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Future Written - Medwyn Goodall

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Future Written - Medwyn Goodall

  • Written In Stone - Fu Manchu
    "The wise man, he tells me my future i know why, he says this I've seen it too. Time flies, I stand still yeah he knew Slow moving, ride past me they go through Come through! All eyes, fixed there right"
  • We Are Written - Peter Hammill
    ""It was always going to be like this, whatever you bring yourself to say. Why don't you point that thing the other way and telescope this tangled story? You've got the whole thing at your fingertips, already"
  • Written In Stone - Daryl Hall
    "(Allen, Dubin, Savigar) When we kiss that way I search for words that might explain How can a love go so deep Girl, it's in my blood It'll always be a part of me If we stay together Or if we go our separate"
  • Written in stone - Hall & Oates
    "When we kiss that wayI search for words thatmight explainHow can a love go so deepGirl, it's in my bloodIt'll always be a part of meIf we stay togetherOr if we go our separate waysI know... love will last"
  • Written - Lamb
    "The wind stands still around you And suddenly i'm trembling and I don't know why There's something deep about you That echoes in my mind Mystifying feelings Running round in my brain Love is all around"
  • Written - Hazen Street
    "It's written like the ink stains on my skin the good book will tell that i have sinned well I'm past that point of no return so i hope that i dont burn, no! Ive done some bad i must admit My life is different"
  • Future Games - Bob Welch
    "Written by Bob Welch. I did a thing last night You know those future games I turned off all the lights Oh, the future came You were by my side Will you explain-oh yeah Real rhyme or reason for those"
  • Future Is Mayhem - Hate
    "Perpetual ceremony Emerged from the shadow of stars, Unbridled force of the nameless Devouring astral lights Nothing is sacred, nothing is useless When face Mother of Time The inevitable is her domain Inside"
  • Something Written - Anja Garbarek
    "There was something Written down Somewhere. I dont quite remember where. But, Thats not so important Now is it? There was something Written down Somewhere. I dont remember who Wrote it, Nor the year. And"
  • Written Off - Even All Out
    "Well, you get yourself up, down To where you throw this all away When looking for yourself. So, tell me is it enough now? You're looking up when falling down And stuck in 3/4 time. I've got to get this"
  • Hell Written - Edge Of Sanity
    "(C.) I got hell, can't you see I got hell, written all over me (1.) Riding with the living dead I'm riding high I'm riding free, yeah The thoughts that fill up my head are wicked and obscene So if you're"
  • Written Apology - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "Haven't you heard It's getting that time So go spread the word And get practicing your rhymes The foot and the bear And signature moves A word in your ear And look who's doing stuff We love the way you"
  • Future - Sonic Adventure
    "Time......comes......Time....goes.....! You cannot stop it anyway! We look after it, but we can't heal! Future, Future, Future, Future! It comes, it comes, it comes, it comes! Do you feel the Past? Do"
  • Future - Khalil x Kehlani x Justin Bieber
    "(It's too easy) Future, such a great future Oh, baby, we'll see what the future holds for us When it's raining, it's pouring, Hw do I always end up the enemy? How do I wake up in the morning? You're"
  • Future - Galactic Cowboys
    "the future knocked on my door and i turned it away the future knocked on my door and i was watchin' tv the future knocked on my door but i was afraid the future knocked on my door and i turned it away hope"
  • Future - Madonna, Quavo
    "Not everyone is coming to the future, Not everyone is learning from the past Not everyone can come into the future, Not everyone that's here is gonna last (Gonna last) Not everyone is coming to the future,"
  • Future - RAMP
    "What is ours... What is ours... Slowly as some actions save quickly man destroys Possibilities to embrace a future joy Crime... Crime... Profits raise inhuman race seller's of our youth Desert seas"
  • Future - Jackie Boyz
    "Would you believe me if I told you That I can see into the future I'm not the type to feed you lies I will tell you the truth Fate has brought me to you Oh right. I'm your future I came from a thousand"
  • Future - Cut Copy
    "Gold is the sun as she wonders where he's gone. Far away, will they meet again one day? Gold is the sun as she wonders where he's gone. Far away, will they meet again one day? Future. Future. Future. Gold"
  • Future - Urban Dub
    "Let the word spread out like fire Building bridges to unite one blood Let the youth receive and see There's more to life than this tragedy I'm gonna be choosing to survive Refuse to stand aside We lift"

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