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Future mesk of

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Future mesk of

  • Future - Eyes Of Shiva
    "The Darkness Of The Long Days When The Moon And (The) Sun Disappered Then The Gloomy Skies With No Future 'Cause Of The Attack Signs This Is The Age Of Anguish Oh No!!! Everyone Will Be Razed The Battle"
  • Future - RAMP
    "What is ours... What is ours... Slowly as some actions save quickly man destroys Possibilities to embrace a future joy Crime... Crime... Profits raise inhuman race seller's of our youth Desert seas"
  • Future - Jackie Boyz
    "Would you believe me if I told you That I can see into the future I'm not the type to feed you lies I will tell you the truth Fate has brought me to you Oh right. I'm your future I came from a thousand"
  • Future - Colony 5
    "Tragedies and suffering I hear them scream screaming for help The prophets preach the end of the world only fools believe their words No truth without evidence it's easy to lie who can seek the answers who"
  • Future - Frank Sinatra
    "(chorus) (Hurry your deck of cards and your crystal ball) (For there you will see that you will pray for light) (The future will almost certainly be whatever you want it to be,) (But with rockets"
  • Future - Compilation
    "Performed by Corpus War is the tool, Destruct of mind, Greed is behind Power becomes On accessible arms Massive deceit Kill or be killed Approaching the end No escaping this fate Darkness now rules, Terror"
  • Future - Golden Earring
    "You better get out of the line of fireIf you wanna stay aliveI always knew it would take a liarIn this brave new world to surviveIt's gonna happen in the futureIt didn't happen in the pastRule and divide"
  • Future Of The Future - Everything But The Girl
    "I wanted everything for a little while Why shouldn't I? I wanted to know what it was like But I pushed you too far I know And you started laying down the law Till I didn't love you any more Now"
  • The future of the future - Deep Dish
    "The future of the future will still contain the past Where time goes slow and time goes fast I can feel you looking back at me to see how i've goton What is it eating at you that makes you want me nowi'm"
  • Empire Of Future - Silent Force
    "See the fire that burns through people It's so strong and bright Was no error of human kindness Didn't turn out right In the ending the infinite danger Had nothing to do with my life That's when I realized"
  • Future of mankind - Judas Priest
    "The final quatrain sealed This one reveals my fate And so my friends farewell I can no longer wait My prophecies remain They live when I am gone The wisdom of the wise Eternally endure My legacy survives So"
  • Lord of Future - Korozy
    "There, amidst the sleeping mounts and misty woods Steep path was splitting ground Lost in dark there he was walking The man with chest of gold upon Bound into his own chains Dragging these heavy shackles"
  • Future Of Nothing - Odious Sanction
    "Humans are programmed to ruin each other A vicious circle that will come to an end Because of the hatred for each other Emptiness now fills this ruined world Because of complete ignorance This life will"
  • Fear of future - Grave Flowers
    "How many tradgedies will follow in a lifetime?How many sad eyes has to be closed and die?No more tears are falling, will be the begining for othersEscape to avoid sorrow or become anotherThe fear of futureHas"
  • Future Of Speech - Katatonia
    "My prospects have become less promising I find it hard to believe in anything Seems I lost my world and so I lost my faith And I can't go back to where I've been A brand new day It can't get worse I"
  • Future Boys - Electric Six
    "Bobby goes to work on Mondays He's got a car, but he don't drive Billy meets him at the office He only knows he's alive Tommy's closing a big deal And he's running late for Squash Mikey's talking on his"
  • Future boys - Electric 6
    "Bobby goes to work on mondaysHe's got a car, but he don't driveBilly meets him at the officeHey, no one knows he's alive!Tommy's closing a big dealAnd he's running late for SquashMikey's talking on his"
  • Future Girls - Smile
    "We are the future girls! Diamonds and castle Heroes, kings and battles A world full of shiny stones and pearls Times are now changing All of this means nothing In this crazy universe Cause we're the"
  • Future Girls - Smile Dk
    "We are the future girls! Diamonds and castle Heroes, kings and battles A world full of shiny stones and pearls Times are now changing All of this means nothing In this crazy universe Cause we're the"
  • No Future - Anti-Flag
    "everything that i see there is no future for me everything that i read there is no future for me no future we are taught from the day we're born a generation apathetic the youth are told your future is"

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