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GENTLEMAN By Led apple

  • Barefoot Gentleman - The Association
    "An old day is coming once again Young woman leaves the beast Of never ending sadness The day grows sleepy and it's Night He the barefoot boy In the earth-green waving fields Leaves for the city,"
  • Gentleman - Jiri Korn
    "Gentleman,spch mv u en,gentleman,nevyjde venslun neupraven,nikdo nedb, jak onna bontón.Gentleman,nezstv dluen,gentleman,zkrtka sen vech envdy byl a bude jen gentlemana nikdo jin, jen prv ten, jen ten.Gentleman,v"
  • Gentleman - The Saturdays
    "A gentleman is so 1995, so hard for a girl to find A real husband is so 1999, so hard for a girl to find (What) Cause most guys just hit it and quit it And then they wonder why most girls just spit it A"
  • Gentleman - Jenna G
    "INTRO: (Are you a Gentleman?) VERSE ONE: First time our eyes met, Babe, I placed my bet, You were sweet, You were kind, So sincere and genuine. When I first saw you, Wanted to know you, You looked good,"
  • Gentleman - Verbz
    "I want a man to bring home to my moma got his game tight an there ain't no drama no calls in the night from the 3rd baby moma when the cheque comes no he ain't forgot that wallet... rich man. poor man,"
  • Gentleman - Rafał Brzozowski
    "jak na gentlemena którym chciałbym być dla ciebie już brak mi sił naiwna ta wiara że gdy staram sie i walczę wciąż obracasz sie w tył zostaniesz tak sama w domysłach od rana i znów wachlarz min podchody"
  • Led By Bison - Seafood
    "So where you been for so long Did you ever stop to ask what's wrong So hold on tight cos life speeds by What's done is done ahead the answers lie No sense in confrontation Takes time to heal this tension Just"
  • Apple - Joe Brooks
    "For your consideration I offer myself with no sign of hesitation Well let's get these wheels in motion Cause this old guitar is gonna sing by the ocean side Oh Apple you're my life Feel like a before"
  • Easily Led - Smog
    "I am not easily led Despite the head I was just trying to cross the street with you I was just a step devoted But I am not easily led I'm suggestible at times, it's true But only by you I lay open jelly-limbed To"
  • Led Astray - Sirenia
    "I go through the pages of my own life, day by day Like a dream on the horizon, they seem so lost all led astray I see them passing away These feelings inside me keep bringing me further and further down Been"
  • Led Astray - Protest The Hero
    "So much time slipped away as if it meant nothing at all - I remember that night, we didn't know it would be our last. But now as I look back, an awkward tension hung in the air. Now everything is different."
  • Led Astray - As Hope Dies
    "With the blood of millions on your hands the human race is led astray by demons disguised as angels. The human race suffocates with prophecy that tells of torment for those who do not believe in what these"
  • Perfect Gentleman - Wyclef Jean
    "(This one's goin' out to the strip joints Yo, meet me at Suzy's Rendez-vous For every Go-Go Bar I'm gonna send this one out to the gentlemen's clubs Magic City, New York dogs, Rolex I be seeing you"
  • The Gentleman Soldier - The Pogues
    "(Traditional) It's of a gentleman soldier as a sentry he did stand He saluted a fair maiden by a waving of his hand And then he boldly kissed her and he passed it off as a joke He drilled her up in a"
  • The Gentleman Soldier - Pogues
    "(The Pogues' Version) -------------------------------- It's of a gentleman soldier as sentry he did stand He saluted a fair maiden by a waiving of his hand So then he boldly kissed her and he passed"
  • Apple scruffs - George Harrison
    "Now I've watched you sitting there Seen the passers-by all stare Like you have no place to go But there's so much they don't know About the Apple scruffs And you've stood around for years Seen my smiles"
  • Apple Candy - Ben Lee
    "I want to know what he knows I want to feel what he felt I want to go where he's been I want to know what he knows I want to hear your secrets I want you and I want him 'Cause you smell like apple candy And"
  • Apple Orchard - Beach House
    "You only give me what you don't want no more Ask the questions that you don't know at all Let's lie down for a while You can smile Lay your hair in the old Old fashion You know how it is, my friend In"
  • Rotten Apple - American Heartbreak
    "American Heartbreak Miscellaneous Rotten Apple Looking through your window Counting minutes into hours Days drag on by You're looking for a victim In a sea of superstition I'm drowning"
  • Adam's Apple - Aerosmith
    "Back when Cain was able Way before the stable Lighting struck right down from the sky A mother ship with fate said let's give it a try Conscience was related Man he was created Lady luck took him by surprise A"

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