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  • Frustration - Kelly Willis
    "Chorus Frustration, how do I release the pain? Frustration, got a brother goin' insane Frustration, do what we must to maintain Frustration, everybody feels the same Where will I go, who will I see, what"
  • Frustration - Soft Cell
    "Fr..fr...fr...frustration! Frustration Frustration I have life Ordinary wife I have car A favourite bar I have job A moderate wage I get the pains That come with age I am so ordinary I have child She"
  • Frustration - La Toya Jackson
    "Boy, my mind is in a tail-spin Trying to figure out which way this madness will end Do you want my love, do you want love, to refuse I can't stand the pain no more my mind is so confused You bring me"
  • Frustration - All Wound Up
    "All Wound Up Miscellaneous Frustration Frustration Lack Of Concentration Im Loosing My Cool And Im Trying To Hold On To What I Know And I Feel Better I Feel Much Stronger When Im Understood But"
  • Frustration - Sugar
    "I am frustration Maybe you are too No one is talking There's nothing to refuse But if I said I would not miss you I was wrong I have been waiting, waiting for a clue It has gotten so waiting is all I"
  • Frustration - The Mamas & The Papas
    "Hey baby! I feel so frustrated today You took all the love I could give you and you, you took it away Don't try to hide the fact that you don't care I knew it this morning when I woke up with no underwear Yeah,"
  • Frustration - Allure
    "I Remember All The Things That Made Me Love You But Now The Things You Do Just Make Me Wanna Fight You And Baby I Could Look The Other Way In Silence But I Aint The Type That Can Keep It Inside Forever "
  • Frustration - The Moffatts
    "There's no windows in this place for me to show my weary face. Rage I hold within my soul at times I cannot control. What's the point of me being here? When being me is what I fear. Every day it's all"
  • Frustration - Agnostic Front
    "What I dont want to ever Have to think about again What I dont want to ever Have to think about again. Well I dont want you tell me About what I know I gotta do Well I dont want you tell me About what"
  • Sweet Frustration - Audiovent
    "I feel I'm walking through this, my life Paralyzed But this sweet frustration keeps me alive It seems like I have died a thousand days Just to feel this quicksand And every movement is embraced By this"
  • Sweet Frustration - Vent
    "I feel I'm walking through this, my life, paralyzed But this sweet frustration keeps me alive It seems like I have died a thousand days Just to feel this quicksand Every moment is embraced By this sweet"
  • Walkin' Frustration - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "no I can't seem to cope with all that's in front of me I wish I had some time to catch up with myself living check to check I've got nothing to call my own I'm overdrawn and my credit is all spent I've"
  • My frustration - Coal Chamber
    "Where was I when God had shown How to make a happy home Lie in bed and sleep don't come Have some peace then give me some And I know the reason why you hold me down I won't let this fear of loss make me"
  • Manic Frustration - Trouble
    "Child's first trip away from home instant communication shown - no one knows ringing in my ear must be the phone pick my brain down to the bone - no one home (Chorus) Body touches are so cold someone"
  • Italian Sexual Frustration - Black Lips
    "Never going to get it anytime, anywhere Italian sexual frustration These situations confine me Italian sexual frustration All they ever do is sit and stare everywhere Italian sexual frustration I put the"
  • Born Of Frustration - James
    "--------------------------------------WooooowooooowoooowoooWooooowooooowoooowoooAll this frustrationI can't meet all my desiresStrange conversationSelf copntrol has just expiredAll an illusionOnly in my"
  • Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times - Sum 41
    "Up in smoke, pop goes the culture The tension blew it up We're choking from a bleeding ulcer We eventually threw it out so What went wrong? Where's the voice of reason? It's long gone, we lost it long"
  • Oh, My Dear It's Just Chemical Frustration - Action Action
    "The time is now, and Im running so thin, I got thin, I got thin, while others got fat. So fatten up, and deliver your secrets, those secrets, those stories untold. Sorry say that love is a game, we're"
  • Blue Pastures - James
    "-------------------------------------- Wooooowooooowoooowooo Wooooowooooowoooowooo All this frustration I can't meet all my desires Strange conversation Self copntrol has just expired All an illusion Only"
  • Give Up? - Hot Hot Heat
    "They all warned me to stay out Stubborn, stupid, scarred and proud Don't try to warn me Don't try to warn me Don't try to warn me I say I make my own mistakes Don't care how long it takes I'll make my"

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