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G eazy remo

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G eazy remo

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G eazy remo
  • Vic Mensa Reverse (ft. G-Eazy)
    "Aston Martin, push-button motor migos on the ice, anti-sober Go, don’t get hurt turn around and throw it in reverse let me see how you work You boys smoking dirt we smoking Larry Bird St. Laurent straitjacket,"
  • Britney Spears Make Me... (ft. G-Eazy)
    "FFriday, I’m dreaming a mile a minute about some man This feeling, I wanna go with Coz there’s no way We’re hiding away from this tonight This tonight Can tell yuu want be By the way I see you staring"
  • Eazy-E Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn
    "Yo man I don't think they heard you why don't you tell 'em what ya name is. My name is Eazy yeah this is true keepin' your attention is what I'm gonna do hardcore yo I could never be soft askin' them"
  • Sobota x Dj Ace Z buta wjeżdżam (G-Eazy Blend)
    "z buta wjeżdżam jedynym strzałem wyłamuje zamek przedpokojem idę dalej jeszcze mnie nie widziałeś słyszałeś może trojce huku to od wypierd* drzwi nie od ściągani a butów"
  • Lukas Graham Share That Love (feat. G-Eazy)
    "I remember driving to my side Smoke’s up windows open The sun’s in our eyes but it’s alright Cause we don’t know where we’re going We don’t need no mrror pointing back Forget about the past who’s done"
  • Grace You Don't Own Me (ft. G-Eazy)
    "You don't own me You don't own me Woah, lets go But I'm Gerald and I can always have just I want She's that baddest I would love to flaunt Take her shopping, you know Yves Saint Laurent But nope, she"
  • Chris Brown Wobble Up (ft. Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy)
    "baby show me that shit show me love baby show me that shit show me love Wobble Up Wobble love Wobble wanna be baby show me that shit show me love baby show me that shit show me love baby show me that"
  • Bebe Rexha F.F.F. (Fuck Fake Friends) (feat. G-Eazy)
    "Friends come and go /2x Go like a seasons I never know /2x What to believe in And it’s getting old /2x But no hard feelings Cos Friends come and go /2x Without a reason And I, I ‘been in L.A. for way"
  • Soulja Boy Eazy
    "Eazy A fresh young rapper named beezy Soulja Boy tell em make this ish look eazy Eazy, I do this for a living man beleive me Soulja Boy tell em make this ish look eazy A fresh young rapper named beezy Soulja"
  • Eazy-E Eazy Street
    "Now I'mma Break it down and tell a story about a nigga in the wrong territory Sharon and Shide is who he had to meet he made a right turn down the wrong street now whatta whatta whatta whatta pitty a new"
  • Asia Ash Brighter (feat. Remo)
    "sometimes you feel that you can run any faster something is black and you and do this can get out you try to scream but no one hears you and you can find the way out hey yeah take a breath come to tell imagine"
  • Eazy-E We Want Eazy
    ""We want eazy!" (Dr. Dre) Yeah, yeah. Can y'all hear that? Yeah! Can y'all hear that? Yeah! Well, clap ya hands then-come on Clap ya hands-everybody Clap ya hands, come on, come on Put ya hands together"
  • Eazy-E Eazy-Duz-It
    "Well I'm Eazy-E, I got bitches galore You may have a lot of bitches but I got much more Wit my super duper group coming out to shoot Eazy-E, muthafukas cold knocking the boots 'Cause I'm a hip-hop thugster,"
  • All Saints Not Eazy
    "You can't keep a grown woman waiting Boy you can't be wasting her time It's only silly girls that will run game With a woman boy you can't cross the line It's easy if we both want the same thing Or even"
  • Apostle Of Hustle Eazy Speaks
    "Keep your friends close, your enemy closer A kiss on the cheek from a punk-ass poser Ah, head is in his arm. Pay back time, I come and deliver I'm a golden handed unicorn killer There's bounty, bounty"
  • The Game How We Do (Remix) Ft Tupac And Eazy E
    "(Hook - 50 Cent) This is how we do We make a move and act a fool while we up in the club This is how we do Nobody do it like we do it so show us some love This is how we do We make a move and act a fool"
  • Lobo California Kid And Remo
    "(A. Michael Gatley / Robert John) I met him one day in the Rockies Where the night air tasted like wine The winter was hard and had me starving When the two of them found me in time Then one night I"
  • Eazy-E Eazy Chapter 8 Verse 10
    "(Alright Go) This comes from the E Chapter 8 verse 10 and it reads Its time to put some niggaz in check When you shoot a gun,hot shells eject Catch'em they get used as evidence Only when they get"
  • Papa D Beautiful Life (feat. DJ Remo)
    "When I get to lookin in your eyes Then Its only you I fantasize You You know you took me by surprise And Its only then I realize Its a Beautiful life Its a Beautiful life ref. We could be together (Welcome"
  • Easy E We Want Eazy
    ""We want eazy!" Well, clap ya hands then-come on Clap ya hands everybody Clap ya hands, come on, come on Put ya hands together and clap 'em Now can y'all say Eazy Come on, say it EAZ-Y Everybody come"

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