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  • Brudne Gary - BRUDNE GARY
    "nie śpię cała noc no bo znowu wiem ze są brudne w zlewie gary brudne gary zrobię to i już choć z widelców kapie tłuszcz wszystkie brudne gary umyję no cóż i znowu znajdę je wszędzie na biurku, w salonie,"
  • Gary Jules - Gary Jules
    "All around me are familiar faces Worn out places Worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going no where Going no where Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression No expression Hide"
  • Gary Indiana - Music Man
    "Harold: Gary, Indiana! What a wonderful name, Named for Elbert Gary of judiciary fame. Gary, Indiana, as a Shakespeare would say, Trips along softly on the tongue this way-- Gary, Indiana, Gary Indiana,"
  • Gruesome Gary - Down By Law
    "I remember when we walked as one and all the truths were known and we were scrappers in the schoolyard fights talked tough on the telephone but there was always one big guy who feared nothing and no"
  • Pobite gary - Mela Koteluk
    "Gramy w podchody Kompasem będzie dziś mój głos Oczy tańczą i sięgają Gdzie nie sięga wzrok Jak ruletka gestów Jak diabelski młyn Uczysz niedopowiedzenia Chłonę aż powiek drży Płoną flary W galaktyce Jak"
  • Dysentery Gary - Blink-182
    "Got a lotta heart ache He's a fuckin' weasel His issues make my mind ache Want to make a deal Cause I love your little motions You do with your pigtails What a nice creation Worth another night"
  • Dysentary gary - Blink 182
    "Got a lotta heart ache. He's a fucken weasel. His issues make my mind ache. Want to make a deal. Cause I love your little motions. You do with your pigtails. What a nice creation. Worth another"
  • Gary Glitter - Kumikameli
    "kuollut oon monta kertaa, kuollut ja kuopattu noussut oon joka kerta ja takaisin palannut kertk ullakolta, julisteet haalistuneet penkokaa kaapeistanne, kimalluskuteenne lainatkaa vanhemmilta, naarmuiset"
  • Gary Valenciano - Letting Go - Gary Valenciano
    "I used to feel the emptiness inside me I was not supposed to feel that way I had everything I needed But nothing ever made me What I longed to be The wealth, the name The lights, the fame Were everything"
  • Gary Gilmore's Eyes - Adverts
    "(Gary Gilmour's eyes) I'm lying in a hospital, I'm pinned against the bed A stethoscope upon my heart, a hand against my head They're peeling off the bandages, I'm wincing in the light The nurse is looking"
  • Gary Gilmore's Eyes - The Adverts
    "I'm lying in a hospital, I'm pinned against the bed. A stethoscope upon my heart, A hand against my head. They're peeling off the bandages. I'm wincing in the light. The nurse is looking anxious, And she's"
  • Aj gary glu - Fisz
    "Aj Gary Glu Masz do czynienia z chodzącym ideałem wiesz z psem prawdziwie doskonałym ma odznaczenie i nagrodę kolor złoto białe zębiska i ogonek przystrzyżony. Pan dumny ze swego psa siada na fotel nie"
  • Gary And Melissa - King Missile
    "Gary and Melissa John S Hall/Dave Rick from the King Missile album Mystical Shit on Shimmy Disc Gary and Melissa Loved to make love Loved to make love Loved to make love to each other Over and over"
  • Gary Indiana Blues - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "Turning like a hurricane Sleep inside this junkyard train It's cold and I'm loosing my covers She won't take me any further south, than Gary Indiana (blues), I never learned the easy out Cracklin' chain"
  • Gary Gilmore's Eyes - Armsbendback
    "I'm feeling a distance something I never thought could be Help me I'm changing help me I need your sympathy Won't you save me and take me in take me in If you say what a waste then take me in I'm asking It"
  • Cinema (feat. Gary Go) - Benny Benassi
    "I could watch you for a lifetime Youre my favourite movie A thousand endings You mean everything to me I never know whats comin Forever fascinated Hope you dont stop runnin To me cause Ill always be"
  • Control (feat. Gary Go) - Benny Benassi
    "I've been trying to breakout of the breakdown Hoping to find a miracle in the meltdown All the loving chaos that I'm surround I dance dance to take me off the ground ground. I've been closing my eyes"
  • Slip Away (With Gary Valenciano) - Velasquez Regine
    "(Gary) Here we are, two fools in love again Hoping that this love would never end Look at out two hearts, not willing to fall apart Hoping we're still together until the morning comes (Regine) Look at"
  • The Ballad Of Gary Hart - John Denver
    "Who's that running down the alley In the dark of Friday night As he zippers up his trousers In the inky slinky light Why, of course, it's good old Gary Leaping over someone's fence Yes, it's good"
  • Last Orders For Gary Stead - Saint Etienne
    "Tempers fraying in the Hat and Fan Gets so hot in there, even in November Heated words from slicked-back hair It's too small a world for some people to share Now Gary stares at an empty chair Told her"

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