you can doYou tried your best but you were only being youOh noShe's goneBack wherever"
  • Can't Hide - DecembeRadio
    "I watched you crawl back to your addictionit's so controlling that it makes you sickyou've got no one to blame but yourselffor all the pain that you inflictoh, you've gotta turn from what you've doneto"
  • By the riverside - Kelly Family
    "Hey little pigeon where are youcoming fromyou flew across the sky and nowyou're in my hometownhey little pigeon here's whereyou're flying totake this letter to her houseby the riverside, riversideChorusI"
  • Passing time - Bad Company
    "Well i finished fooling around with you pretty mama Finished fooling around with youNo more wasting my time no more standing in lineAnd im a shiftin on back to where i once came fromYou know i heard it"
  • Lonesome Traveller - Anita Lipnicka
    "Where's that lonesome travellerWho bids farewell and walks awayWho took away my dreamsTo protect them from the dayAnd where have all the bridges goneAnd young lovers burning brightYou can only see themUnder"
  • Get ethnic - Donna Summer
    "(Rap:)Lying here in the sun just trying to ge a tantrying to find a look to go with the planEveryone's differenteveryone's go their thingspinman give me a rhythm...swing, swingYou don't have to dance aloneyou"
  • Jaimore - Lostprophets
    "It's not that easy to believe that someone as fly as me would like someone like youTake it easy baby tooIts exactly now and its daytime tooI don't know who you are but you haven't come that farWhat seems"
  • Lights off - Trick Daddy
    "(feat. International Jones) The Daddy Dollas (Dollas) HahaGet Nasty,Come OnStig,Stig,Stig,Stig,Stig... Stigstigstigstigstig Who Told You To Put The Lights OnIm Ready For Ya Im Ready For YaWho Told You"
  • The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 2 - Dance Gavin Dance
    "It's the coming of manAnd I forget when you went awayLike a kick to the faceNot winning the raceLion, I've seen you from afar,I've seen her in the carKnowing that you deserve such moreDeserved to know"
  • Hidden track - Atmosphere
    "(Seven's Travels) Its such a pleasure to come home, because ahhI have a very special love for this city(Well alright, well okay 3x)(Well alright, well alright, well alright)I wanted to make a song about"
  • Y'all don't know us - 2Pac
    "(Young Noble)Yo, I can see That you obviously don't know me or my homiesWe O-U-T Lawz, fuck the phoniesA wise hustler once told me, it's on youThough it was dreams when he first told me Now it's trueI"
  • I got it from my mama - Nicole Scherzinger
    "Baby whered you get your body from?Tell me whered you get your body from.Baby whered you get your body from?Tell me whered you get your body from.I got it from my mama.I got it from my mama.I got it from"

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