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Full Backstone 7 sn?3w

  • 7 snów - Full Backstone
    "Jesteś, jak biały, wolny ptak Mieszkasz w koronach wielkich gór Ze szczytów obserwujesz świat Samotnie czuwasz pośród chmur Ponad światem, tylko sam Jesteś, jak drogocenny skarb Droga do Ciebie kręta"
  • 7 Days Full Crew Remix - Craig David
    "You know what? Got something to say...Yeah Check It Out Oooh Alright Craig David Ooh Full Crew On a Remix..On a remix I met this girl in a subway, Walking my way, It must have been my day, We seemed like"
  • 7 Much - E-40
    "(feat. Kokane) Doin too much (too much), seven much (too much) Don't you know that I'm the one You can't get nothin over on me Doin too much (too much), way too much (too much) You doin too much - I'm"
  • 7 T's - Guttermouth
    "dancing round in circle staring at the sky spending hours on a corner trying to hitch a ride your girlfriend is filthy and stoned out of her mind she hasn't had a shower since 1969 you can't even read"
  • (7) Saad - Subliminal Substances
    "Full length road I've dried on How fast I go?? I don't even know I try to reach This reality I 've gone too far I've lost what I had Was it me Or this shit is ending me I'll do it again?? Chorus I've"
  • Full Contact - Swollen Members
    "(chorus) Its like that. No doubt we keep it live 24-7 365 and Swollen Members worldwide, this is full contact spit hard and never look back. Its like that. Thats right we keep it live, 24-7 365, this"
  • Full Cooperation - Def Squad
    "Yeah, yo, Def Squad, Full Cooperation on this one yo, total concentration Wassup wit these cats out there?, I don't think they figured, son I don't think they hear you son, ha ha Now first but not"
  • 7:Holy & Righteous - Trin-I-Tee 5
    "Holy and righteous is thy name, oh, Lord Holy and righteous is thy name Every knee shall bow and every tongue must confess that Holy and righteous is thy name King of kings and Lord of lords Of lords King"
  • 7 Dee Jays - Boogie Down Productions
    "YES! Chillin in the place right now Harmony and Heather B, Ms. Melodie DJ Jamal-Ski, DJ Kenny Parker And of course we are gettin MUCH DARKER Because the Africanism is in EFFECT So check it out, MAN! And"
  • Philippians 4:7 - Fred Hammond
    "(Verse One) Why downcast oh,my soul Having a heavy heart in hand Knowing full his promise still remains That He would safely guide If on his shoulders I would lean And his perfect will I would remain (Verse"
  • 3 At 7 - Timo Tolkki
    "DAMIAN: So you came right on time You know that number seven is divine? SAANA: I am confused, I am afraid I don't know what I should be thinking DAMIAN: Gently my dear, there's no reason to be scared Look"
  • Mission (Full Vocals) - Nana
    "Chorus: (x2) We are on a mission No smooth talk straight up dissin' You tried to step to usBut your punk ass missedBooya, NANA you can't touch this Rap verse 1 (ski): I flip on any scrip put in front"
  • 7 przeszkód (feat. Zeus) - Hary
    "HARY: Pamiętam, to były Juwenalia zaraz po maturze. Ręce w górze, bo na scenie ktoś rozpętał burzę. Jak Pierwszy to Milion, jak „Pierwszy" to „Mixtape". Byłem fanem, a już miałem własną wizję! ZEUS: Najpierw"
  • 7-1-3 (Remix) - Lil' Flip
    "Junior talk that ole hustling talk I was gon tell his daddy, but I found Out his daddy was a damn hustla Lil' Flip, representing 7-1-3 nigga yeah... You know I'm back on the scene, with a pocket full"
  • Tram 7 To Heaven - Jens Lekman
    "Did you take tram number seven to heaven Did you eat your banana from Seven Eleven I'm driving in my daddy's car life is aching in my heart if we someday have to part where do I go when you take Tram number"
  • 7 - Orange 9mm
    "Forget what I said and why I said it I don't think you ever wanted to know You'd wanna make an excuse on your own Rather decide who you could blame it on I get the picture you like to deceive Whatever"
  • 7% - Sunna
    "I don't remember being dead I can't remember hell I don't remember heaven as well But a familiar smell If you're feeling trust you know who I am To be real is a must that's me if I can When I'm feeling"
  • 7 - Liquido
    "1. I wish I was a killer of every single day I get and I am a sinner Ive done it all by now with no regret and I like it by now I cannot strike it considering what life is - all for nothin` 2. ...and I"
  • 7 - Arctic Monkeys
    "Well I wrote my number down Never wrote it down before Was gonna bring it over like something from a film But I didn't have the bottle at all Well I'm looking and you kept staring Your thoughts bearing"
  • 7 - Prince
    "No! I'm going down 2 Alphabet Street I'm gonna crown the first girl that I meet I'm gonna talk so sexy She'll want me from my head 2 my feet Yeah, yeah, yeah Yes she will Yeah, yeah, yeah "

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