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Full six video.

  • Full-Time Video Girl - Dreadlock Pussy
    "Picture perfect groomed to a t Positively and utterly empty See the vultures on their knees groveling before their queen She looks real nice like a shiny perfect thing Blinking on the edge of your sight And"
  • Film-Video - Ninja High School
    "F**k that! the hypocrites won that shit, and like ten years on folks say "it's in the evidence." the coincidence that slipped is the populace is split, "and there's not a goddamned thing you can do about"
  • Six Underground - Sneaker Pimps
    "take me down 6 underground the ground beneath your feet laid out low nothing to go no where or way to meet i've got a head full of drought down here so far off from losing out round here overground, watch"
  • Liar (Video Version) - Rollins Band
    "So you think you're going to live your life alone in darkness and seclusion... yeah, I know you've been out there and tried to mix with the animals and it just left you full of humiliated confusion but"
  • Thriller (Video Version) - Michael Jackson
    "(A white convertible pulls up, deep in the woods, then suddenly stops. Michael puts the Break on, realizing that his car is in need of gas. He looks over at his girlfriend, Ola, Who thinks he has stopped,"
  • Full Circle - No Doubt
    "All I've ever touched or said to them Becomes a rehearsal for you, just practicing, Too many magic moments to be coincidence It all comes full circle I knew someone who knew you And he introduced me to"
  • Full Mode - Noreaga
    "(Intro) Oh, yeah, yeah Hahahahahahahahaha Oh, We ain't gon stop Oh, Militainment, (gangsta nigga), Militainment (Chorus x2) I hit you till you drop, (What?) I hit you till you shake (What?)(x3) Niggas"
  • Five-Six - Full Scale
    "All I want is for the world to stop All I want is for the greed to disappear Pick up the pace back up Take your philosophy And shove it away Your throat reeks of hipocracy I've only one shot to get through"
  • Seventy-Six Trombones - Music Man
    "Harold: Seventy-six trombones led the big parade With a hundred and ten cornets close at hand. They were followed by rows and rows of the finest virtuo- Sos, the cream of ev'ry famous band. Seventy-six"
  • Six-0-One - Dave Dudley
    "Yeah everybody comes here to have a ball If anybody's missin' well we give 'em a call For we're always happy son of a gun oh lots of fun at the 6-0-1 Rumphouse Jack he's feeling fine he's got big eyes"
  • Video - Jeff Lynne
    "Video, eo, eo, eo, eo, eo, eo The satellites that search the night they twinkle like a star They send their love from up above down to my meteor The world is at my fingers under control On, video, eo,"
  • Video - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Video, eo, eo, eo, eo, eo, eoThe satellites that search the night they twinkle like a starThey send their love from up above down to my VTRThe world is at my fingers under controlAhhhumm, video, eo, eo,"
  • Video - Dwa plus jeden
    "Atak na kosmiczną stację Skąd mam zdobyć informacje Zdążyć na czas Muszę wreszcie zacząć akcję Trzeba zmniejszyć koncentrację Zdążyć Jak prześcignąć mam sam siebie, jak Jak prześcignąć mam sam siebie,"
  • Video - Bella
    "Banalnie kończy się ten dzień, Nudnawy film i coś na sen, Nie czekam na nic dawno już do mnie nawet nie dzwonisz, I nagle puka ktoś do drzwi, Otwieram widzę, że to Ty I chociaż wiem ze kłamiesz znów już"
  • Video - Johnta Austin
    "(feat. Unk) Yo Watchu Get When You Put Johnta Austin, Dj Unk And Me In The Same Room (Girl Yehh) To The Left To The Left (Heyyy) To The Right To The Right Just Just Do It In A Video Just Just Do"
  • Video - India Arie
    "Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don't Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won't Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes It really just depends on whatever feels good in my"
  • Video - Ben Folds
    "barren stares as they light up the screen bearing teardrops that shatter in slow-motion, no- vocaine our brains and we're out like lights and as I'm growing older I'm bored and I remember when misery thrilled"
  • Video - Bloc Party
    "Tell me why I feel so bad, honeyTV's flat and nothing is funnyI get sad and stuck in a cone of silenceLike a big balloon with nothing for ballastLabeled like a bottle for AliceDrink me down or I'll drown"
  • Video - Aimee Mann
    "Tell me why I feel so bad, honey TV's flat and nothing is funny I get sad and stuck in a cone of silence Like a big balloon with nothing for ballast Labeled like a bottle for Alice Drink me down or I'll"
  • Video - Herbert Gr
    "ich ksse dich so hei ich kann kamera von oben, zoomt sich ran nur wir zwei im grellen licht verschmier blo meine schminke nicht du liegst hier in meinem arm du ganz nackt, ich hab noch was an bertreib`s"

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