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Fully Automatic

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Fully Automatic

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Fully Automatic
  • The Hives Automatic Schmuck
    "Born only a month ago Yet I'm fully grown from head to toe Lots of metal, lots of grease Then put together piece by piece To support a system that uses me But the day is here, they're goiong to see I'm"
  • Powerman 5000 Automatic
    "The trip is on for a million miles 93 to the Sun (93 to the Sun) So take your place and you say goodbye It's automatic your the one (one) It's automatic, it's automatic It's automatic your the one It's"
  • Pages Automatic
    "'m switched on and twisted, so hung up in my life I feel nihilistic, automatic tonight Caught up in the middle, a mental wasteland It hurts just a little, nobody understands Automatic, stuck on automatic,"
  • Blanks 77 Automatic
    "When you see me walking down the street it's automatic when you see me we just hafta meet it's automatic but you know that I hate you what cha tryin' to put me through automatic transmission automatic"
  • A blue Ocean Dream Automatic
    "Its automatic when you breathe Its automatic when you feel Its automatic when you move Its automatic when you do You cross the street between the cars To your scheduled lunch, at the restaurant You"
  • The Pointer Sisters Automatic
    "(Mark Goldenberg/Brock Walsh) Look what you're doing to me I'm utterly at your whim All of my defenses down Your camera looks through me With its X-ray vision And all systems run aground All I can manage"
  • ZHU x AlunaGeorge Automatic
    "Some people take it far You need friction, but they try too hard and Ooooh, they just don't understand Too much pressure, it's supply demand I don't think you know You open up my eyes, I'm alive I'm moving"
  • Down By Law Automatic
    "today's world is always on my modem speeds life right along my brain is off but that's ok you can reach me any day my darkened ? with blinking digits let me know the world is r? monitor so bright"
  • The Go-Go's Automatic
    "Quiet now Still of night Inside fire burning bright Right moment Laying down Oh, still no sound It's all automatic No thought Automatic Golden hair Skin glisten Beating heart but don't listen"
  • Jennifer Rush Automatic
    "Was looking for somebody to move me I saw your face You're all that I've been dreaming of Electric eyes drove me insane Now nothing but your love can move me Takes me where I need to go So far the timing"
  • Sasha Automatic
    "Another dawn another day I long to waste I like the comfort of the chaos in my place I put my mind on hold " my conscience on standby for a little while Another promise to my room I couldn't keep another"
  • Chris Whitley Automatic
    "Automatic love is all I want End of the day Automatic love is all I got To get away Rounds of lead deliver me today I got no blood to waste on foreplay You can make all the decisions You can make all them"
  • Elize Automatic
    "Every single boy I know, is thinkin' that he's in control. Nothing you can do to break down his stuck, 'cause he's mister cool and this is his party. I've seen it half a million times, you can play a fooler"
  • Amy Macdonald Automatic
    "I'm going back Back again Flying solo Only myself to blame Goodbye to you my old friend Coz I’m ready to go This feeling won’t stop Hitting the road It’s all ‘ve got It’s automatic Foot to the floor I"
  • Teairra Mari ft.Nicki Minaj Automatic
    "Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic I got that automatic, (automatic) That ready rock, (ready rock) And you can have it, (You can have it) But it might get you high then a mu... Might you high then"
  • Weezer Automatic
    "How am I going to deliver you a mountain size of love? How'd the oceans connected by a straw get something through? I might need some time to remember Need some time to remember Hey yeah, its automatic"
  • The Androids Automatic
    "I push so hard they hardly push back Instinct has led me to a man trap Divorce my conscience to be undone Throw down my ladder so you can get up It's automatic I just can't help it Part dopey dog"
  • G.G. Allin Automatic
    "Everything you do is the same, same, same!Over and over it's like a game, game, game!Think you're miss high society, wowee!Fuckin' all the rockstars that you meet, fuck me!It makes no sense the things"
  • Androids Automatic
    "I push so hard they hardly push back Instinct has led me to a man trap Divorce my conscience to be undone Throw down my ladder so you can get up It's automatic I just can't help it Part dopey dog"
  • Lagwagon Automatic
    "Get up, smile, find a need, wash your hair, bleach your teeth Develop habit, Automatic Compromise, build a bridge, Sacrifice, sacrilege Sell yourself, Automatic Nobody out there knows None of"

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