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Fuse ODG featuring Tiffany - Azonto

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Fuse ODG featuring Tiffany - Azonto

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Fuse ODG featuring Tiffany - Azonto
  • Fuse ODG Azonto (ft. Tiffany)
    "Nobody wanna see you rising and when they do it they don't like it they just wanna see you deep in crises drive your self you don't need a license holla hush she can even ride it go ahead move your feet"
  • Major Lazer Light It Up (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG)
  • FarbenLehre Odg
    "Dzień stał się nocą, zatrzymał czasCisza - więcej nie wyrwie się krzykZnowu, znowu uderza do głowyWokół tyle dróg - ja nie wiem, którą iść ...ZWĄTPIENIE I OBOJĘTNOŚODEJŚĆ CZY ZOSTAĆ - WSZYSTKO JEDNOZWĄTPIENIE"
  • Fuse ODG Antenna (feat. Wyclef Jean)
    "(Fuse ODG) It’s Fuse ayiii Killbeats lets go She dey do me wayo ooooo but she dey spend my money ooooooo Oya I go tell my mammy ooooo I should have listened before oooo She dey do me like antenna She’s"
  • Lucky 7 Tiffany
    "Driving in my car Got a message on my phone You say you don't love me anymore So I call your house that night Frightened so fight Afraid to be alone You were the one that had to change And I was"
  • Tiffany Evans Promise Ring (Featuring Ciara)
    "To the b to the b to the b cuz I need Everybody to the floor (why?) Cuz this beat is sick (yeah?) It's time to rock (uh) That's what it is Tiffany's her name Love is the game And the only way to play Is"
  • Blue Rodeo Fuse
    "Single file in the work line You need a card to die in my mine Life ain't so bad working underground Better than dodging bullets and army rounds Shut your mouth Don't complain If you want to see your family"
  • Linkin Park Fuse
    ""Of course you know what a fuse is... It's a long piece of cord impregnated with gun powder When you strike a match and light it It burns, fitfully, spiraling to it's end At which there is, a little surprise" From"
  • Xero Fuse
    "'Of course you know what a fuse is... It's a long piece of cord impregnated with gun powder When you strike a match and light it It burns, fitfully, sputtering to its end At which there is, a little surprise' Krypton,"
  • Fuse ODG Thinking About U (ft. Killbeatz)
    "Been thinking about you today I've been thinking about you all day /4x Checking my phone, girl Reading message that you send me Telling me you're all alone, girl Taking pictures all over my phone Phone"
  • The Byrds Tiffany Queen
    "Written by Roger McGuinn Happiness hit me on the first day that we met She was sitting in my kitchen with a face I can't forget She was looking my direction and calling with her eyes I was trying to do"
  • Fall Out Boy Tiffany Blews
    "I'm not a crybaby I'm ''the'' crybaby A caterpillar that got stuck Mr. Moth come quick with any luck A long walk to a dark house A Roman candle heart keep us far apart I'm a cocktail party doing all"
  • Ruby Fuse Again
    "Supposition worse than flu Over my head Hangs a weighted lung for two Wings aloud and bound for nowhere else But back where they belong A third eye may be too strong For when you're going If you think"
  • BOKKA Paper Fuse
    "paper money paper news paper judgement paper fuse paper feelings paper trust paper Sunday paper love rolling down from the highest mountain the snow is shaping giant ball by the time it hits the bottom it"
  • Heaven 17 The fuse
    "I wish I'd never heard the news (Never had a good day) Baby wants a pair of shoes (How'm I gonna repay?) A thousand fingers touch my heart I need so much Blue Force is tearing me apart No time for might"
  • Numic The Fuse
    "I can't Bare to keep it inside The more I say the more you devide It came true that you lied Ten more times we'de gather round the wake If I had my way, you would pay We'de find our remedy Say your standing"
  • Kasabian Fast fuse
    "Whow baby i was born with a fast fuse got no time to love just a city to abuse Whow baby i was born with a fast fuse got no time to love just a city to abuse Come get me If you're fine don't arrest me"
  • Burning Heads The Fuse
    "No one tells you when you're wrong Keep on singing the song Days and nights seem so long The time spent trying all alone Left or right direction You will have to learn Open our heart and listen"
  • Jackson Browne The Fuse
    "It's coming from so far away It's hard to say for sure Whether what I hear is music or the wind Through an open door There's a fire high in the empty sky Where the sound meets the shore There's a long"
  • 98 Mute Short fuse
    "Sometimes this world it really gets to me All of the big heads my nerves get tested Just when I think its gotten the best of me I save my worst for last My fuse it ends I reach the final draw A sudden"

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