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Future islands aladdin

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Future islands aladdin

  • Aladdin - No Doubt
    "Aladdin was a lad who walked the sand He found a lamp on the beach He shined it up and in a cloudy mist A genie granted him 3 wish Now I've been cooped up in this lamp for 3 million years If you let me"
  • Aladdin Sane - David Bowie
    "Watching him dash away, swinging an old bouquet - dead roses Sake and strange divine Uh-h-h-uh-h-uh you'll make it Passionate bright young things, takes him away to war - don't fake it Saddening glissando"
  • Islands - Mike Oldfield
    "Islands, From The First Time We Saw We Could Wait For This Moment, Like Rocks On The Shore We Can Never Be Closer, Somehow For The Moment That Lasts, Is This Moment Now When The Night's On Fire, Oh! Will"
  • Islands - Suicide Machines
    "You tell me that you've found another way And I tell you that it isn't fuckin' sane Everything that I wanted has broke down They all think that I'm just a fuckin' clown But Everybody's tellin' me I gotta'"
  • Islands - Bonnie Tyler
    "Islands from the first time we saw we could wait for this moment, like rocks on the shore we can never be closer somehow for the moments that lasts, is this moment now (CHORUS) When the nights's on"
  • Islands - Oingo Boingo
    "Island in the sea Are so much like me They don't ever change--no emotion, no emotion Islands on the land Dry like desert sand Island in the city All alone it's such a pity CHORUS It's just a masquerade"
  • Islands - Cat Power
    "I want to rule the islands And I want to rule the sea But if you're not coming back I will sleep eternally And I want no heavy diamonds And pearls crush my teeth I just want my sailor To sail back to me"
  • Islands - King Crimson
    "Earth, stream and tree encircled by sea Waves sweep the sand from my island. My sunsets fade. Field and glade wait only for rain Grain after grain love erodes my High weathered walls which fend off the"
  • Islands - Kajagoogoo
    "(Off shore) Either sink or swim (I saw) What kind of boat I'm in (Much more) Although I can't forget you The light is growing dim Feet are falling on foreign ground Luck in short supply I feel like Crusoe"
  • Islands - Arab Strap
    "We were lying in bed, staring at the moon, and I was wondering if I was supposed to be in love. But we couldn't quite decide if the moon was full, but I thought, well, tonight it's full enough. And this"
  • Islands - BEMY
    "where are we going i tell you my love i tell you later I haven’t decided yet! it’s cold outside let’s stay inside that’s forget the others I still want to lost the far away so if you don’t go, go they"
  • Future Times - Yes
    "(Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman, White) In the fountains of the Universe : Set time in accord Sits the boychild Solomon : Ever turning round and round In the cities of the Southern"
  • On Islands - Camouflage
    "On islands we all run onto islands in the sun and the sun to is an island with islands all around we're all islands in the sea and the islands want to reach other islands passing by an island in the sky on"
  • On Islands - New Musik
    "On islands We all run Onto islands In the sun And the sun too Is an island With islands All around We're all islands In the sea And the islands Want to reach Other islands Passing by An island In the sky On"
  • On Islands - Alphaville
    "On islands we all run Onto islands in the sun And the sun too is an island With islands all around We're all islands in the sea And these islands want to reach Other islands passing by An island"
  • Cocus Islands - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "Chunky chunky ripitup now, chunky chunky ripituh Chunky chunky ripitup now, chunky chunky ripituh Chunky chunky ripitup now, chunky chunky ripituh Chunky chunky ripitup now, chunky chunky ripituh She came"
  • Cayman Islands - Kings Of Convenience
    "Through the alleyways to cool off in the shadows Then into the street following the water There's a bearded man paddling in his canoe Looks as if he has come all the way from the Cayman Islands These"
  • Islands Unite - Steel Pulse
    "Wo oh now Unite all the islands unite And fight the wicked dem out a sight First world your bomb is sticking Dirty deeds and politricking A whore's A whore, A witch is a witch Answer to your name Elizabitch "
  • Future Times/Rejoice - Yes
    "In the fountains of the Universe ''Set time in accord'' Sits the boychild Solomon ''Ever turning round and round'' In the cities of the Southern Sky ''Set points Universe'' Dreams he of glory ''Pulsating"
  • Maker Of Islands - The Incredible String Band
    "I do my job and it's pleasing to me It's getting so I can sail upon the roughest sea On the roughest sea I do alright On the roughest sea I do alright But when my work is over and done I get to being"

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